Nights: Powers of the Persona

Chapter One

The Prologue

This story revolves around our two heroines, Crystal and Jessica, a pair of sisters, one older, and one younger, who are well known for their natural abilities. Crystal, the eldest, who has retained her blonde streaks in her brown hair, has the ability to manipulate any known element of the magical world. She also specializes in weaponry, such as her rapier, called the Ray of Light, given to her from France as a thank you present for saving their country. Jessica, the youngest, has the ability to manipulate two elements, earth and nature. She also has a natural ability that allows her to communicate with animals of all shapes and sizes. The two have faced many dangers together as one, against fierce demons, countless foes, and powerful sorcerers. As long as the two remain in battle, they will succeed in their quest for world peace.

Crystal was practicing her next fencing lesson with her teacher, Aunt Pyra, as well as some of her other students. Out of every one of them, she was the strongest of them all in dexterity, strength, and courage. As she duels another student, who was wearing what appears to be a white suit with a mask over his face, Jessica watched in amazement in the sidelines, her eyes twinkling with excitement. Crystal dodges the blow, kicks the student in the stomach, kicks his weapon from his hand, takes it, and points her own at her opponent. Everyone clapped, including her instructor, who was very pleased with Crystal's display of courage.

"That's all for today, everyone," she instructed. "Class dismissed." At that moment, Crystal's cell phone rang at the same time.

"Oo! Perfect timin'," said Crystal, as she put her rapier away and took her cell phone out. She read the time, turned her head towards her sister, and said, "Time to go, sis!"

"Coming!" said Jessica, excitedly. She immediately got up, and went for the door in glee, hoping to see her sister smiling at her once more.

"Same time tomorrow, honey," said Aunt Pyra.

"Roger, Auntie! Bye!" called Crystal, as she went with her sister.

"Buh-bye!" said Pyra, waving at her. As the sisters go out the door, she looked at the calendar with a proud look on her face. There was only twelve days left until the Fencing Tournament.

Meanwhile, in a bright and sunny afternoon, Jessica and Crystal were walking together on the sidewalk, looking for a place to go to for shopping. Jessica looked around in glee, and imagined how her sister would feel if she were by her side with her. She then looked forward, only to see her sister farther away from her than usual. She tried to keep up with her, but when she did so, the entire scenery turned into nothing but darkness, and Crystal was no longer in sight. Her eyes began to twinkle in fear, and feint laughter was heard all around her. Suddenly, many older teenagers, who looked at her menacingly, with burning red eyes, surrounded her. A female said, "Oh, look. It's Crystal's little assistant!" A male said, "Hey! How's life as someone's sidekick, eh?" Another female said, "You'll never be like your older sister!" Another male said, "Bet you can't be as brave as your sister, now can you?" They jeered at her from every corner, and Jessica felt helpless and frightened, as her blonde hair began to droop with sadness. She went to the floor in fear and humiliation, hoping that her sister would come and save her from her worst nightmare.

Meanwhile, Crystal was walking on the sidewalk, and noticed that her younger sister was no longer behind her. That's strange, she thought to herself. Where did Jessa run off to this time? She then paced forward, hoping that her sister would keep up with her. She even listened intently for her sister's footsteps. She heard nothing, however, but the roar of cars rolling by on the street. As she continued to walk forward, she noticed something in the window of a plush shop. It was an angel plush together with a devil plush, both leaning against each other. This made her remember all the injured people, and how she was saving lives for many years. She looked away from the window, and put her hand on her face. What am I? All of a sudden, both plushes grew to human size, glared, and grinned menacingly at her, causing the glass to crack. Crystal's head snapped into the direction of the two, and was knocked back by shadows after the glass shatters. She looked up in horror, and looked in horror as the scenery turned to blackness instantly, and a nearby couple turned into shadow-like beings. She promptly got up, and began to run as fast as she could through the darkness, with the shadow creatures flying behind her, their eyes glaring at her menacingly in the darkness. Suddenly, she heard her sister screaming in fright. She turned around, only to see her sister running from the same type of monsters, screaming in panic and confusion. She then tripped over her own foot, and fell onto the ground, where she crawled in fear to get away. Crystal, who loved her sister very much, promptly ran up to her, yelling, "Jessie!" She grabbed her hand, pulled her up from the ground, and held onto her frightened sister. They were surrounded by vicious shadow creatures from another, with eyes that glared ferociously at them. Crystal shot three white, crescent discs at the monstrous creatures, but to no avail, for they easily evaded them. She then realized that she needed to retreat. She grabbed her sister's wrist, yelling, "Come on!" The two ran away from the monstrous shadows, but they were right behind them. The chase went on, until a bright light had shown through, causing the blackness to recoil. Crystal and Jessica stared in wonder and curiosity. As the two reached for the light, the shadow creatures did not continue any further, and recoiled from the light in fright. As the sisters went through it, the light surrounds them and they are transported to another world.

To be continued…