Note: I also have an RPG game for this, but do to my inability to write my real book, I have taken up writing for this so my skills don't rust, but I admit it has been a while so let's see how well I can do this. Also note that the game is called "Journey to the Avatar's Altar".

My apologies if this isn't well put together, but I can't understand one damn thing about this version of Word! Why did everything have to become so complicated?

Also, since the RPG Game appeared first, I'm gonna have to use "Sub-Chapters" since the game is already separated into "Chapters".

Don't worry, it gets better. This kind of historical writing which is in this part I am not too good at, as well as my skills being quite dry…


There stood six worlds across the oceans upon the Earth. Focusing upon one "central landmass" we see demons roaming wherever they please. They cause great destruction amongst the overworld and underworld. The humans are helpless puppets to them. They are beaten, killed, raped, and cast aside for the amusement of such evil and cruel beings.

Some decided to fight, and were called "Heroes" for saving the other humans form such evil creatures. It was unfortunate that these Heroes were victorious for short moments where the quantity of demons overwhelmed and destroyed such heroic humans.

But there was one man, godly and brave, who decided to fight these odds. He was called "The Avatar". He led a small band of Heroes and slowly worked his way from the corner of the land, banishing the demons from the overworld down below in the underground.

Once he obtained this goal, he sat upon his throne in the realm he called Skybird Trill, and smiled over the peace that he had brought. He called this entire land, Sanctus Regnum. But it was not enough; the demons were still rising into the overworld and escaping.

The Avatar pushed the creatures down below and thought quickly. He then searched the underground and discovered ancient structures called "Portals". Using said Portals, the Avatar and his loyal followers pushed the creatures down these Portals, and the Avatar himself locked it with a special seal of godly magic, and didn't allow the creatures to rise again from these Portals.

The Avatar was looked to be a God in a physical form, the greatest being to ever live. He was the savior for the humans, and remained to lead his community with a peaceful life. He was immortal to aging, and without evil to destroy him, things looked great for the humans of Sanctus Regnum. Everyone was so joyous and happy. Unfortunately, it did not last…

It was very soon that the demon spirits began to find their way to the physical world, and took form in the underground, calling themselves "Dungeon Keepers". It was they who surpassed the Avatar's magic, and allowed creatures to come up from the Entrance Portal once they "claimed it" in order to access their evil power over it. The amount of creatures which could come from the Entrance Portal was equal to the amount of power the Dungeon Keeper had in that realm to allow it.

The Avatar responded to the Dungeon Keeper threat and began to destroy the physical form the Dungeon Keepers had, their "Dungeon Hearts". Many Dungeon Keepers were mere commoners, and the Avatar defeated them easily. But the main problem was the massive quantity they arrived in. The Avatar was angered by the constant disturbance of peace, and assigned Lords and Ladies of a Land, to guard them from the evil that entered.

But the Avatar had to visit the other worlds and aid them in the battle against evil. And little did he know the terrible events that would follow…

One truly dark day was the arrival of a very strange Dungeon Keeper in the land of Eversmile. His name was Keeper Deniquexitus. Little words he spoke, many actions he did, and he took over realms in mere months, sometimes weeks; a task which had yet to even be accomplished in the many years before Keeper Deniquexitus. He definitely appeared to be a threat, as he wasn't a normal demon spirit but a Deity Dark God.

By the time the Avatar returned to hear the news, Deniquexitus had already taken over half of Sanctus Regnum. The Avatar had many attempts, but failed in defeating Deniquexitus. There were other tasks besides the Heroes for Deniquexitus to face. Even in the name of Evil, it was the greed and selfishness to rule which forced Deniqeuxitus to fight other Dungeon Keepers as well.

Most enemies were common, but some were extremely tough and others united to become a strong pair. An example of the latter is the brother and sisterly Keeper Frater and Sanctimonialis of Elf's Dance, or the husband and wife Keeper Diei and Noctis of Sleepiburgh, all respectively. Though the stronger and solo Dungeon Keepers that Deniqeuxitus faced provided more of a challenge, from Keeper Fidelis of Tulpiscent, to Keeper Wisel of Mistle.

Deniquexitus was clearly amused by the young Frater and Sanctimonialis who struggled greatly to fight the Heroes Deniquexitus let out in the south, from then he battered their Dungeon Hearts as well as any surviving Heroes until they both lay dead before him. He let no one escape, and tortured his enemies' creatures for mere fun.

But more serious battles remained with Keepers like Wisel, who used a massive army of Skeletons and actually posed a threat to Deniquexitus. But like anything else in his path, Wisel was demolished by Deniqeuxitus' almighty and devastating power.

The Avatar actually found Deniquexitus to be useful in defeating the other more powerful Dungeon Keepers while the Avatar's knights were pulled away and watched as Deniqeuxitus rid the Heroes of their other enemies. Then Deniquexitus arrived in Skybird Trill, and the Avatar unleashed total war against him. The Avatar himself battled the other Dungeon Keeper in that realm, the powerful Keeper Mortuus.

The Avatar was injured and captured by Mortuus, and managed to escape after Deniquexitus took over the Avatar's castle. He then laid a siege on Mortuus, eventually killing him. The Avatar reached his castle, and battled Deniquexitus' forces, yet was defeated in his weakened state. He was resurrected by his remaining followers, and sent a total invasion force against Deniquexitus. After a massive massacre, only the Avatar and Deniquexitus remained. Deniquexitus took form of a Horned Reaper, and battled the Avatar to the death. Deniquexitus walked out, barely alive, and declared victory over all of Sanctus Regnum.

But then one day, word reached his ears about enemies plotting against Deniquexitus, all which remained deep underground in these "Deeper Dungeons". Deniquexitus traveled there, and slay all in his path. The Avatar had been resurrected there, and managed to regain in health. The final events of Skybird Trill repeated in Belial, but this time it was a draw. Both the Avatar and Deniquexitus ended up unconscious and bloody from the battle that took place. Luckily for Deniqeuxitus, some of his creatures entered the scene and captured the Avatar. It was then that Deniquexitus attempted to turn him into a Troll, female showing a dark sense of humor.

But when Deniquexitus linked his mind to the Avatars upon casting the spell, something went wrong. Deniquexitus lost sight in everything as did the Avatar, and the two disappeared into the shadows where not even their bodies were recovered. They were prized for the great power they held, and so every Hero, every Creature, and every Dungeon Keeper began to search for this secret power. It began a war for those who are presumed dead…

The War of the Dead!