Sneak. That was what was permanently written across Marietta Edgecombe's face. She got stares wherever she went. She was asked about the horrid marks that are across her face. All for a stupid decision. Yes, Marietta made a stupid decision that night. And she regretted it. But what would you have done? What if it was YOUR mother Umbridge was threatening to fire? Marietta was scared. Scared for her mother's job, scared of Umbridge, scared to be expelled. She betrayed all of her friends that night. Everybody hated her. Even people she once thought off as friends hated her. The only friend who wasn't angry at her for what she did was Cho. Cho defended her. Cho told everybody why Marietta had done what she had done. Nobody understood, though. "All the Weasleys had a father in the ministry--" was their excuse, "--and they didn't tattle." Marietta knew she deserved it, though. She deserved all those people to hate her guts. She went through a period of time with little human contact. Either people automatically hated her because of her face, knew what she had doe, or teased her about it. Eventually her close friends forgave her, though. Eventually they forgave her for her betrayal. But their trust was different. They were cautious when telling secrets. As though she hadn't learned her lesson. As though she can't keep any form of secret. Now, at age twenty-one, she reflected. She glanced longingly in the mirror at those words that will serve as a permanent reminder of her stupidity. Sneak.