Genesis broke the kiss reluctantly, slightly breathless. If he had trouble thinking straight before he was definitely having trouble now, his head spinning with need and oxygen depravation as he stared sullenly at the restaurant in front of them. "Let's go home."

Angeal raised an eyebrow but started the car anyways. "I thought you wanted to eat?"

Genesis shrugged and sat back in his seat, eyes focused on Angeal's hands as they expertly steered the car. "Not hungry anymore." He really didn't know why he had suggested they go out in the first place, he hated eating out. It had just seemed like the thing to do at the time. He had been so uncomfortable watching Angeal make himself completely vulnerable to him and he couldn't stand to see Angeal brought to such a point by fear of him. It filled him with self-disgust and his vanity hadn't enjoyed the inwardly turned hatred. Genesis was moodier than usual today and even though it was partly Angeal's fault, he couldn't deny the fact that most all of his problems were created by himself and no one else. He had tried to train Sephiroth to do what he wanted like he was a common dog and when that had failed he had tried to punish him by going after someone he barely knew, something he was disgusted with himself for.

Angeal was so tense he felt that a gentle breeze might snap him in half, his senses on high alert as he watched Genesis' moods switch unpredictably below a calm facade. He could normally tell just how Genesis was feeling, but now he couldn't read him for some reason. He cleared his throat and tried to start a conversation, but Genesis cut him off. "I want to try again."

"What?" Angeal was glad they were at a stoplight or else his reflexive slam on the brakes would have been quite dangerous.

Genesis blushed hard and turned towards Angeal, looking at him hard to try and determine what kind of reaction he was getting. "I want to try again."

"Try again?" Angeal was confused and couldn't seem to follow Genesis' strange train of thought. For a moment he was afraid, thinking that Genesis wanted nothing to do with him anymore and that they should start their entire relationship over, but the blush covering Genesis' face told him otherwise. "Try what again?"

Genesis cleared his throat and turned away, his face heating up as he tried to explain just what he wanted. "Last night. It was my first time like that. I want to try again and pretend last night didn't happen. I want to do it right. I want to be sober when it happens."

Angeal began driving again as the irritated honks behind him became insistent. He could feel a flush coating his own face at the uncomfortableness of the subject they were addressing, but he knew there was no way in hell that he was going to say no. "Alright."

Genesis let out a breath he didn't realize he was holding and looked out the window, making sure to choose his words carefully. "So...Do you think we'll ever be able to talk and stuff like we used to?"

"Of course." Angeal answered without hesitation, knowing exactly the answer Genesis needed to hear. "If I have to cut my balls off we'll be able to talk again. We already had a close relationship Gen, all we're doing is putting a different title on it."

Genesis laughed and leaned back in his seat. "We're putting a different title on it and throwing some sex into the mix."

Angeal couldn't help but laugh as he pulled the car into the parking lot, unlocking the doors and stepping out into the cool night air. He waited for Genesis to do the same and let the red-head lead the way, knowing how important having some kind of control would be for him. He had ulterior motives for following Genesis however, motives he couldn't deny as he watched Genesis' muscles flex beneath rather tight clothes as he walked ahead of him. He jumped when Genesis turned unexpectedly, caught in the act of openly admiring the attractive red-head. Genesis' lips turned upwards in a smile that let him know he wasn't in trouble and he sheepishly ran a hand through his hair as he was addressed. "When does Zack come back?"

"Not for a few more days. Why?" Angeal raised an eyebrow, confused as to where the question had come from.

Genesis grinned predatorily as he opened the door to his apartment, all apprehension suddenly gone. "Because I'm pretty sure the puppy has a crush on you and I may have to swat him with a newspaper if he gets out of hand."

Angeal laughed as Genesis took him by the arm and pulled him into the apartment, his worry that Genesis would get angry at him again gone. "Don't worry I'll make sure to fill him in on all the details when he gets back."

Genesis smirked and pushed Angeal onto the couch, straddling his lap and wrapping his arms around his neck. "Make sure that you do." He leaned forward and placed a small kiss on Angeal's lips, curious as to how his friend tasted. He had been too drunk the night before to really register any of the lovely sensations that came with sex, but tonight he was sober and desperate to fill the gaps in his memory.

Angeal groaned and set his hands on Genesis' hips as they kissed, shifting the red-head closer. He let Genesis take control of the kiss as his hands slipped under the thin black shirt he had been aching to take off all evening, pulling it over Genesis' head and giving them an excuse to part for air.

Genesis ground his hips down and tilted Angeal's face up, exposing his neck to his hungry lips. Now that Genesis had had a taste of Angeal's warm and salty skin he didn't want to stop kissing him until he had truly gorged himself on the flavor. He could feel Angeal's calloused hands brushing across the sensitive skin of his back and he arched, desperate for Angeal to touch more of him. He blushed at how wanton he felt as he greedily swept his hands over Angeal and quickly divested him of his shirt and belt, throwing the items across the room without a care. Usually he didn't mind feeling so exposed, but under Angeal's piercing yet loving gaze he felt like he was being x-rayed, as if his very soul were on display for Angeal to examine. He tried to ignore the feeling as Angeal took advantage of his momentary hesitation and peppered his chest with tiny kisses and licks, the small wet brushes making Genesis arch.

Genesis pulled himself off of Angeal's lap and quickly striped his pants off, standing before his friend nude. He felt that if he was going to feel emotionally exposed then he might as well be physically exposed. Angeal followed his lead and stood, shedding the rest of his clothes onto the floor. For the first time Genesis felt his smallness in comparison to Angeal. He was just as strong as his dark-haired friend, but he was shorter, much shorter than he wanted to be. Angeal was also broader than him across the chest and Genesis gulped when his eyes drifted lower, a blush covering his face as virginesque nerves gripped him. He cleared his throat and chewed his lower lip nervously as he eyed the rather impressive cock standing at attention before him. "Uh, 'Geal? How the hell did you fit that in?"

Angeal blushed as he watched Genesis admire his member with something akin to fear in his eyes. He answered Genesis' question with a small smile. "Lots of lube and prep-work, that's how."

Genesis laughed in spite of his nerves and dragged Angeal to the bedroom, determined not to show any more timidity. He set Angeal against the top of his bed and pressed him back against the headboard, tonguing his mouth tenderly. He fumbled on his bedside table for a moment before finding the lubricant he usually ignored during his drunken escapades. He pressed the bottle into Angeal's hands and sat back nervously, unsure what he was supposed to do now.

Angeal squeezed a large drop of the gel onto his finger and quickly took charge of the situation as he noticed the confused and nervous look on Genesis' face. He pressed Genesis onto his back and kissed him tenderly as he gently probed the warm entrance that eagerly clenched around his finger, fooling him into thinking it remembered his touch. He watched Genesis' reaction carefully, determined to stop if he saw pain or discomfort cross his beautiful features. Genesis only gasped and arched with a confused looking pleasure. Angeal smirked and added another finger as Genesis gave a thin mewl of want. He scissored his fingers for a while, simply content to watch as Genesis tried to get used to the sensation of having something press into his body. An evil smile crossed his lips and he curled his fingers, searching for the tiny bud that would make Genesis cry out.

Genesis did indeed cry out, gripping Angeal's shoulder as white hot pleasure made his toes curl and his back arch. The fingers curled again and Genesis moaned, nearly loosing control at the unfamiliar sensation. He pulled himself up to capture Angeal's lips with his own before giving a hissed command. "Just do it 'Geal!"

Angeal quickly complied, setting himself at Genesis' entrance with haste. He cupped Genesis' chin in his hand and gave him a pointed look as he strained to keep himself from rocking forward. "This might hurt Gen."

Genesis nuzzled into the hand that caressed his face with a confident smile that masked his nervousness. "I like pain, didn't you know that?"

Angeal groaned and pushed forward, impaling Genesis as quickly as he could so that the red-head wouldn't be able to concentrate on the ripping sensation. He didn't know how well he had prepared Genesis the night before so he didn't know how tender his backside would be this night. Genesis gave only a tiny gasp of pain before wrapping his legs around him and pulling him closer, urging him on. Angeal needed no urging, settling his forehead on Genesis' shoulder as he began thrusting for all he was worth, his hand tugging on Genesis' dripping cock.

Genesis wrapped his arms around Angeal as mind-blowing pleasure fried his senses. The tiny moment of discomfort passed quickly and left him with an overwhelming need as Angeal filled him until he thought he would break in half. He whimpered as the ball of pleasure in his stomach began to tighten, his muscles clenching as it threatened to burst. Genesis moaned Angeal's name as white blurred his vision, his every thought wiped away by the pleasure that coursed through his veins.

Angeal came only a few thrusts after Genesis, the seed that splattered against his belly sending him over the edge. He collapsed on top of Genesis, their bodies slicked with sweat and semen. Genesis shed a few tears and Angeal kissed them away tenderly, concern coloring his voice. "Did I hurt you?"

Genesis shook his head and took a steadying breath to get his emotions back under control. "If I had known sex could be that good I would have jumped you the day I met you." Angeal chuckled and rolled over, pulling Genesis to his side with a contented sigh as he slid the mussed blankets over their damp bodies. Exhaustion claimed Genesis the second his head rested on Angeal's shoulder, his eyelids drooping to touch his cheeks as he let himself succumb to the fatigue.

Sephiroth stretched as he woke up, his first thoughts going to the heels that were stabbing into the meat of his leg as Reno twined their legs together. He sat up and untangled himself from his treasure, unlacing the heels as best as he could before giving up and simply breaking the straps to pull them off. He threw the ruined shoes to the side and turned back to his Turk, the confused look that was plastered to his still sleeping face making him smile. He slid back under the covers, comfortable now that Reno's cumbersome footwear was no longer cutting into his flesh. He watched Reno sleep for a while, amused by the fact that Reno had managed to sleep through the mutilation of his shoes. At least Sephiroth thought he had slept through it. "Mornin' Seph."

Sephiroth jumped slightly, surprised by Reno's sleepy drawl. "Good morning."

Reno smirked but kept his eyes closed, preferring to keep out as much of the weak morning light as he could while he tried to wake up. "I'm hungry."

Sephiroth chuckled and ran a finger over Reno's cheek. "What would you like for breakfast?"

Reno raised an eyebrow, his eyes still closed. "Breakfast? I didn't sleep till noon?"

"No." Sephiroth laughed aloud. "It's not noon yet. It's about eight in the morning."

"Too early!" Reno yawned and stretched, his back cracking loudly. "Ya wanna know what the best after sex food ever is?"

Sephiroth smirked and propped himself up on his elbow, watching Reno as he continued to stretch with his eyes closed. "What is it?"

Reno grinned and rolled onto his side, his eyes flashing happily as they opened. "Cinnamon toast!"

Sephiroth couldn't help but laugh. "Cinnamon toast?" Reno nodded vigorously and he sat up. "I'll go make some then."

Reno bolted upright and staggered to his feet, launching himself out of the room. "I wanna make it I wanna make it! You'll skimp on the sugar!"

"Sugar?" Sephiroth raised an eyebrow and followed Reno to his kitchen at a slower pace. "I thought you said cinnamon?"

Reno rolled his eyes as he searched Sephiroth's cupboards for cinnamon and sugar. "That's why I'm making the toast!"

"Should you be cooking naked?" Sephiroth smirked and pulled out the spices Reno wanted from a cupboard on the other side of the kitchen.

Reno snorted and took the spices from Sephiroth's hands. "Should you be watching me cook naked?"

Sephiroth grinned lewdly and handed Reno a loaf of bread. "I should definitely watch you cook naked. Just don't sweat in the food."

Reno snickered and shoved bread into the toaster, popping the handle down and waiting for it to pop back up with his back against the counter. "I'll only sweat in the food if you make me sweat."

Sephiroth followed Reno's train of thought and caged him against the counter with his arms, trailing a line of kisses down his neck. "Can we eat before you drive me insane?"

Reno moaned happily and tilted his head back so that Sephiroth could have better access to his throat. "I say we go insane before we eat."

"Works for me." Sephiroth growled and pushed Reno onto the counter, ignoring the toaster that burned hot beside them. He reached his hand towards the sink and pumped some dish soap into his hand, smearing the viscous fluid over his member and Reno's hole before thrusting inside him. Reno moaned and Sephiroth joined him in the noise as he began pushing forward, impaling his treasure on his shaft. The counter began to rock beneath them as Sephiroth's thrusts became more frenzied, Reno clutching to his back as he moaned in rapture. Sephiroth drank in the noises as he pumped his hand around Reno's member in time with his thrusts. He didn't stop until Reno gave a particularly loud moan and spilled over his fingers, the clenching of Reno's warm entrance around his member pulling him over the edge as well.

Reno slumped against the counter, his back squishing the loaf of bread he had planned to use for toast. He gave a contented mumble and sat up, wrapping his arms around Sephiroth's shoulders. "I should make toast more often!"

Sephiroth smirked and nuzzled his face into Reno's hair. "Fine with me, just don't burn anymore of it."

Reno frowned and pulled the slightly burned toast out of the toaster. "It's still edible!"

Sephiroth laughed and pulled away from Reno, grinning at the disappointed whimper Reno gave when he slipped out of his sated entrance. "Good thing you've got an entire week to practice." He grabbed the still warm bread slice from Reno's fingers and spread some butter over it.

Reno smirked and grabbed the buttery toast from Sephiroth's hands, sprinkling some sugar and cinnamon on it. "Try it! I swear you'll cream your pants!"

Sephiroth chuckled and took the proffered slice as Reno busied himself with making a new one. "I'm not wearing pants."

"Then lets go find you some to cream in!" Reno sniggered and chomped down on his toast, crumbs scattering all over his chest.

Sephiroth smiled and took a bite of the toast, sighing his delight against Reno's lips as he moved forward to give him an appreciative kiss. "It's amazing!"

Reno chuckled and wrapped his legs around Sephiroth's waist. "Does it make you want to cream?"

Sephiroth put his toast down on the counter and set his hands on Reno's hips. "I see why its after sex food."

Reno grinned and set his toast on the counter, pulling Sephiroth closer. "It's also before sex food."

Sephiroth smirked and pressed Reno against the counter again. "I think I like cinnamon toast."

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