[[It's one of those word-drabble-prompt-things. I was surprisingly exited to start something like this. I went on lunaescence and found tons of cool one word challenges. So, this whole story will be short drabbles prompted from a single word.

I'll be doing mostly third person point of view, because I don't think I'm that good at it yet and am striving to practice to get better. Don't blame me for my babbles; it's almost midnight and I have to wake up at five. I just couldn't sleep without posting something. So, here it is. Enjoy!

Don't-own-eet! If I did, these drabbles would be made into mini Death Note episodes. That would be sweet. K thx, bai!]]

Prompt- Break

The scent of rain on pavement. Wisps of cloudy breathe puffing in front of goggled eyes. He was upset. He was confused and he was upset. Nothing was right; all of this was wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. His mind buzzed; heart raced, he put his head in his hands, hiccupped a dry sob. This was it. What sick, sadistic words to be thinking about your own life. Matt finally understood what was going to happen. Oh, Mello had been snaking his way out of the continuing questions Matt had been throwing around. "So what's the plan now?" Matt whispered into his gloved hands, "The plan." he whispered harshly. It already deemed destruction.

Only moments before had the blonde 'fessed up. This was what was going to happen. Death. The word, Matt thought, was much to average compared to the extent of pain it wrought. He would be there soon. Matt shivered at the chill nipping at all sides. He hadn't thought rationally. Realizing what Mello was saying to him-- "Matt, you said you would stay with me to the end."-- the blonde spoke with such dull eyes. Realization had struck. Until the end. The end, the end, the end. Matt had screamed at his love for being such an obsessed fool and stormed out of the less than cozy apartment, mind in a haze. Matt felt as if he would shatter. His insides felt as if there was a hurricane raging about. His whole frame was shaking, he was sure he was going to fall to pieces bit by bit. Images of his body parts falling off and crashing to the floor in fractured pieces like that of a porcelain doll swarmed into is head and the gamer squeezed his eyes shut even tighter.