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Chapter 1- The Mission

As Rashel stepped out of the cab she had taken from the mansion and onto the grimy sidewalk outside of the Black Rose she smoothed down the wrinkles in her denim skirt that she had acquired during the taxi ride. The tall black, heeled boots she wore clicked slightly on the sidewalk as she took her first step towards the vampire bar she must enter to find her target. As she looked at the crudely drawn black rose on the door her mind flew back to what Lord Thierry had told her about her latest mission.


"Here you are Rashel," said Thierry as he handed her a folder that held the picture and information that Circle Daybreak had acquired about the target, "Our informant said he would only be at the Black Rose tonight at around midnight so if you can take this one we need it done tonight."

It took Rashel only a few moments to skim the packet and decide to take the assignment. She was, after all, the infamous Cat and thus she had a reputation to uphold.

"Of course I will take it Lord Thierry," she said as she looked up from the manila folder for the first time since it had been handed to her.

"Very well then. You have three hours to review the information, get ready, and meet the target at the Black Rose. Before you leave though, a Circle Daybreak witch will have to put a spell on you so that the other vampires will think that you are one of them. If Thea is back by then I will send her up to your room."

Nodding she quickly made her way towards the room she and Quinn share and began digging through her massive pile of clean laundry trying to find just the right thing to wear. It was never easy to decide what to wear for a night out on the town trying to seduce a ravenous murdering vampire who you had to kill solely for that reason. His file told her that he was suspected of killing five human girls within the last month and even the other vampires in the area were starting to get nervous because he was drawing attention of local human law enforcement. Thus, an informant had come to let them know that tonight would be the best night to take him down and that "The Cat" was requested specifically.

Finally finding a short denim jean skirt and dark blue low V-neck graphic tee with the word "Slayer" written in spattered black ink across the back Rashel hurried to put them on seeing as she only had an hour left before she had to be at the bar. Taking only a few minutes to thicken her eyeliner and curl her hair in soft ringlets she was just about to head downstairs when Thea bust into her room out of breath.

"S-sorry I'm la-late Rashel. Just give me a m-minute."

Staring at the young witch who she'd come to see as a very close friend Rashel smiled slightly. It was refreshing to see that Thea could still stay so upbeat and happy after all that had happened to her. Then again Poppy was the most happy and hyper person she'd ever seen and she'd had to abandon her entire family when she was turned. Mentally shrugging the thought of the hyperactive Poppy out of her mind before she started laughing she turned her attention back towards Thea who had finally caught her breath.

"Ok! Let's get this over with so you can head out. I know I've already probably put you behind schedule."

The spell itself had taken only a few minutes to perform and take effect and she looked in the mirror to see that the only real change was she had become paler and her eyes now had a slight silver sheen. Not sure whether or not she liked the changes she made a face and turned away from the mirror to walk over to her bedside table and grab a pen and pad of paper. Quinn was supposed to be coming home from his weeklong mission soon and she wanted to be sure he wouldn't worry about her. Leaving a quick note telling him that she was on a mission and that she'd be back early tomorrow morning she placed it gently on his pillow and walked out the door.

*****************End Flashback********************

She was slightly weary as she entered the dimly lit bar that someone would recognize her; but when no one jumped up pointing at her and screaming, she began to calm down. Looking around as she made her way towards the bar she noted that her target was nowhere in sight, glancing down at her watch she noticed she was a little early.

'So much for Thea making me late,' she thought with an inward grin.

"Hey gorgeous! What's a pretty girl like you doing in a place like this?"

The voice interrupted her thoughts and annoyed her immensely. She couldn't stand when guys hit on her so stupidly and if Quinn had been there she'd have had one less vampire to worry about. Inwardly smirking at the thought of her overprotective and extremely possessive soulmate she turned toward the vampire with a blank look.

"What," she said in a sharp voice.

"I asked you-"

"I know what you asked. What I want to know is what do you want 'cuz if you don't mind I'd like to drink in peace."

The vampire looked completely stunned at how she had snubbed him and she could hear his friends at the table in the corner laughing uproariously. Of course it did not escape her notice that he did look quite handsome and had probably never been told "no" in his entire life as a bloodsucker but she was not impressed; she had seen many a handsome vampire writhing and spitting at the end of her bokken. She only wished that she could have carried her beloved weapon with her without drawing suspicion but since she was surrounded by about ten vampires and her signature weapon was well known, and feared, among the vampire community it was not possible. Currently she was only carrying two long wooden knives sheathed in a removable silver casing hidden in each of her tall leather boots.

A slight growl from the vampire she'd just thoroughly embarrassed brought her mind back to the present. She watched with a miniscule smirk on her face as he slunk back to his seat amidst bouts of laughter from his friends. She watched him from the corner of her eyes and from the glares he was sending her way she'd just given herself one more thing to worry about on this mission.

'Well,' she thought, 'There's one more headache I'll have to deal with later.'

She did not know how right she was, nor did she have time to think on it as her target suddenly walked in through the Black Rose's back door and smoothly made his way to the bar to order a drink. Taking note of the way his eyes roved her slightly scantily clad form she made sure he saw her rake her eyes up and down his body as well. After grabbing his drink from the small, seemingly 15-year-old male vampire, he moved down the bar and sat on the stool beside her.

Just like any other vampire this one had an almost unearthly beauty about him. With slightly shaggy golden blonde hair that hung down around his ears in some places and dark blue eyes that you could get lost in he would definately make most human girls mistake him for some kind of fallen angel.

'But I'm not most girls and I'm much to smart to fall for just good looks,' she thought before a picture of Quinn popped up in her head, 'Well that doesn't count because we're soulmates! Plus Quinn's much hotter than this guy.'

She had to stop herself before she allowed her mind to stray too far and she become distracted. Sending her eyes across his body once more she smiled seductively. She knew from previous experience that vampire men were very vain about the looks that their vampirism gave them and by inflating his ego she could get closer to him and lead him to a back room to complete her mission.

"I haven't seen you in here before," he said as his eyes stared hungrily at the deep V-neck of her shirt.

"That's because I just came into town a few days ago," she said, lacing her voice with as much lust as she could muster; it sickened her to do it but she had no choice.

They spent the next few minutes idly flirting and ravaging each other with their eyes before things started to get serious.

"So I didn't catch your name?"

"That's because I didn't give it. My name's Rachel."

She always chose a name fairly close to her own when working on undercover missions so that she would respond almost automatically if one of her targets or fellow undercovers called out to her. She watched closely for any change in his face at the name that was only one letter away from her own. At seeing no change other than a slight light of interest in his eyes she decided that he hadn't noticed.

"Oh really? Are you sure you're not off a letter?"

'Oh crap. Spoke too soon,' she thought as she tried to play dumb.

"I don't know what you're talking about."

By now she could see that she'd been caught as the sly grin on his face grew bigger and the "informant" she'd seen with Thierry earlier stepped out of the back rooms and walked up beside the vampire. She knew she was in trouble now; with only two wooden daggers and twelve vampires in the room she probably wouldn't get very far but she wasn't going to go down without a fight. She only had one other option.

'Quinn! Help me!'

She threw this thought out through her mind and across the silver cord that connected her to her soulmate. She had no idea if this would work over the distance they were separated but she had to try because she was out of options.

Abruptly her connection was cut off as she was slammed backwards into the top of the bar by a large cold hand around her throat.

"Now now, I can't have any of your sneaky tricks Rashel the Cat. It just wouldn't do to have any of your little Circle Daybreak buddies come bursting in while I'm having fun with you."

At hearing her name the group of vampires that had been laughing earlier all snapped their heads in the direction of her target and she knew she had to act fast. Bringing her right foot up she slammed it hard into his crotch while pulling the wooden knife out of her other boot and simultaneously slamming it into his chest. The poor bastard never knew what hit him before he started to shrivel and turn leathery in front of her. She immediately grabbed her other knife from her right boot and threw it at the informant who had set her up and was currently trying to escape through the back door. Well, now if she was going to die she'd have at least taken her target and the cowardly worm that had set her up down with her.

Not waiting to watch him fall she whipped back around to face the angry group of ten vampires that now stood in front of the table they formerly occupied. They were now all rallied behind the vampire that she had snubbed originally and he stood with an evil grin on his face. Now that they knew who she was Thea's magic was no longer in effect and she could see the look in their eyes change. She glared at them as she backed up to the wall so that they could not get behind her but she knew that with only one small knife she had no chance of killing them all and getting out alive.

'I'm sorry Quinn,' she thought as she braced herself for the coming attack.

As the nine flunkies threw themselves at her all at once she began stabbing and dodging but she only managed to take down two of them before they overwhelmed her and her knife was ripped from her grasp. Her head snapped up only to be met with a large strong fist to the face. She felt her consciousness starting to fade and for a moment she thought she heard Quinn yelling her name.

'Rashel! Rashel what's happened? Rashel!'

She was awakened suddenly by a cold wet something being splashed into her face. The entire right side of her face was aching, her right eye was starting to swell, and she could taste blood from her busted lip in her mouth. She could tell that she hadn't been out long but she knew that she was no longer in the corner with her back to the wall. Looking down she could see that she was now sitting in a wooden chair with her writs and ankles tied to the arms and legs of the chair with a thin metal wire.

The smell of alcohol was heavy in the air and her hair seemed to be dripping with it so she guessed that the cold wet something they'd thrown in her face had been beer. Glaring down at the restraints on her wrists she tensed and tried to jerk them off but only succeeded in cutting them down into her wrists slightly.

"Ah ah ah… I wouldn't do that Kitten. I'd sure hate for you to bleed out before I get what I want from you."

The disgustingly snide voice brought her attention from her bonds to the vampire in front of her that had just dared to call her by the name only her mother was allowed to use. With a fierce snarl worthy of her sister Keller herself, she threw herself violently forwards despite the piercing pain it sent to her wrists and ankles. The bastard, as she had now named him, merely laughed maliciously and backhanded her across the left side of her face and back so hard that the chair she was bound to toppled over. Once again she could feel her consciousness slipping.

"Throw some more beer on her I don't want her passing out again!"

A moment later she felt a cold splash and she was pulled back from the brink of consciousness yet again. She was lost in vertigo for a few moments as one of the flunkies righted her chair. It felt like her brain was rattling around loose in her skull and had she not been so disconnected from her body she would have been in immense pain. Her eyes wafted open, almost without her direction, and her vision was blurry for a moment before she focused and it cleared.

She could feel a sticky wet liquid making its way down her forehead from where she'd hit the ground a few moments before and she could tell from the consistency that it wasn't alcohol. Her wrists were now cut deeply and the constant leaking of her red life giving liquid was starting to take its effect on her beaten and bruised body. She knew she could not take much more but she refused to give up any information about Circle Daybreak or Lord Thierry no matter how they tortured her.

"Now Kitten, why don't you tell me why you were sent here and who sent you? I heard that guy over there," he indicated her withered target with a jerk of his head, "say that you were from Circle Daybreak. Is that right?"

He had his hands on his knees and was leaning disturbingly close to her face and so she took the chance at what it was. Glaring contemptuously she gathered as much of her blood filled saliva as she could in her mouth before spitting it forcefully into his face. The rage was immediate and clear in his eyes, causing him to forget that he wanted to torture her for information. In an instant he had slammed her chair back into a thick wooden pillar used to support the ceiling with one hand around her neck and one hand grabbing a tight hold of her curly long black locks.

'At least I won't have to suffer through any more of the bastard's torture. I'm just sorry I couldn't say goodbye to Quinn before I go,' she thought sadly as her vision started to go, 'He's going to be alone again…'


The roar was accompanied by a load crash as the front door was kicked in. The bastard released her throat immediately and turned to face the new threat but he was not quick enough as he only had enough time to turn before Quinn slammed his fist viciously into his face. His dark onyx eyes flashed to her bloodied and beaten form for a half a second before a feral snarl ripped from his throat and his dark eyes filled with killing intent. He positioned himself between her still bound form and the seven flunkies and their fallen leader.

"W-what are you waiting for you id-idiots? He's just a Daybreaker s-scum! Get him!"

The remaining seven looked to their leader, who appeared to have a broken jaw from Quinn's first blow, before turning back to the lone vampire that stood between them and their possible next human meal. Deciding that it was worth it to get a taste of the infamous Cat they decided to use the same technique they'd used on Rashel and rushed him all at once. BIG mistake. Not only was Quinn a vampire, but he was also an incredibly old vampire with a lot of skill and experience.

Rashel watched through heavily lidded eyes as her soulmate pulled out the wooden knife she'd had made especially for him, with a silver hilt and guard to protect him from the wooden blade, and begin to dispatch the seven bumbling idiots that attacked him. It did not take him long to turn them all into shriveled bags of leather only slightly resembling their former human form lying scattered across the floor. Seeing that he was okay, she let her head fall and relax as much as she could in her current position; even at death's doorstep she was still worried about him.

"Rashel? Rashel! Please answer me baby!"

She could feel his presence in front of her on the floor. A cool gentle hand reached up and touched her cheek and caused her to jolt slightly even though his touch did not hurt her. Weakly, she lifted her head and looked into his deeply worried onyx orbs.

"Oh Goddess Rashel I've got to get you back to the mansion," he said as he carefully broke the metal cords that bound each of her wrists and ancles with his hands.

"W-what about the b-bastard?"

His answer was laced with barely controlled rage and she knew that if she weren't in such dire need of medical attention then he'd have been slaughtering the bastard right this instant.

"He got away but I promise you I'll hunt him down and I'll make him pay for what he's done to you, but I've got to get you home first."

'I guess I'm hurt worse than I thought,' she thought as Quinn gently lifted her into his arms and headed for the door.

When they got outside they found Nilsson waiting for them in a sleek black car. Quinn wasted no time in throwing the back door open and sliding smoothly into the spacious back seat with Rashel still bleeding in his arms. Nilsson slammed his foot down on the accelerator as soon as they were both in and the forward motion slammed the door shut without Quinn having to remove his arm from its cradling position.

"H-how did y-"

"I heard you call me through the soulmate bond. You sounded so desperate," he said as he sorrowfully looked at her various wounds, "I was almost back to the mansion from my mission by then and when I heard your scream in my mind I immediately found Thierry and he told me where you were. I ran ahead and apparently he sent Nilsson in the car."

A small smile was all she could manage but it was a smile none-the-less. He HAD heard her after all. Knowing that her aching throat could not take much more abuse she decided to use their bond.

'I knew you'd come. I love you John.'

At hearing her voice in his head his eyes fell to her bruised throat and gently touched the finger shaped bruises that ran across the right side. Even his feather light touch ached but she tried not to let him see. He was her soulmate however, and of course he saw the extra pain in her eyes that his light touch brought forth.

'I love you too Rashel. I'm just sorry I couldn't have gotten there sooner. You nearly died because I didn't get there fast enough.'

His statement was full of sorrow and remorse. She could see through their bond that the emotions in his voice were nothing compared to the depths of sorrow that were now overtaking his mind.

'You couldn't have gotten there any faster even if you could fly John. It's not your fault. I should have been able to handle ten lowly vampires by myself but I guess I'm getting sloppy.'

At that the sorrow began to swirl into anger and annoyance. She could tell that her statement had ticked him off meaning it had done what she'd hoped it would; distract him from his sorrow and direct his attention elsewhere. He was just about to retort to that statement when the car came to a screeching halt and Nilsson was beside them opening the door a second later.

'Don't think this discussion is over. We are going to continue this after the healers make you better.'

She managed another weak smile but when he stood from the car with her in his arms another painful wave of vertigo hit her and had she been standing she would have fallen. A small gasp of pain forced its way from her lips as she tried to get control over the flooding pain that seemed to hit her all at once now that her life was no longer in danger.


Quinn's voice sounded horrified and she could feel that he was now sprinting into the mansion. She heard other voices that she knew were familiar but in her pain swathed state she could not make out. After only a moment of stillness she could feel herself being carried up two flights of stairs swifter and smoother than any human being could move and she was once again thankful that her soulmate was a vampire.

The soft pillow and bedding he lay her down on did little to relieve the pain that was throbbing through her head, wrists, and ankles but at least the feeling of vertigo associated with motion was starting to pass. Managing to peel her eyes open for just a moment she could see a healing witch hovering over her on one side and Quinn desperately cradling her had on the other. As her vision started to rim with blackness she looked over to Quinn and tried gallantly to stay conscious so that he wouldn't worry but knowing she was starting to fall she managed to utter one last statement before the darkness consumed her.

'I love you John.'

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