This little idea hit me in the car today. Thought I would write it down and see if anyone liked it.

Stephenie Meyer owns the characters and I try desperately not to dream of Edward. Not working so far.

60 seconds

Chapter 1


It was him. I was always him.

Ever since that first day in middle school he was the one.

I recall that day with clarity. Forks middle school and I was on display as the kids whispered in the class about the new girl. I was so self-conscience in a world where our hormones were exploding as our curiosity of the opposite sex dawned.

I must say that I had made it through most of the day unscathed just keeping my head down and out of anyone's business. I hoped that the veil of my long hair would just make me invisible like a magic cloak.

That is until I met him.

I entered my last class of the day – science. The teacher extended a hand and waited for my slip of paper. Something about the atmosphere of the class sent a warning through my body and I stiffened. I was pointed to a desk in the back of the room- the only one available.

As I made my way there a leg slid out of nowhere and I tripped instantly dropping my new books. I had been so thankful that I hadn't done this on my own all day and then this. It would pretty much solidify my reputation at yet another crappy school.

I turned my head and rolled my eyes at the girl with strawberry blonde hair who was twiddling her fingers at me in a little wave. As if I couldn't figure out whom the leg was attached to…

That is when a hand popped out in front of me offering to help me off the floor with some semblance of kindness. I followed the hand up the meet the most gorgeous set of green eyes. I gulped, took his hand in mine and gave him my heart in return.

The years went by and I was that girl who ogled from afar the boy who held my heart. He was cute in middle school and trust me, the whole female population took notice. Teachers would sigh in their coffees and state that they wish that they were younger. Ewwww.

By the time that we were in high school there was an official club of followers for him and I think a support group as well… for a whole other reason. For this Greek God knew he was what kept the women up at night and in their dreams and he relished it. He probably boosted the local condom and vibrator sales single handedly.

This boy turned man was the youngest son of the local Chief of Surgery and brother to Alice and Emmett.

Alice was extraordinary in her creativity, in her zeal for life and her devotion to Jasper Hale. She won art contests and spent her weekends designing fashion. She was also my friend. It was kind of hard not to love her.

Emmett was the senior football quarterback, all American type who had the head cheerleader, Rosalie, in a picture perfect package.

You ask his name? His name was Edward Cullen. Edward Anthony Cullen.

I had scribbled his name so many times in little notebooks. Sometimes I would scribble something far more private … Bella Cullen.

For now I would be just Bella Swan. I was your typical straight A student, due to lack of anything else to do with my time.

I lived with my father, Charlie, the Chief of Police for Forks. He was a good-hearted man. Charlie often brought me with him to see his best friend Billy Black, on the weekends, which helped to get me out of my shell and out of the house.

Billy, you see, had a son named Jacob. He was probably my best guy friend and we had done everything from making mud pies to making out. We had tried to make a go of it. He was just 1 year younger, but something just didn't click for either of us.

That is not to say that we didn't get experimental, though. Lets just say that our fathers spent a lot of time fishing. Given enough time, it was bound to happen and so by the winter of my junior year, Jacob and I had had rounded all of the bases and no one was the wiser. We promised to keep our learning experiences to ourselves. I was still innocent Bella and he got to be the experienced guy on the block when it came to the girls he dated.

So there I was, head down, picking through my salad and trying to block my ears from hearing the mindless conversations of the girls sitting at the table behind me. Yes, the long tables were arranged so closely that I was forced to endure the mindless drivel of the skank table behind me day in and day out. It was usually "Guess who I gave head this or I can't believe you fucked him on the first date that…"

Maybe they didn't care if they were loud, but I did. If I couldn't tune them out, I usually lost my appetite. Best. Diet. Ever. I had a feeling it was like a trophy for them that others knew. Maybe they realized deep down that they weren't getting anything else lasting from their partners with the exception of an STD.

Angela, one of my best girlfriends was sitting next to me, marveling at what a gentleman her lab partner was. Ben had the bluest of blue eyes I was told.

I glanced across the cafeteria and quickly located Edward. He was sitting back in his chair picking apart the bread of his sandwich. He had a scowl on his face and seemed distracted His sister, Alice, gestured animatedly while talking to him. She may have been small, but she sure put him in his place on a regular basis. The thing was… he listened to her.

I giggled to myself.

Edwards head shot straight in my direction and his eyes locked with mine. My heart jumped in my throat and I had to look down again.

Oh shit, Oh shit. Did he hear me? How could he? Did he know I was laughing at him?

My cheeks blushed furiously.

I snuck a look behind me thinking that surely he was searching for someone at the table behind me and maybe I was mistaken.

Nope. They were still preoccupied with their tales of 'Who sucked more dick?'

I peeked and Edward was gone. I scanned the tables and came up empty.

My breath hitched… and there he goes out the cafeteria door. Damn! That boy looked good coming and going. I bit into my apple as I thought about biting his….

"….Oh yeh and Edward said that I should meet him in the Janitor's closet in Hall B at exactly 12:42 because he heard that I give good head."

My breath caught and I inhaled my apple bite. Angela started slapping my back as I tried to cough up the offending fruit like a cat hacking up a fucking fur ball.

I heard the familiar banter of the strawberry blonde harpy behind me. Tanya. She was the one he had chosen for this closet tryst. Bitch.

"Gah! What is wrong with her? Is she spastic all the time? I guess some things never change- right Bella? She leaned over me and did her little twiddle wave with her fingers and then pranced back to her table.

I don't know what happened. Something welled up inside of me. Maybe all of those years stupid shit from and her friends or sexual frustration or hell- I don't know. I was seeing red. He chose her over me??? Meaningless STD riddled Tanya Denali?

Before Angela or I knew what was happening I grabbed my strawberry milkshake turned around and hurtled the damn cup at her. On a very normal day, I would have missed and she would have chased me down and kicked my ass. This was not one of those days. Anger made me dead on accurate to the point where she had milky goodness dripping in her hair and down her silk blouse and sweater. She looked like a milkier version of Carrie.

The air had been sucked out of the room as her friends waited for any reaction… something to go on because they couldn't think for themselves.

I laughed a twisted laugh. "Some things do change. You might want to clean up. You have white shit dripping on you."

Angela stood up from her chair as I walked towards the doors.

"You bitch!" Tanya yelled.

Without turning, I raised my middle finger to salute her.

Clapping. A singular person had started it, but the patrons of the cafeteria actually started clapping. This might be a good day.

I glanced up at the wall clock over the doorway as I passed under it.


This was my chance if I ever had one. Tanya was going to be busy – for a while. She would not show up to meet Edward wearing milk- no way- no how.

I hadn't planned it. It wasn't like I was taking advantage of him per se. He was actually meeting "Tanya" to take advantage of her – right?

I had idly stood on the sidelines while he had taken other girls to dances, made out with other girls under the bleachers and all of those clichéd things that really hot guys do. Damn! This is turning into an 80's movie. I was working myself into a frenzy.

I reached the door of the closet. I paced outside. We would have by my recollection 2 min. to get it on before we both had to jet to class.

I paced more. The hallway was pretty empty… pacing… the closet would be dark… would he know? If he did, would he care? God! I couldn't face that rejection.

Courage. "I need courage," said the cowardly lion.

I put my hand on the cold metal knob of the door.


I jerked the door open just enough for me to slip inside and closed it quickly.


All the hair prickled on my skin.

He was here.


"Uh huh." I knew I couldn't talk lest be discovered. Less is more.

"Well you took your fucking time. By my estimation we have a couple of minutes".

I desperately willed my breathing to calm.

There was a sound of a zipper and clothing hitting the floor.

I bit my lip. Here goes nothing.

I unzipped and dropped my pants.

"Oh. Is that what you want? You want my dick in your hot pussy?"

He leaned into me grasping my shoulders. He brushed the hair away from my ear and licked the outer edge of my ear.

"Do you want me to fuck you? Is that what you want?"

I shivered.

I nodded.

Our two heartbeats broke the quiet of the closet until the faint ripping of foil.

The seconds felt like an eternity.

Edward pushed me up against the wall.


"I thought you might like it a little rough."

He licked from my collarbone to my jaw and hitched my leg up over his hip.

He ground his length against me.

"Edward" I breathed.

"60 seconds". He whispered

In one smooth movement he plunged inside of me.

Blinding white light, stars and euphoria.

I gasped.

He started pumping inside of me. It was needy and feral.

It wasn't like this with Jacob. Not by far.

My attraction for Edward was a hundred times more than Jacob, but this was more than attraction or lust. I didn't want to smack a label on it, but I felt like someone on some high up mountain was shouting down saying "He's the one."

I didn't expect what happened next, hell… I really thought he'd get his and run.

He reached down and swiftly rubbed my sensitive nub.

I clenched. His motions came quicker, more frantic.

"Oooooh!" I came hard. Rainbows and unicorns and sparkly shit rained down on me.

He bit down- hard on my collarbone through my cotton shirt and came in two quick thrusts. His seed spilling inside me as my body rode out the waves of pleasure.

Holy Fuck that felt good. It would be a miracle if I didn't walk funny for the next week.

The warning bell for class rang outside in the hallway.

"You go first" he said.

My legs were still wobbly and shit like a newborn giraffe, but I was able to clothe myself with lightning speed.

I was out of the closet in a flash, more concerned with who was in the closet seeing me than who was outside of the closet.

I ran to my locker and grabbed my book bag, swiftly pulling my brush out of the outside pocket and running it through my hair.

Once in the Biology lab room, I applied some lip-gloss and sat back.

Edward slid into the classroom door right as the teacher was closing it and quickly loped over to our shared lab table.

I turned towards Edward and he had the smuggest grin on his face. I looked at him, he looked at me. Nothing. He had no clue it had been me.


"Nothing" I said and sank down in my chair.

I angled my body away from him and kept my veil of hair separating the two of us. I didn't trust myself not to turn tomato red at the memories of him pleasuring me with his magic dick.

I certainly knew now what I was missing and I would be remiss to say that I didn't want more. Edward in my bed, Edward in my car… or on my car…I groaned.

I looked over and Edward quirked an eyebrow at me.

Sign me up for Edward's club of followers. Go Team Edward.

I winced.

Shit. This was going to be a long fucking class, forget that a long fucking year.

I would tell no one about our 60 seconds.

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