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Summery: Ryoma and Ryuuka Echizen are born to be tennis players. Devastatingly, Ryuuka is diagnosed with a blood disorder. Playing in Japan, Ryoma worries over his dying sister in USA. Or will she live to join him at Seigaku?

Pairings: Golden Pair, Inui-Kaidoh, Momo-Ann. (for now)

Note: Ryoga does not exist!
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Chapter 1 Get your ass on that plane!

Ryoma walked slowly across the hallway, trying not to make a sound. Green-black hair swung gently as he moved and he made a mental note to get his hair trimmed. Though, he preferred it long, it was now reaching just below his shoulders. Golden eyes peered into the open room and watched with sadness at the scene. His twin sat in her bed, thinner and paler than she should be. In her right hand she held her racket, a racket she hadn't used on the court in over a month. It was a month since she was restricted to her bed.

"Don't stand by the door like an idiot," came the response from inside, deceptively strong.

Ryoma smirked and entered without a word. He merely raised an eyebrow as Ryuuka patted the spot next to her. The silence hung in the air, both opening and closing an opportunity to say something. But the two were used to it. Their parents often joked that they were telepathic, and when they played doubles, their opponents swore they were.

"You should go," Ryuuka finally said, tilting her head at her twin as she handed the blue racket to Ryoma. He accepted it and stared.

"Why?" Ryoma asked quietly. "You know I can't go; not without you."

Her hand covered his hand that was holding the racket. Their dominant hands intertwined. Ryuuka stared at twin golden eyes for a moment before answering, "You need to. You haven't played seriously since I wasn't allowed to play and you haven't even improved in over six months. Your tennis is stagnating and you know it. Going to Japan may be the best thing right now, Ryo."

Ryoma snorted, "And what? Leave you here all alone? No way in Hell, Ryuu."

Ryuuka shook her head, smiling softly. "You would have jumped at the chance to play against new people once. I'll join you as soon as my operation and recovery finishes."

Ryoma snorted, "Yeah, that will be halfway through the year. Why are you trying to get rid of me?"

Ryuuka smirked, " I'm not. I'm trying to get you to improve your tennis because you're getting boring to play against."

Ryoma rolled his eyes and whacked the back of his twins head. He paused a moment before smiling softly. Last time he checked their scored stood at 122-114 matches to him. She was just doing that to cheer him up.

The silence hung once again in the room as they stared at the other.

You better get better.

You better kick ass over there.

Don't you dare die.

I will see you on the court.

You're still hiding something from me...

Rinko hovered quietly in the doorway as she suppressed a small smile. She couldn't help but think to herself, 'Some things never change.' as she observed her children. And from the bottom of her heart, she hoped that nothing would change.

Ryoma sipped his grape flavoured Fanta as he sat waiting for his flight. His eyebrow twitched as his father giggled at his perverted magazine hidden behind his paper. On top of that, the idiot was dressed as a monk, claiming he would take over the temple duties of a friend when they get to Japan. There was something so wrong with that image.

"Kaa-san, oyaji is reading his perverted magazines again," came a voice, with a smirk from behind them. Ryoma tilted his head back, green-black hair fell back as he was met with the sight of his twin, albeit upside down. Looking sideways, he was met with the sight of his furious mother that was closing in on his father.

Pulling his father away by his ear, his mother waved to them, yelling to behave whilst she sorted the old man out. Ryoma snorted as the scene they were causing and merely pulled down his cap. Though, his eyebrow rose when Ryuuka appeared just outside his vision, sipping her cherry flavoured Fanta.

"I thought you couldn't leave the hospital," Ryoma said quietly, "they haven't controlled it yet; not at managable level."

"As long as I'm not straining myself it will be fine. The new treatment is working better they say, " Ryuuka's reply came softly. "I can go for the operation in a few months."

Ryoma looked up sharply and truly saw his sister for the first time that day. His heart broke as he saw her. Her proud head lowered as she ignored the muttered words and stares around her as she sat in a wheelchair. She met his gaze for a moment and smiled sadly.

I promised I would came.

You came in a wheelchair, for me?

Of course, silly. It was the only way and I did promise.

...Thank you.

"I forgot to give you this," Ryuuka suddenly said, reaching for a bag strung onto the wheelchair. It was her tennis bag. She opened it and pulled out her favourite blue racket. That was always a custom between the two. Ryoma used red while Ryuuka used blue. Ryoma took it and looked at her.

"So you remember me and our promise," Ryuuka merely replied. Ryoma looked shocked before smiling slightly. It was something he would do if their roles were reversed.

"All passengers for flight 214 Air Atlantic for Tokyo Japan are to report to gate 7. I repeat, all passengers for flight 214 Air Atlantic for Tokyo Japan are to report to gate 7."

The twins looked up at the sound of the intercom and Ryuuka silently asked the question and Ryoma nodded. it was his flight. He slipped the racket into his own tennis bag with his three red rackets. He paused before taking out his spared red one and handed it to Ryuuka. Not say a word, she accepted it.

Their parents popped out of nowhere, ready to g. Rinko and Ryuuka would be staying in America. Nanjiroh would be leaving for Japan with Ryoma. They will stay at one of their houses, the closest to the temple and Seigaku. Nanako, who takes care of the house, will stay with them while they stay in Japan. She was Nanjiroh's niece.

The two faced each other at the security gates. Ryuuka had to look to her twin, but that was nothing new. They stared at each other while their parents said their farewells and threats of burning porn magazine if someone did not behave themselves. Ryomalowered his cap, and action that ryuula mirrored. Neither were comfortable showing their emotions in public.

"I'll see you in Japan, Ryuu" was all Ryoma said. Their parents looked at them and sweatdropped. Ryuuka stayed silent, staring at the floor. A smirk played on her lips and she raised her head to meet her twin's gaze full on, only to say.

"Ryo, get your ass on that plane."

Ryoma sighed and pulled out his iPod. The people on the train were so noisy. It was rather annoying. If they couldn't play tennis properly then they should get a teacher. Ryoma pulled down his cap and laughed inwardly as he thought, 'only idiots confuse the two grips.'

Getting off the train, Ryoma paid no notice to the others that also got off until he paused to survey his surroundings. He had no idea how to get to the tennis tournament and had to ask a girl. Walking off to the gate she said, Ryoma wondered what Ryuuka was doing.

'Probably sleeping, considering the time difference,' Ryoma thought, 'and she better be right about there being good players here in Japan.'

Finally, Ryoma made it to the match, after finding out that he had been sent in the wrong direction, and discovered he was disqualified for being late. Ryoma merely sighed, shrugged and walked off. It was no skin off his back, though he was peeved that the day was wasted and he didn't get to play anyone decent in tennis.

At the end of the day, Ryoma was more than slightly irritated. The guy whom he crushed was supposedly a finalist of the senior division. The idiot was so weak that Ryoma didn't even play with his left hand. Though, he did meet the girl that gave him the wrong directions. She turned out be related to oyaji's old coach.

Sighing, Ryoma called out "Taimeda!" as he slipped off his shoes and entered the house. He ignored his dad and said hello to Nanako. Ryoma bypassed the living area and walked up the stairs to his room. dropping his tennis bag on the floor, Ryoma booted up his laptop. Before heading to the bathroom for a long bath, Ryoma sent an e-mail to his about his first tournament and a rant about the lack of opponents. In the tub filed with hot water and lavender bath salts, Ryoma relaxed. He could feel the tension slip away as he sighed. He refused to think about the next day. he refused to think about what his first day at school in Japan without his twin would be like.

Ryoma walked to Seishun Gakuen with a frown firmly placed on his face. Everything just seemed wrong as he made his way to school. There was an English breakfast, the weather was perky and despite the walk being short, it was boring walking alone. He finally reached the school and reported to the office. The lady that sat behind the desk was old but refined inn the old Japanese sense. Looking up, her blue gaze locked on golden orbs and she gave a warm smile.

"You must be Echizen Ryoma?" she asked cheerily and Ryoma winced slightly. Oh yes, another reason this morning was bad because it was morning. And he hated morning people. He merely nodded in response as she handed him some papers.

"Everything is already arranged, Echizen-kun, including your application for the tennis club. Your father was quite insistent about that and Ryuzaki-sensei fetched it personally. Are you a good player?"

"Ah," Ryoma replied, his eyes blinking in shock at her question and statements. She gave another smile and chuckle as she waved him off, "Don't forget to get every teacher to sign the form and return it at the end of the day."

Ryoma left the office with his head slightly spinning. Shaking his head slightly, Ryoma found a map of the school form the papers and proceeded to find his class.

Inside the office, Morita Miko chuckled at her thoughts. Like father like son. Ryoma-kun reminded her so much of his father, Nanjiroh. After all, she did work at this school for a very long time.

"Something funny, Morita-san?" the principle asked as he stepped into the office. Morita shook her head and smiled at the younger man. "Just wondering how history repeats itself. I dare say that the tennis club will do better than expected."

"Oh," Ishikawa Shika asked in surprise, "Why is that?"

"It's not everyday we get a student who has won four consecutive Junior American Tournaments and reigning champions in various mix doubles tournaments. Son of the professional player, The Samurai Nanjiroh. Though, I do wonder when his sister will be joining us. They are quite the doubles team, if his file is anything to go by."

Ishikawa hummed in interest as he picked up Echizen Ryoma's file from the desk. He quietly wondered what Ryuzaki was planning for the tennis club and a part of him couldn't wait to see what the boys would do this year.

Ryoma sat by the window in class and stared out the said window. He was bored. The things being done weren't even remotely interesting and most of it he knew already. Then there was English. He couldn't remember much of that lesson because he opted to sleep through it. He was fluent in it anyway.

The bell rang for the end of class eventually and Ryoma gave a sigh of relief. It had been boring and there was this loudmouth that talked all the time, Everyone else stared and talked in loud whispers about him. Ryoma rolled his eyes. They were idiots if they thought he couldn't hear them.

Ignoring everyone else, Ryoma packed up his things and made a beeline for Office. after handing in the forms, Ryoma made his was to the tennis courts. He came to Japan to play tennis and for that reason alone. The loudmouth followed him and they bumped into a senior. Apart from that nothing happened as they reached the tennis courts. There wasn't anyone there because the regulars were at a practice match, or at least that is what Katsuo and Kachiro said. At least they were quiet.

Ryoma lent against the fencing around the tennis court as he watched the other three freshmen play a 'game'. Ryoma snorted. That was not a good idea because it had to a be some trick to it. It was likely to con money out of freshmen. japan had this thing about respect and seniority. It was very different from America were, at least in his old school, seniority was based of skill while on the court. Ryoma just wondered as he watched the serves with sharp eyes about how weird Japan was.

Ryoma sighed as he shit the can with his serve, knocking it down to reveal the rocks. He then proceeded to do target practice with the can. It was fun tormenting his 'sempais'. Ryoma's eyes narrowed as a ball came hard and fast to hit the can. It left a dent. Turning around, Ryoma noted it was the senior from earlier and his right ankle was hurt. He seemed to hold authority both on and off the court. He was a senior and maybe a regular.

The fun was over, so Ryoma merely turned away. He was done here and if there was no tennis there was no point in sticking around. Two girls stopped him, one looking vaguely familiar but he brushed it aside. It was Momoshiro that demanded his attention.

"I heard from Ryuzaki sensei that you can use the Twist Serve," he said, making Ryoma look at the guy.

"So?" Ryoma replied. It was no big deal, both him and Ryuu had been able to do it for years.

"I'm going to crush you before you bud," Momoshiro said, making Ryoma glare at him. Lots of people have said that to him but none have suceeded. Perhaps the closest person was his father. Then again the old man was a pro who quit just before he won a Grand Slam. Ryoma sighed. He would never understand his after, neither will Ryuu. They never knew what made him quit.

The match began and Ryoma glared at his opponent. no one told him when to use what move. They had to earn it, though his eyes drifted to the guy's right ankle for just a moment. Ryoma sighed and merely did what the guy wanted. He did his Twist Serve twice before his opponent could return it. Then he won the rally with a drop volley.

"Mada Mada Dane," Ryoma said, switching hands. He hoped the guy took the hint and called off the match before he further injured himself. Thankfully he did.

Ryoma sat at his desk after a long bath and completed homework. He logged onto Skype and the time drew closer. His computer beeped to show that someone wanted to have a conversation with him. Ryoma clicked it and glared at the image on the screen.

"Ryuu, where the Hell have you sent me? They are all mad and I have yet to see someone worth playing tennis with! The only guy I played was injured! And, baka oyaji is being a baka all the time!" Ryoma complained to the screen.

Ryuuka watched her brother and chuckled. She grinned and shook her head. "It's only your first day and oyaji is always a baka. I've done some research and I think you will enjoy playing for the team. There are some strong opponents. Watch out for these players.."

Ryoma watched his sister as she trailed off, searching for something. He frowned but stayed quiet. "Ah! Here it is. There's this guy that the pros have their eyes on, Tezuka. And Sanada, Atoba and this other guy. He's known as the 'Child of God'. Name's Yukimura. There are some scary players with different techniques scattered throughout the tournaments."

Here Ryuuka smirked and glared at her twin, "That's if you make the team. You will be the first since oyaji if you do." Ryoma rolled his eyes and nodded. He sent her a smirk if his own.

"I'll make it. E-mail the list," Ryoma said, before he dropped his smirk and eyes became serious, "Now, how are you?"

And with that they chatted long into the night. Some things serious and some things not. Mostly about tennis and techniques. They were Echizens, tennis was a way of life for them.

For the first time since he got to Japan, Ryoma fell asleep with a smile on his face. Karupin meowed as she made herself comfortable. Ryoma may be her master but she loved his twin just as much. After all, Ryuuka had given Ryoma Karupin for his birthday last year. And he had given her Chewy...

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