Sorry, no update on a possible sequel (at least, not yet). But I wanted to thank whoever nominated "The Wolf and His Girl" for a Non-Canon Award for "Royal Fic". It's incredible to me that this story is still getting reviews, favorites/alerts, and award nominations well over a year after being completed. It's wonderful and humbling that my work is so appreciated by all of you. My in-progress Embry/Bella story "Jagged Edges Heal" is also nominated, for Best Romance.

Voting is open until April 9, 2014, so (pretty please) open up a new tab now and vote. Please?

FF won't let me put in a link for you, but if you do an internet search for "The Non-Canon Awards", it ought to be the first thing in the results list.

Review Replies:

I don't know if either of you will read this, but in case you do...

* Guest (ch. 81): Wow. 3 reads of this long story in only a week? I'm impressed. I didn't set out to convert or seduce anyone into becoming a wolf girl (or guy), but if it happens... I started out being a canon pairing fan, but have been firmly in the wolf camp since a little while before starting to write this story. Thanks for the compliments on my writing. I try to write the kind of story that I like to read, and try to let events play out in a natural and logical way even when I take things in a different direction from canon. I was always good in my language arts/English classes and at writing papers, so that definitely helps on the technical side. I've got a few other stories going on this site, so I hope to see you over on any/all of them.

* Charlene: (ch. 31): Sorry to have driven you crazy. Jacob started counting "one, two, three..." but was actually thinking "A vampire in her room tonight, and yet here she is, sound asleep. I know she's good with weird, but this is unbelieveable."