Chapter 11 - Spider, Mutt

Nao ran up to the play ground that was designed fun kids much older than them and ran up and small red slide, grabbing the bar at the top and pulling herself up. Natsuki opted for going to the stairs and running up them, climbing higher until she reached the top slide. "Nao! Watch this!" she yelled, sliding down at top speed.

She screamed all the way down the spiral slide, barely having enough time to stick out her legs. She hit the ground fast and fell on her butt, making Nao laugh at her, "Haha! You fell on you're butt!"

"Shut up! I'd like to see you try!" Natsuki yelled, getting up and dusting the sand off her butt.

Nao smirked at her and went to the top of the same slide, "Fine in will!" she yelled, sliding down as fast as the bluenette and screaming just as loud. She completely forgot about the bottom and hit the sand and, falling on her but and her back too.

Natsuki burst out laughing and double over, holding her middle.

The red head flushed and got up, dusting off her clothes and her hair, "Shut up, it wasn't funny!" she yelled, glaring at her friend.

Laughing even louder, Natsuki shook her head, "Are you kidding me? That was fudging hilarious!"

"Shut up!" Nao yelled, racking her brain for in insult. What word did her dad always yell and at her mom… ugh… oh wait that's it! "You're such a bitch!"

Natsuki stopped laughing and glared at her friend, "Hey! My mommy said that's a bad word!" she yelled.

"But my mommy said it just means a female dog!" Nao yelled back, mad that Natsuki was accusing her.

Pausing, the bluenette knew that Nao was right. "So… you're calling me a dog?" she asked, raising her brows.

"Yup!" Nao said, grinning at her friend, "You're a dog! A mutt!" she said as the name popped into her head. "Mutt, Mutt, Mutt!"

"I'll get you, Nao!" Natsuki yelled as she started running towards the red head. Nao screamed and ran away, towards the monkey bars. When she finally got under them, she jumped and grabbed the bars and swung herself up and clutching the other bars with her feet.

Natsuki gaped as her friend clung to the bars. She started giggling and pointed at the girl, "You're like a spidermonkey!"

"I am not a monkey!"

"Fine! You're just a spider! Spider!"




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