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note: I'll use italic whit Zoe's POV thoughts

let's kill your parents! , that's was he said, I don't know why I followed him, maybe because he was different from everyone else I knew, he had something, I can't tell what is but I liked that

Zoe and the brunette walked down the street, he stopped in front of a house with big windows on the front, the darkness of the night concealed the young ones from being seen, inside the house a family of four was having a dinner, a bit late for dinner, maybe they were only discussing family things, for the dad was yelling at two kids

"look girl, take this brick and do it!" the brunette said

"but they haven't done anything to me" Zoe said but still take the brick in her hands

"vandalism's best when is totally meaningless and unfair" he said pointing at the father who was still yelling at the scared kids "it's what the world had been doing to us since birth!"

"I-I suppose so" Zoe prepared herself

"just look at him, yelling at five year old kids" he take another gulp "maybe they do something but their still kids! DO IT!" with that Zoe threw the brick at the house, surprisingly not only break the the window but also hit the dad at the side of the head, knocking him out, the brunette take Zoe by her left shoulder "didn't feel great?"

"yes...yes! It was great!" Zoe replied very excited by her deed, they ran from the house before anyone could knew what was happening

they continued drinking and laughing through the night, until they get to Zoe's house, it was already midnight, which means only two days to go before valentine's day, the lights were still on but the street was dark.

"ready?" the brunette said

"yeah but...I..." Zoe tried to form a sentence

"let me do it then" the brunette pulled out a pistol and press the doorbell, they heard some steps getting close to the door and then Mr. Orimoto opened the door

"Zoe! What the hell were you-" he saw the brunette with her and changed the subject "so this is the asshole you've having sex!?"

"who are you calling an asshole!?" the brunette put the pistol at the chest of Mr. Orimoto

"what the-?" Mr. Orimoto looked at the gun "that's not a real one it's just-" before he could finish the brunette fired his pistol making a hole in his chest, Mr. Orimoto fell to the floor, at the sound of the gunshot Mrs. Orimoto get out of the kitchen to what was happening, the brunette shot another bullet directly between her eyes, Zoe wasn't shocked or anything, maybe surprised, she didn't really think that the brunette actually will kill her parents

"fucker..." Mr. Orimoto was still alive but he couldn't stand "Zoe...help me..." at this Zoe's anger filled her body, she take the pistol from the brunette and aimed at her dad "why Zoe?"

"and you still ask why" Zoe fired the gun perforating the head of Mr. Orimoto, a moment passed and she fired three more times at her dad's corpse "I think I got a little carried away..." Zoe said returning the pistol to the brunette

"fuck...we're out of vodka" the brunette looked at the bottle

he gunned down my parents, I gunned down my parents, my future, we killed them with no remorse, no pity, I think I'm in love

"it seems to nobody's here to tell me what should I do now...." Zoe stare at the brown eyes of the brunette "and I can have a boyfriend too...interested?"

the brunette stare at her emerald eyes and smile "I warn you I might not be the perfect material for boyfriend" he take her by her shoulders "but who knows maybe this thing could work, miss Zoe"

"how do you?"

"know your name? Your dad called you a couple of times" the brunette think for a moment "but where are my manners, I am Takuya Kanbara" Takuya vowed

"and I'm Zoe Orimoto" Zoe also vowed, both of then laugh at their ridiculous introductions beside the fact they were a bit late for that

"well Zoe, I think we need to go, someone may heard the gunshots" Takuya said and take money from 's wallet "now a place were we could find some money?"

"I know one!" Zoe said and went upstairs

I didn't feel bad for killing my parents, yeah they feed me and all that stuff but they crossed the limit, as I just do, I feel liberated actually, I don't have to go to school anymore, no more annoying teachers, pointless homework all that shit that once care me is gone, for good

"what are we waiting for?" Zoe asked Takuya, both where in an alley hiding, it was one past midnight

"just wait, something will show up" Takuya replied scanning his surroundings "ah there, c'mon do it as I told ya" Takuya waved Zoe to follow him

a man apparently between the ages of forty and fifty was leaving a building, Zoe then showed up in front of him and fake some tears

"excuse me sir, I had an accident" Zoe kneel before him and grab on of his legs

"I'm sorry lady I can't-" the old man was knocked out by the strike of an empty bottle of vodka from Takuya, the man fell on his back to the ground, Takuya checked the pulse

"oh fuck I think he died...but-"

"wait Takuya, look at his hands their clenched and his body is hard" Zoe showed Takuya "I think he got a heart attack"

"so we only put him to sleep instead of suffering a painful dead?" Takuya laugh "I think we did our good deed of the day, he could died at the wheel and caused a big accident, we saved lives" he laugh once more

"hey I found his car keys!" Zoe said, Takuya take them and kissed Zoe on her forehead

"you're good at this girl, let's go" Takuya opened the car not before leaving the body in a dumpster, they drove outside the city, miles and miles until they found a gas station and a motel too

"I'm tired Takuya..." Zoe said resting her head on his shoulder

"wanna go to that motel?" Takuya asked

"whatever, as long as it have a decent bed"

they where at their room, it was a nice room for a motel, nice beds, a clean bathroom, the usual T.V. With porn channels, Takuya was watching it, he smiled at the silly dialogues of the porn stars

"heh heh, who wrote that?" Takuya asked to nobody

"probably a dude who masturbates a lot or have little imagination" Zoe said laying on the bed "speaking of masturbate, my dad had a lot of porno magazines in his vault"

"really!?" Takuya laugh "and he said you were going by the wrong way"

"I know! How dare him!" Zoe sat on the bed "is funny because, I found many sex toys in my mother's drawers" she sigh "I don't think they knew about each other secrets"

"they relationship was full of lies then" Takuya finished a beer he bought earlier "but I can show you the fun they had before" Takuya leaned to Zoe and kiss her passionately, Zoe put her hands around his neck returning the kiss

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