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Dionysus, drunk as usual, sauntered over to her, stumbling down right as he reached the chaise she was lounging on in her boredom.

"Beautiful Persephone," he bumbled, wiping wine from his chin.

Persephone raised a brow and sighed. "Dionysus," she greeted in return, not looking at him. Instead, her eyes trailed over to where her mother, Demeter, stood speaking fervently to Hestia. She still wasn't quite sure why her mother had insisted they attend this feast. Zeus didn't require any god's presence at his feasts on Olympus, unless it was simply to glorify him. As it was a celebration for Hera, Persephone found herself increasingly uneasy that she and Demeter had chosen to attend; Hera wasn't kind to Zeus' children by other women, or the mothers Zeus had dallied with, for that matter. But Persephone supposed now that Demeter had, indeed, had a reason; she and Hestia were so deep in conversation, Demeter didn't even notice the God of Wine and Excess leering at her precious Persephone.

"You appear lonely, dear child," Dionysus slurred, leaning toward her as he knelt at her feet. One hand still wrapped around his wine goblet, his other hand clamped around her ankle, his thumb brushing the delicate bone.

Persephone frowned down at him and tried jerking away, but he held fast, and bent his head to place kisses on the top of her foot.

"Dionysus, I'm warning you… my mother will geld you if she turns and sees you." She was still struggling for control of her ankle.

"Your mother is busy," Dionysus mumbled, his hand sliding up Persephone's leg.

"Her husband, however, is not," a dark voice spoke, laced with steel. Dionysus stumbled back onto his bum as Persephone's head snapped up. The God of the Underworld, in all his dark, sinister glory, stood next to the chaise with his arms folded tightly over his chest. His furious expression was centered solely on Dionysus. "Don't ever come near my wife again, Dionysus."

"Hades!" she gasped, and rose rapidly from the chaise to throw herself into his arms. His muscled arms slipped around her, holding her captive, as her fingers wound through his dark hair. She stood on tiptoes to press a kiss to his neck, right under his ear. Hades growled and entwined a hand in her long curls, fisting at her nape to tip her head back as he kissed her deeply. She gave a soft moan and leaned into him, but he pulled away abruptly, leaving her gasping.

Her husband's eyes darted around swiftly, first to Demeter's location across the room, then to Zeus, who was trying to charm Hera. Hades clasped Persephone's hand tightly before leading her off behind one of the many large pillars in the hall of the gods. There, he leaned back against it and pulled her up against him, his hands spanning her waist.

"I didn't expect to see you here," Persephone whispered, even though they were far from others' ears. Hades attended even less than she and Demeter did, and then only when he was practically dragged into it by Zeus. She smiled brilliantly up at him, her hands coming up to rest on his chest. "I'm pleasantly surprised."

"Autumn seems too long to wait," Hades murmured, his onyx eyes boring into her. His hands squeezed her hips, and then moved back to her waist, and he began a slow, sensual massage, moving her almost infinitesimally closer to his growing arousal.

Persephone's eyelids drooped as her dainty hands fluttered up to rest on his strong forearms. "It's only… mmm… A fortnight away." She closed her eyes briefly, enjoying his hands on her far too much to worry about anything else.

Hades growled low in his throat suddenly, sounding more animal than man, and hauled her around so that she was pressed against the pillar. Her large green eyes flew open, startled, but excited. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he bent his dark head and nibbled hungrily at her throat, biting her, then sucking the reddened skin, a pleased sound emitting from him as he savored her.

"Tell me you haven't missed this, Wife," he demanded against her collarbone, his fingers teasing her soft, silky flesh at the neckline of her lovely light green gown.

"Oh, Hades," she whimpered, her fingers caressing his face, his hair, his shoulders. "You know I have." Six months away from her beloved husband turned her into a rapid harpy, and even as she enjoyed being back in the sunlight and dancing among her flowers and nymph friends, smoothing the dirt with her mother, she missed him terribly. Her gorgeous, dark husband. It'd been years upon years since the arrangement between Hades and Demeter was struck, forcing Persephone to move back and forth between them every six months; and yet, she still lamented over the deal, wishing it were possible to just go back and forth as she pleased.

"It's unbearable without you," he confided in a whisper against the shell of her ear, after he caressed it with his tongue. It was rare that Hades admitted weaknesses; in fact, he only admitted them to her, and to that effect, all his feelings, all his fears, all his weaknesses tended to be solely concerned with her. Perhaps that was why he spoke them aloud to her, even if reluctantly.

Wanting to give him strength for the next two weeks they would be apart, Persephone slid her hands down his chest to the bulge covered by his black leather trousers, and gently cupped, then rubbed his erection. He groaned, his hands tightening on her hips. His head fell to her shoulder, and he pressed heated kisses to her creamy skin as she slipped a hand inside his pants.

"Persephone?" a voice called, and the goddess in question jerked her hands off her husband, stepping away from him quickly. No sooner had Persephone straightened her dress than Demeter came around the pillar, her eyes concerned even as she frowned. When Demeter spotted Hades, her expression turned stormy, her hands going to her hips. "You!" she screeched, voice shrill. Persephone winced and grabbed Hades' hand.

"Mother!" she exclaimed, in a chastising tone.

"Have you forgotten our agreement, Hades?" Demeter stepped forward and grabbed Persephone's free hand, tugging her forward. "She belongs to me at this time!"

Hades refused to let his wife go, a smug smirk on his face. "She came willingly with me," he countered, squeezing Persephone's hand tightly, tugging her back toward him, even as Demeter pulled harder.

Persephone rolled her eyes as she played the role of a rope in the tug of war. She firmly planted her feet and sent out a jolt of power through her palms, causing both her husband and her mother to release her in astonishment.

Hades grinned wolfishly at her. "Your powers are growing," he said in praise, moving toward her as a predator would its prey.

Persephone turned fully to him, and met him halfway. She looped one arm around his neck, and the other slid up his chest to his cheek, where she caressed lovingly. "A fortnight, my love," she murmured the reminder, and rose on tiptoe to press a kiss to his lips. He didn't release her easily, but she finally stepped away from him, and allowed Demeter to lead her toward the oversized, golden doors to the Olympian Hall.

"Did you think I wouldn't find you?" Demeter reprimanded, her tone clipped. "That drunkard Dionysus told me Hades came to steal you away."

Persephone didn't reply, as she wasn't really paying attention. A small smile curved her lips as she returned to the fields with her mother. She had a mind to petition Zeus to have more feasts in the spring and summer months – because really, six months was much too long to be away from such a sexy husband.