This is Nica from Colorado. I've gotten permission from family and his best friend to upload a series of one-shots — in UchidaKarasu's own words: These are not sequels or prequels or whatever-in-the-fuck-uels. It's just crap that wouldn't bugger off into something productive, like writing on my other story The Viral Palimpsest, which oops, I totally forgot to finish. Again. I hope my darling Princess forgives me for that (among other things, as you very well know), but I don't think she liked it anyway.

You can check them out if you'd like...they're based in the Martyrdom and Paradox 'verse, however clearly or vaguely that might be, and it'll be listed under one title: The Martyrdom and Paradox 'verse: One-Shots and Drabbles

Thanks a lot, and I hope you enjoy them!

From Nica, in Colorado.