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Chapter One: Trapped in a Box

"May those who follow their fate be granted happiness; May those who defy it be granted glory." – Princess Tutu

Click click click click, click click, click, click click click click…

The rhythmic sound of the teacher's pen clicking continued on, increasing headaches and making each second longer and more unbearable.

The scent of body odor was equally infuriating, with its salty, repugnant smell, and the way you could almost taste it in the air was sickening. The stale scent was strong from the near forty-five years that the school had been in existence, and it seemingly built up by the day.

The grayscale room was depressing; the gray brick walls and cold concrete floors seemed to close in on her, and she wanted to scream. The way her pencil sounded as it scratched against the paper—keeping tune with the way the mathematic equations played in her head—made her feel ill.

Was it ever going to end?

Minutes more past, each one feeling like an hour; hell, maybe they were hours! Her sense of time had never been the greatest.

Finally, the ticking of the clock on the wall paused and exchanged itself for an annoying buzz.


Miss Brightford, the poor, unfortunate geography teacher sighed in the same relief the lone girl in detention felt internally; at last, she could go home to her many Great Danes and forget these bratty children! Said annoying woman with the long face and tight, perfect bun looked up, her harsh expression hiding the relief that sparkled in her eyes.

"You may go home now, Miss Black. Your detention from the day is up; I will be sending further note to your guardians, of course—you know the drill by now, though."

Yeah, yeah. Whatever you say.

The dark haired girl in the red and navy hoodie and jeans didn't hesitate a second to shove her papers and pencils into the bag, carelessly and unorganized-like, before darting out.

It was everything she could do not to let out an obnoxious laugh of relief and joy; she was so happy to be out of detention that she would willingly sacrifice her character.

Of course, her being there in the first place was all a major conspiracy.

The world itself was a conspiracy.

It was all against the free-spirited and equally free-minded souls such as herself. It was all a plot to turn them into boring adults, sucking their originality and freedom until they were mindless drones to be used as fodder for Philosopher's stones or an army of communists.

Or at least, that's what Arianna Black had always thought.

She'd grown up pretty 'free' compared to how she was now, or how most children were.

Arianna knew all the tricks to getting by with her dad, it was easy. Bat those big gray eyes a little and let some of those dark brown bangs fall into your eyes, all the while pouting slightly and cocking your head and shoulders in just the right manner. Ask politely, always be nice, and hold back the temper if necessary.

Be the daughter he dad wanted, break into a Chevy, and make him realize you're the best in the world.

It works every time.

Her mom wasn't so easy, considering her 'habits'. But that wasn't a big deal for Arianna.

Arianna lived with her dad most of the time anyways, having no interest in her fraternal relatives or their naturally bland personalities that were overly spiced with drugs and alcohol.

Her dad though… She could relate to him rather nicely.

He was the used car salesman who didn't like to lie, and the person you could always go to.

And the best thing?

She could spaz about anime with him all she liked. He didn't mind it. He was a fan, too. Although, the only series' he really liked were Death Note, Hellsing, and BECK… That was okay, though. At least it was better than nothing.

At the mere thought, Arianna let out a content sigh, still walking through her school to get out; ah, the memories of a girl watching a psychological thriller like Death Note with her dad on a rainy night, eating cold onion rings and drinking flat generic soda, and once the last onion had been fought over, they'd pull out the marshmallows.

Oh yes, the marshmallows of god.

But naturally, all good things come to an end.

Arianna's dad had died in a car accident about two years ago, and as her mom was deemed unfit as a parent, she'd moved in with her aunt. And when her aunt went completely insane—no surprise there, with all the pills she was popping while working the corner—she was shoved into the hands of the state.

Ohio had never been such a bitch in her eyes.

That's how she got here though. Here, being a cheap-assed little public school, living with a senile old couple who wouldn't even notice if she grew wings and flew off. They were nice and all, and amusing at times, but no young girl dreams of being crammed in a house with fifty cats.


Turning around, Arianna saw a young girl running up to her. A smile came over her face, and her bad mood vanished.

"Arianna!" The girl exclaimed again as she tackled the other girl into a hug, grinning. She was flushed and out of breath, but that didn't stop her from clinging. "How was detention, Ari?"

This eight year old girl before her was named Allison Kelly. She'd lived with the old couple Arianna was trapped with a bit after the older girl had arrived, but had been switched to another family soon after. The cute little blonde always seemed to be trailing after Arianna, who was eleven, trying desperately to keep up with the older girl.

With her big blue doe eyes, she was hard to resist.

"It… was as good as it's gonna get." Arianna mumbled, eying the calendar that read March 2013 on its opened page. "I hate the teachers here, I mean, what's their problem? You give them a funny look, and they get all pis—ticked off."

Allison blinked, confused, before shaking her head. "Arianna, you're always getting in trouble lately… I don't like it."

"I'm bored, Allison, sue me." The older girl grumbled. "They took all my anime, and there's not a manga in sight. I can't even find porn on the internet, not that I like porn, but it's the principle that counts! I'm mature for my age, an old soul if you will!"

Allison blinked. The poor girl had no idea what Arianna's rant meant. It was all in the clouds above her head, scrambled up beyond comprehension.

Then again, when did it not?

"Anyways, what are you doing around here?" The older of the girls asked, plopping down on the nearby stairwell. She dug in her bag lazily, face blank as she pulled her bag of marshmallows out. There was a barely noticeable light in her eyes as she popped one into her mouth, humming lowly as she sucked it.

"Oh yeah. I'm not going to be seeing you for a while, Ari…" Allison said sadly.

"…" Arianna blinked, quiet; she swallowed the marshmallow in her mouth whole with ease. "Hm?"

"My mommy is better, Ari! I get to go back with her!" Allison grinned. "You could visit sometime, too. And you'll have to see me off. I'm going back home!" She repeated excitedly.

Arianna wasn't listening. She couldn't believe it.

Now her best friend was being pulled away by the system. They took her culture, now her Allison.

That was just… evil.

Maybe she shouldn't be so cruel. Maybe she should be happy for her friend; after all, Allison hadn't gotten to really ever live with her mother. Like Arianna's mother, her mother was 'worthless shit' to the world. Does shit get better? No, it does not. It does not. Arianna mused, frowning. Allison won't be happy there. She'll cry all the time. The only person… I'm the only one who can care about her properly. No one gets that. Why don't they understand that she's better with me than her mom? I'm not going to run out on her. I never would do that…


"Sorry, spaced out…" Arianna sighed, pushing back her frustration. "She's been working so hard to be good for you. I am glad you get to go home… You're going to be so happy with her, and I'm sure she'll never fu—mess up again."

Lies, lies, all lies.

Allison grinned and nodded. "Mhm!" She chirped.

The least I can do is make her feel better about it… Arianna sighed, grimacing a bit. I'd much rather her be realistic and realize what a terrible bitch her mom is, but then she'd cry… God, why are kids so hard to deal with? I hate this. Allison needs to buck up and realize her mom's useless. It's better to get over it quick. Like ripping off a Band Aid…

The little blonde dug into Arianna's marshmallows, giggling.

You're lucky I love you.

"Hey now, what'd we say about stealing?" She sighed, a small, amused smile on her face. "We only do it…"

"…to people with money?" Allison guessed, before grinning. "Like Robin Hood!"

"…Sure." Arianna raised an eyebrow. Robin Hood, sure, she could deal with that.

Sighing, the brunette looked out the nearby window. Without Allison here, there was no point in her staying either. No point in catering to The Man and following The Rules, playing The Game that she never wanted to start in the first place. There was not point here for her at all…

Arianna grimaced; she wouldn't do anything without a point in it.