Takes place on Valentine's Day.

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"Hey, Blondie." Mark said as he stepped into the elevator. After his reaction to her hair he had started to talk to her. More professional, this tease of a greeting was about as far as they had gotten.

"Hi." She said softly smiling. He then proceeded to the back of the elevator where he leaned against the wall.

"So, um, what are you doing tonight?" Lexie mustered up the courage to ask after what seemed like centuries of silence.

"Joe's." He replied.

"Ah, alcohol and a one night stand. Perfect Valentine's Day." She said trying to fake a laugh.

"Yeah." He replied. He had meant to say something else, but he got caught up in his thoughts. That was the old Mark's perfect Valentine's Day, not his. SHE was his perfect Valentine's Day.

"Well, have a nice night Mark." Lexie said walking off of the elevator.

"You too, Little Grey." Mark replied still lost in his thoughts. Lexie sighed when she heard the old nickname, but then walked off when nothing followed.

A few seconds later as the doors started to close in front of him; he escaped his thoughts and quickly ran out of the elevator.

Lexie was walking outside. The cold Seattle air was stinging her cheeks and her vision was blurred by the tears that had started to form. She had slept with Alex again, they had both wanted to pretend that they were loved, but the truth was that Alex's touch felt all wrong. His was harsh and aggressive, but Mark's, Mark's was soft yet strong. All Alex had cared about was the sex, but for her and Mark the rush continued long after the sex. Now she cold and alone on Valentine's Day.

"You." She turned around and noticed Mark standing behind her.

"I, uh, excuse me, what?" She asked confused.

"You. You're my perfect Valentine's Day. Not alcohol and one night stands, you. I'm sorry about everything. About not talking to you. About acting like you sleeping with Karev was the apocalypse or something. My excuse for sleeping with Addison is that I was hurting, but you were hurting too. You may have broken up with me, but I expected you at 25 to help raise my daughter's baby. That's not fair. I need you, Lexie. I need you because I love you and I can't have a perfect Valentine's Day or even a truly happy life without you." He said stepping towards her.

"Mark, I, I… I love you too. I want you. You're my perfect Valentine's Day too. But I slept with Alex again and I can understand if you don't want to forgive me." She said tentatively.

"Lexie, listen to me," He said cupping her face in his hands, "I drove you into his arms. I didn't talk to you because I was in denial. Denial that I was wrong. I thought that if I didn't talk to you it would be like I had never been with you, never loved you, but I was wrong. It made it hurt more. I love you, Lexie Grey and I'm never letting this, this pain, happen again because we have something, something that I never thought I would find. But, I do have to ask you. What are we going to do about Sloan?"

"And your grandbaby." Lexie added laughing. "We'll make it work." She said putting her hand in his.

"Really? You'd give up your youth? Your TWENTIES for me?" Mark asked.

"I'm not giving anything up. I just found something better." She said smiling at him. She leaned in and kissed him. They didn't care that they were in front of the hospital or that people were staring. They just cared that they were once again in each other's arms.

"Happy Valentine's Day, babe." Mark said after they pulled away.

"Best Valentine's Day ever." Lexie replied as they walked off with their arms linked. They were never letting each other go again.