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Chapter 12


After Edward's text, I had realized my mistake. One of many… I'd admitted that I'd had sex before, whereas I'd previously told him I was still a virgin.

He didn't even seem phased at the time. You would think from my responsiveness to all the sexual advances and my eagerness for his cock that he would have laughed in my face at the bar when I told him my 'confession'. But no.

Ahhhh! This whole thing was just snowballing and one lie was leading to another and I was just… the worst at it. So I floated from class to class and then gym working out what I would say, what I should say to answer Edward's question.

My gym locker slammed closed courtesy of one red polished and manicured hand attached to Tanya who was followed by Lauren and Jessica.

Fortunately, I jumped just in time to save any appendages from being caught in her wrath.

I desperately needed my fingers, especially my thumbs so I could type when I finally figured out a response to Edward other than what I'd sent him back already.

It's a long story. TTYL.

Such a long story, but I digress.

"So going after my man wasn't enough, you slut? I hear Tyler got dumped out of his chair and now you've propositioned Mike?"

She had me backed against the lockers and my options for escape were narrow.

"I didn't. He's n..not." I stuttered.

What was up with people getting in my personal space with their breath after lunch today?

Tanya grabbed my wrist hard and dug her nails deep and I winced in pain.

"Ow! Why do you keep digging your nails into me? I didn't do anything to you!"

"Reeallly?" She quirked her over tweezed eyebrow at me.

"Guess what Edward did to me this morning?"

"Sprayed you with Lysol?" I shrugged.

She dug deeper with her fingers and tears began to form at the side of my eyes.

I would not be another victim of gang related violence.

"No! He broke their date to the Masquerade Ball! Its so embarrassing…" Lauren said and patted Tanya on the shoulder.

"I've been watching you." Tanya warned.

"And I found out that your scrawny ass was trying to seduce Mike in Biology until he was forced to ignore you for the rest of class. And believe me, he will be avoiding you like the plague. He told me he doesn't even want to breathe near you. He's so good to me." Jessica nodded to herself.

Lauren stepped forward.

"Ty told me that you told Edward that Tyler told you that he wanted to be your date for the Masquerade. For some reason that pissed Edward off and now they're not even talking! Tyler is totally going to suffer on the field and at school if Edward and his friends ignore him." She pouted.

My head was spinning from all the who told who's of her story. I vainly tugged and attempted to break free of Tanya's grasp.

"But I'm going to the dance by myself. Stag. Edward nor Tyler or anybody else asked me to go. Mike propositioned me because you're riding the cotton pony, but I refused and Edward shut him up. How else would I know that?" I shrugged

"She's right… I mean I am." Jess muttered and backed up.

"None of it matters ladies. What does matter is what do we do to her now?"

"Frankly, I'm appalled at how much your boys gossip. I think you should have a firm conversation about how you wear the thong in your relationship… right after you let me go… and maybe offer me some anti bacterial cream." I stated sarcastically.


My guess is that these three chicks were working with a dial up processor inside that thing they called a brain.

"But I don't wear underwear." Jessica said while looking all too confused.

"Shut up, you bitch!" Tanya screeched.

And because I was a glutton for pain and punishment…

"How cliché teenage drama can you be Tanya? Just get it over with it before I get a staph infection in my wrist."


Ok, yeah. I'm not going to lie. That hurt. She had slapped me so hard that my head hit the locker behind me. Something warm trickled down my lip and just when I thought that I might be drooling, the familiar rust smell hit me. I reached with my other hand while still stunned and touched my lip, and then stared at the blood in shock and anger.

"C'mon Tanya… she'll tell her daddy on you now" Lauren spouted.

I sank to the ground with my knees folded in front of me, trying desperately not to vomit after Tanya relinquished her hold. My gag reflex and nerves were killing me today.

"Edward better be at Lauren's party tonight. You better make sure of it, for your sake. I need Edward to have a change of heart and my powers of persuasion can be quite convincing, if you know what I mean." She winked and strutted her too short gyms shorts of the locker room out with Lauren in tow.

Jessica tapped my shoe with hers and looked at me sympathetically. "Just do what she says, ok? I don't know how far she'll go to get what she wants." Then she skipped to join the others in the gym.

My wrist ached and I felt like I'd been sitting in my huddled position for hours. Surely class was over? Maybe the janitor would find me or would he just sweep around me?

A panicked Alice finally found me. She squeaked, slapping her hand over her mouth when she saw my face, so I knew I looked like shit. I told her all the gory details including that being Edward's friend needed to come with insurance coverage because sure enough, Tanya had drawn blood on my wrist too.

I needed to get away so I called the person I could count on for that.

"Hello… Bella?"

"Come to school and get me… now." My voice scratched out. I was minutes from losing it.

Alice had gone to get Emmett and he swooped me up and carried me to the nurse's office where my wrist was bandaged. When Charlie was called from the school office, he wanted me to go get checked out by a doctor at the hospital. Alice called Carlisle for me and ran through the physical check on the line with the Nurse's help and he also agreed to make a quick house call to make Charlie feel better about not revoking Tanya's license.

"Now you have to go to Lauren's tonight!" Alice beamed once we were out in the student parking lot.

I pointed to the ice pack that I was gently pressing against my swollen lip and shot daggers at her with my glare. "There is no way I'm showing up like this. The bitch might kill me next time! Besides, Tanya will be there all over Edward's junk. I don't want to see that."

"Why? Are you jealousssss?" She teased.

"No, but I look like Lindsay Lohan after a bad lip collagen injection."

"Full lips are in, girl. You'll be a brunette Jennifer Lawrence after I'm finished with you."


"I mean…she's just going to make a fool of herself. He wouldn't… naww… would he?"

"He's a guy with a dick that hasn't been able to use it in … how long has it been that you've been holding out on him? And he'll be drinking, which he also hasn't done much of since then either."

"It sorta slipped out that I've had sex before today at lunch." I admitted.

Alice's chipper facial expression morphed into determination.

"Really, I saw that coming a mile away and I've already prepared for that. The party. Alcohol and you. He's already chosen you. The dummy just has to let his inhibitions down and realize it."

"So now you're saying that I'm so desperate that I've got to get him drunk to… to what? It's not like I'd fuck him."

Well, maybe if he begged.

"I'll forget you just said fuck in relation to my brother. I am sooo not his pimp. You're the whole package, Bella. He's been shaking the box lately and he thinks he knows what's inside, but we're going to help him take a peak inside the wrapping. Tonight."

"I see your point. Alice, I'll give you full permission to do your worst just this once, but know this… 80's and neons are in, but I draw the line at looking like Cyndi Lauper.

"Oh totally!"

"You're already freaking me out Alice."

Just then, my ride pulled up in front of us.

"You can't be serious." Alice groaned as I stepped into the vehicle.

"Alice, you worry too much. I'll be at your house by eight."

We sat on the couch in companionable silence as reruns of Tosh.O played.

"You called me and I came. Now you won't talk. Who do I have to kill to find out what happened to your lip and wrist?"

"I was clumsy." I breathed, still staring straight ahead.

"Bullshit! Who did this to you? Its because of him, isn't it?" He spat.

I grabbed my hair in frustration. "Jake, you just wouldn't understand…I'm just screwed."

"C'mere Bella. Tell me and I promise not to judge."

I ended up crawling over and into Jacob's lap, sitting sideways and resting my head on his warm chest.

"Why can't I have a simple relationship… ever?"

"You're a girl. Its not in your genetic code or some shit." He chuckled.

With a sigh, I told Jake what I'd done and how I was tormenting Edward with the blessing of Alice and Rosalie. Lets just say that he was a proud papa bear for my antics, but agreed that lying was not my forte. I needed to come clean about everything, regardless of the possible outcomes.

Jake said he'd be glad to explain things with his fist to Edward's face if he had a problem.

I think that comment stemmed from the fact that he found out Edward was the culprit behind Emily's paranoia that we were still playing doctor. Emily didn't get his name, but what are the odds that there are two bronze haired, smoker GQ models here in Forks?

After being safely delivered to Alice's house, I was assaulted by styling tools. At some point between my hair being straightened and then recurled, I heard Edward stomp upstairs and pause.

Alice's bedroom door slammed open against the wall behind it and the very concerned face of one Edward Cullen was instantly staring back at me through the reflection in the mirror.

"Em told me what happened. This is all my fault. If I'd just given her what she wanted…"

"Finally dumped Tanya, I hear." Alice chimed in.

"S'ok Edward." I mumbled.

"No it's fucking not! If only she was a guy I could straighten this out the old fashioned way."

Alice giggled, "If she was a guy, you'd have a whole new set of issues… especially since she's sucked…" Alice couldn't finish and burst into a fit of laughter.

Edward sat on the edge of her bed and rubbed his eyes.

"That reminds me. I've gotta block her number out of my phone. She keeps sending me 'suggestive' texts. I think I need to dip my phone in holy water for a cleansing."

I giggled at the thought.

Alice gently grasped my forearm showing Edward "Speaking of cleansing. Look what else your ex-whore did to Bella."

Edward shot up from his perch and held my hand while he inspected my wrist with deft fingers.

His expression changed to murderous.


"When Tanya grabbled Bella's wrist before hitting her for being your special friend."

I didn't like her use of 'special'.

Edward gently held my hand and stroked his thumb over my palm.

He gestured to my lip. "Is that what happened here?"

I nodded.

He squatted to the level of my chair being that I was still attached to Alice via a think curling iron.

Taking my hand in his warm hands he said. "I vow to you that they will regret fucking with you, with who you are to me."

My poor heart swelled.

We pulled up curbside to Lauren's house. I observed that her driveway was already filled and other curb spots between houses were also quickly being taken.

Alice had sat shotgun on the ride and had spent the time on the phone with Rosalie, filling her in on the details of my encounter of the skank kind that Emmett hadn't already shared. "Guys just don't understand how important all the details are." She had lamented.

Rose had revenge on her mind and so she and Alice were busy with the possibilities. And there were some because little miss Tanya was way far from perfect and most likely had a cemetery of skeletons in her closet.

I could barely maneuver out of Edward's sedan without flashing him my panties like a celebrity. It wasn't really a possibility since I wasn't wearing any under the strapless piece of electric blue fabric that could have passed for a tube top. Alice said my dress was too tight for that frivolity and panty lines just screamed trashy.

All I could think about was the cold draft hitting my nah, nah. I don't think she would forgive me if icicles started forming.

Between the hooded stares through the rear view mirror and the lustful looks that Edward was throwing my way leading up to Lauren's front door, my libido was about to say 'Fuck it' and find the closest bedroom or even a closet and test the limits of the spandex in my dress.

That was until Lauren opened her door to welcome us while Tanya rushed past her to pull Edward into her arms for was what a most unexpected lip lock. She spared no tongue action, even though Edward didn't open his mouth and froze still, seemingly in shock.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is called Staking Your Claim at a Party 101. It was the quintessential marking of territory, similar to a dog pissing on a bush. That guaranfuckingteed her reservation of one, Edward Cullen, for the night because few girls would have the cohones or the mouthwash to approach him after that.

Oh look, there's one now. Victoria. Also on the PL and one of two primary reasons Edward was there.

The lights were dimmed and someone plugged in a small disco ball as Rhianna rocked the speakers. My foot tapped out the beat as Alice and I held up the wall in Lauren's living room watching as Tanya desperately tried to back up to Edward to dance.

Poor guy just wanted to stand in line for the beer and she kept rubbing up all over him while her friends danced around them, drinks sloshing over the edges of their cups as they carried on.

When he got his beer, he bent and whispered to Tanya before walking over to us. She immediately stomped out of the room towards the kitchen with Jessica in tow.

I could have cared less because my gorgeous friend was making his way over to me. His eyes were fixed on mine and his lopsided grin told me he was up to no good.

He took a long swallow of his beer and said "I don't think Tanya was too happy that I brought guests with me." He chuckled.

"I can see why, though." He continued while glancing through the growing crowd of bodies in the room.

"She all but told her to personally escort you here to make sure you came!" Alice retorted.

Edward grimaced a little and shifted his jeans.

"Tanya didn't figure on Bella looking like this…" he gestured to me "… beautiful. Every fucking prick here is going to have you in their spank bank tonight."

"Umm. Thanks?" I laughed nervously.

"Just do me a favor and don't go anywhere without Alice or I tonight." Edward's eyes landed on my tits and quickly roamed down to my black heals.

My whole body heated.

"I need another drink if I'm going to tolerate Tanya. I asked her where Heidi was, but she just took off without answering. Go figure…"

With that, he turned and walked off, disappearing through the crowd once more.

And even though my breasts were pressed so tight that they' were popping out over the top of my dress and my black stilettos said some guy named Choo, he was here to disrobe another girl. Not me. Because… did I mention? I was also wearing a cute little black half cardigan with little ruffles around the edges that strategically covered Edward's mark. I hated ruffles and don't tell Alice, but I was one twisted ankle away from getting my black high tops on that I had stowed in Edward's floorboard.

"C'mon. Lets get you a drink now that the gonorrhea girls are back on the floor giving all they got to demonstrate girl on girl dirty dancing."

Alice and I stood in line at the makeshift kitchen counter bar and poured Captain and Cokes. Coke for Alice and mine being more Captain because yeah, if Tyler or Eric grabs my ass again, I'm junk punching them and blaming it on the alcohol.

Perched against the wall, Rosalie soon joined us as we peeked over the rims of our highball glasses and whispered.

"Is that who I think it is?" Rose asked

I scanned the room and saw Edward leaning into Victoria and laughing about something. Its not like I hadn't been watching their interaction like a hawk and curiosity was killing me. I'd seen Edward work his magic before, but it just seemed like it hurt a little more for some reason.

"Hey!" Rose snapped her fingers in front of my nose "Not there… the blonde over there." She motioned with her hand

"Is that James?"

"Isn't he in college?" both Alice and I said simultaneously

Rose snickered. "What a loser coming to a high school party."

James was throwing back a beer while imbeciles like Mike tried to talk to him. His gaze was fixed where mine was, however.

Victoria was running her fingers through Edward's silky hair.


"Victoria looks totally over James the way she flirting with Edward." Alice observed.

Edward was the most handsome guy I'd ever seen, there was no competition in the looks department. His black jeans and Beastie Boys t-shirt said it all. He was on the prowl and unfortunately it looked like Victoria had just become his next prey.

The girl was wearing a halter top with a leather jacket, so why did he have to be so handsy? I mean, she was undressing him with her eyes, but why did he need to undress her at all. Edward could just take the jacket off.

"Bella!" Alice grabbed my hand "Stop being so twitchy and lets dance."

"Truly, I've not had that much to drink yet. No way." I wasn't budging from that spot.

I heard a muffled scream and I look in time to see Tanya seething, arms crossed and Lauren handing her a Solo cup of beer.

I was afraid to know, to see… but I did see Edward with his hand cupping Victoria's jaw as he lowered his lips to forehead.

"Alice! To the dance floor." I said and waltzed past her while snatching Rosalie's unfinished vodka tonic from her hands and gulping down in two swallows.

Its time to get stupid and do something foolish.

Edward noticed the movement and I thought maybe he hadn't totally forgotten about me, maybe. Our eyes locked… for a moment. Victoria chose that moment to wrap her arms around him and slide her hands in his back pockets.

I turned away and closed my eyes, taking me far away through the music playing and the alcohol thrumming through my system. Inside I hurt just a little too much. Muse's 'Starlight' played … "I just wanted to hold you in my arms…" and I sang it loud.

"I knew it! You're in love with him aren't you?" Alice said in my ear.

Fucking irrevocably

I ruefully smiled "Maybe"

"He loves you too. You've got to ignore what Mike and those other asses say."

I leaned into her once again. "Actions speak louder than words." And he's not in love with me.

After Gotye's 'Somebody I Used to Know' and few other songs that didn't make me feel any better, I felt warm, strong hands wrap around my hips and pull me in. My first or third drink had me relaxed and I lulled my head back and swayed to the beat. All I knew was that Edward was no longer with Victoria, so she must have shown him her collar. She really should stick with those boring college frat boys.

Only Heidi was left on the PL.

His hands drifted to ass and gently rubbed circles. I was getting turned on… quick.

Alice and Rose had taken a bathroom break; I was alone with my man.

He placed wet kisses on my neck that lulled to the side for him and my eyes closed at the sensation. I knew I should care about this public display, but the Captain Morgan told me to worry about it tomorrow.

It was feeling so goooood and then his hands were inching up my rib cage to my breasts and his dick was pressing into my backside. So good.

I smiled lazily and watched Rosalie and Alice approach wide eyed, eyebrows raised.

"Bella! What in the hell are you doing?"

"Don't worry so much Alice. I was just fixin'… getting ready to tell Edward that we should go to a room or home… which whatever." I giggled.

Rose looked a little too smug.

"That is not Edward." She pointed behind me.

Instantly the hold on my body stopped and my stomach dropped. I practically jumped to see who it was.

James. Impossible.

"Hey… you were willing and that body of yours… damn." He shrugged while ogling my girls.

"Aren't you like 20 now? That's sad." Alice said

"I think I'm gonna be sick." I said before grabbing onto both them and dragging them into the closest bathroom.

After heaving a drink or two, I felt a little better and less dirty. James had no morals and my skin crawled from knowing he'd touched me and how my body had responded thinking it was Edward because I had been drinking.

Alice fixed my makeup and handed me a bottle of water from her purse.

"I think I want to go home, if you don't mind."

Edward had the keys and Alice had been the appointed DD, so we had to find him- wherever he had gone to.

Rose took the basement, Alice covered the first level of the house and I went upstairs to search for him. Divide and conquer and all that.

Only, when I reached the top of stairs, Tanya and her hepatitis harem were loitering in the hallway. Heidi had obviously made her appearance and they had been gossiping and whispering about something furiously.

Two guess who and what it was about. Seriously.

"If you're looking for Edward, he's in the room, last door on the left. I think he had something to show you." Tanya giggle snorted.

"Thanks? I just need the keys." I quickly brushed past them and to the room indicated.

Two writhing bodies.

Red hair.

A gasp and my heart breaking.

That's when reality finally hit me. It was a dream. He couldn't love and he certainly didn't deserve me.

I ran as fast as my feet could carry me. Past Tanya, past a confused Alice and concerned Rose, out the front door then flipping the stilettos off and throwing them through the open window of the Volvo and after grabbing my chucks… I kept going.

Ducks and runs for cover...

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