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The world tips upside-down,
the flames lick at my face.
I lie in rubble, on the ground,
just feeling out of place.

I'm here, then gone,
and now I'm back,
but forever is too long
to live in a world of perpetual black.

Emotions, breathing... just not real,
and taste and smell are a thing of the past.
What I'd give up, just to feel.
The biting wind, the icy blast.

And he is gone, and she doesn't care
and they don't think I'm me.
And all I think is life's not fair,
and I don't want to be.

But life was never fair before,
and it will never be, again.
Each second, I want it more and more,
each night, as I'm tucked in.

Not by covers, or my mom,
but by dark, nothing, empty.
My raging mind is never calm
I count up: one, two, three.

I break the surface, break restraint,
and I can feel the pain.
But still my life's one endless complaint,
I'll never be free to gain.

Crashing, burning, burning, burning.

Losing feeling, world is turning.

Death is peaceful, but not real.

Never again to think, to feel.

Take it back, take it all

I didn't want to break, or fall.

Stop the madness, give me pain.

Existence is its own bane.

If you can call this life, congrats.

There once were mountains, now just flats.

Break, repair, and break some more.

Here in body, until I find the cure.

Mind, whirls, rages, rages, rages.

Stuck in thousands of bodily cages.

Nothing ever replaces what's lost.

Mass of wires, oh so crossed.

Nail me down, so I don't get away.

Because you know, I'll never stay.

Encroaching slowly on my domain.

Body breaks away from brain.

I am not one, still not quite two.

Nothing left for me, but to subdue.

And on rages storm, as I go blind.

Slipping, falling, farther behind.

And then comes dream, and sweet release.

Life may be a puzzle--I'm no longer a piece.

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