Quiet: So, in my drabble request threads on Wallmarket and the Crisis Core Yaoi forums, I've gotten a few requests to write in Xiaa's petverse. If you don't know about the Bathtime or Pet Trainer Genesis comics, you should take a look here: http://yaoi (dot) y-gallery (dot) net/gallery/xiaa/bathtime/?offset=11.

They are awesome, no doubt about. *adores them all* Fangirling aside, if you want greater details on how that world works and the full extent of the relationships in it, then check out xiaa's gallery (she has a dA as well). If you have a look, it'll lesson your confusion over my drabbles, because a few are AU of an AU, which is weird, but true. This drabble in particular is petverse canon, and was requested by xiaa herself; it takes place in the Pet Trainer Genesis part of the series. =3

As always, much love to my beta, Lizardbits! =D

Angeal teaching Zack to talk normally after throwing Genesis out.

"That idiot!" Angeal fumed, after booting his friend out of his apartment.

His furious demeanor had Zack flattening his ears and looking as if he'd just been kicked; his puppy gave a low whine before lowering himself submissively in front of him. "Zack was bad?"

Feeling like the worst kind of heel, Angeal smoothed his scowl and tried his best to smile, which prompted a tentative round of tail thumping from his puppy.

"C'mere, pup," he sighed, grunting when his arms were immediately filled with squirming puppy.

"Master!" Zack said happily, apparently taking to his newfound trick of speaking. "Is Zack a good boy?"

"Zack is a good boy," Angeal confirmed, vigorously ruffling the spiky black hair of his pet.

Zack leaned back, blue eyes happy as he eagerly leaned forward and began pressing his lips against Angeal's, his hands pawing at the SOLDIER's uniform. "Are we going to fuck? Zack likes Master's big cock!"

Gaping, Angeal felt himself flush again at the words, mind growing hazy at the innocent expression of anticipation on Zack's face. Did he really understand what he was saying? He grasped Zack's face with his large hands, hoping to focus his attention. "Puppy, don't say that! And my name is Angeal!"

"Angel!" Zack parroted.

"No, AN-GEE-ALL," he stressed in exasperation, moving his hands down to still Zack's wriggling form. He had a restraint that was legendary to his men, but around his puppy, that restraint was constantly tested.

"Angel!" Zack crowed, throwing his arms around Angeal's neck and happily burying his face in the crook of his human's neck. Angeal grunted at the enthusiastic hug and ticklish licks and kisses before huffing and lightly running his hands up and down Zack's back. His hands brushed against one of Zack's spots and instead of the usual breathy whines, a loud obscene moan spilled from his puppy's lips.

"Ah, yes! There!" Zack cried, happily kicking his foot and wriggling his bum. "Ngh! Harder!"

Angeal hastily covered his mouth, feeling himself twitch in his pants. What the fuck had Genesis been exposing Zack to while he'd been gone? There was no way all of it had come from the television!

Banging started on his door, and Zack perked up; the SOLDIER caught his pet's before he could go sprinting for the door—he knew who was there, and there was no way he was coming back in to corrupt his puppy.

"Angeal! Angeal! That's not fair! Let me in you selfish oaf! First you two don't invite me to your orgy and now this?! You're not playing fair!" Genesis' banging on the door was ignored, and Zack merely looked questioningly up at Angeal before his master shook his head. After a moment, the angry yells disappeared and Angeal snorted at his friend's impulsive tendencies.

"Are you going to make Zack come?" his puppy asked, and Angeal twitched, even as he automatically shifted his arm to scratch at Zack's head to placate his insistent nudging. Oblivious to his various speech no-no's, Zack sighed in bliss under Angeal's affectionate scratching.

"Puppy," he said, trying for calm and nearly failing, "You can't just go around saying things like that. Those are bad words; didn't Genesis teach you any worthwhile words?" He sighed. "And say 'I' or 'me' when referring to yourself."

Zack paused as if thinking before perking up, his tail thwacking against Angeal's leg almost non-stop. "Genesis taught Zack how to beg! Can Zack pretty please have Angeal's cock in him? Promise not to tease!"

Angeal groaned, but before he could open his mouth to correct his exuberant puppy, his PHS rang. A quick glance revealed it to be Sephiroth. "Yes, Seph?"

"Did Genesis come by your place and try to—"

"Molest my dog? Yes. Did he try to 'train' your cat?"

An exasperated sigh from Sephiroth's end was as much confirmation as he needed. "Fuck, I knew Genesis was upset about what happened the other day, but I didn't know he was gonna bother them, Seph."

"Sephiroth!" his puppy suddenly exclaimed, startling the two on the phone, "Cloud's master! Does Zack get to see Cloud today? Angeeeellll, Zack wants to fuck Cloud, please!"

There was a heavy moment of silence as Angeal gaped at his dog and on the other end of the phone, Sephiroth furrowed his brows in bemusement.

"What in the—"

"I-I'll talk to you later, Seph!" Angeal said in rushed mortification. Zack, looking curious and slightly confused, nudged at Angeal as the man buried his face in his hands.

"Is Cloud coming?! Wanna plaaaaay!"

"Zack," Angeal said, stressed beyond belief at the damage Genesis had wrought in such a small amount of time, "No more speaking until you learn the right way to talk, puppy."

"And then Angel will fuck Zack?"

Angeal sighed, already feeling the beginnings of a headache. He was so going to kill Genesis.

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