Zoey is sitting in her room looking at her computer Chase enters carrying a tray of sushi "Hey"

Zoey looks up from her laptop "Hey"

Chase smiles "I brought your California rolls" he sits them on the table beside Zoey's bed and sits down and lays back on her bed "What are you working on ?"

Zoey looks at him " working on a history paper" she looks at chase who has pulled one of her pillows under his head and has his eyes closed "are you sleeping ?"

Chase adjusts himself on the bed "If you where my real friend you me lay here and sleep"

Zoey looks at him as she rubs his leg "Sorry but you can't"

Chase turns over on his side "Why ?"

Zoey looks at him "Cause you have work and besides if you stayed here where would I sleep"

Chase opens his eyes a little and smiles tiredly "Well you have a perfectly good floor"

Zoey looks at him "And you have a perfectly good bed in your own room now come on"

Chase lets out a cry as he sits up with help from Zoey "Zooeeeyyy"

Zoey smiles at a whiny chase "Chhhaaassseee"

A new guy James walks in and watch's as Zoey tries to pull Chase of her bed "Am I missing something"

Zoey looks at James "No chase was just leaving" she pulls chase of the bed forcing him to stand up Zoey hands him the rest of his delivery's "Now get back to work"

Chase looks at her "That's the last time I ask you for a favor"

Zoey smiles at him knowing he's only picking "Get out" she push's him towards the door

James smiles at the two best friends "Bye chase"

Chase yell's out from the hall "Bye James" he then walks over to the bed where Zoey has sat back down on her bed "How was your day ?"

Zoey looks at him "Amazing other then Chase trying to steel my bed"

James looks at Zoey "I need to ask you something"

Zoey looks at him "Ok what ?"

James looks at her "Well you've been wonderful to me ever since I came here and seeing the way you treat you're friends makes me more convinced"

Zoey looks at him a little confused "convinced of what ?"

James looks at her "That you would make the perfect girl friend" there's a pause "Zoey will you go out with me ?"

Zoey stares at him as the scene fades