Characters: Zack, Rude, Reno

Summary: Zack, meet Rude. :3


Rude ignored the call, his attention focused solely on the bright blue ball he was currently trying his best to chew to bits.

"Heeeeey," the voice whined again. "Didn't you hear me?"

The bald dog rolled one eye upward to look at the curious puppy practically wriggling in place. Hmph. Just another untrained pup. Rude grunted and turned his body so that the message was clear: not interested.

"Oh, you must be one of those Turk dogs," the puppy said, as if that were the reason for Rude's silence. "Y'know, you don't haveta be quiet when you're not on a mission!"

No response. Zack furrowed his brows, head tilting in confusion. What kinda dog was this anyway? He was just sitting there like a big lump and acting like he wasn't there. Maybe he was blind? He did have sunglasses on…

"Hey, are you blind? Is that why you have those silly looking things on?" The spiky-haired puppy edged closer and waved his hand in front of the bigger dog's face. The sudden snarl made him yelp and tumble backwards. He blinked in bemusement before warily eyeing the other dog.

Definitely not blind.

"Eheheh…soooo…nice ball you got there! Wanna play fetch?"

A low growl started from the suited dog, and Zack nearly gaped. Wow, this guy was really unfriendly! What kind of dog was this, a pit bull?

"Doberman," the other dog barked out, making Zack flatten his ears in embarrassment. He really had to learn how to keep his mouth shut. "Get lost, mutt."

"Heeey, that's not nice!" Zack pouted. Jeez, what a jerk! Angeal had told him to show some manners, but this guy was pushing it!

A red blur flashed by the corner of his eye and he watched in horror as Reno full-body pounced the Doberman. Much as he hated the cocky fox, he didn't deserve to die for being a little playful. Hell, at least he actually played with Zack every now and then.

"Found ya, Rude!" the kit cried, making playful bites at small ears and obnoxiously rubbing at a bald head.

Unfairly, the Doberman merely gave his attacker a gentle swat with his beefy hand. Quick as a shot, Reno danced away from the lazy brush-off to settle down a few feet away and grin. His eyes strayed to Zack, who was watching his antics with a disbelieving gape. He snickered.

"Oooh, I see you've met the SOLDIER pup, yo! Hope you weren't too hard on him," the redhead teased, tail waving happily as he draped himself over the silent dog's lap and swatted at the ball in his mouth.

Rude grunted and raised his head, easily avoiding the grabby movements. It looked so…normal, like a routine he'd done plenty of times.

Grumbling good-naturedly—a far cry from the borderline hostility he'd given Zack—the larger dog tumbled the kit from his lap and dodged a playful nose-nip before rising onto his feet and heading towards the Administration section of the ShinRa building.

"What a grouch," Zack whined, flopping down on his back once he was certain the other dog was out of earshot. A second later, a soft woof was forced out of him as he found himself with a lapful of mischievous fox.

"Don't be jealous," Reno teased; then a decisively sly look crossed his angular face. "Remember, there's always Cloud to go play with!"

Reno had a damn good point.