Chapter One

Sub-Chapter One

In an Entrance Portal in the North-West corner of the icy realm known as Frostcove, fire began to gather up and unleashed a furious explosion. Fire rose from the bottom of this pit, and peered over into and onto the land of green, and a female Warlock riding the fire appeared. She magically floated from the fire and onto the land, and without her nearing the fire collapsed and fell back down the Portal.

The Warlock was of average height and wore green robes, had long brown hair that fell half-way down her back, and showed a clear, calm, yet beautiful face. Her Warlock staff looked more like a long wood stick with a symbol drawn on it than a poorly designed staff. Her robes had an interesting red and blue fireball that was presented over her breasts, something that cost the perverted designer his hair. But other than that, they were rather plain with a few blue stripes and flares here and there. The robes also showed a bit of her breasts around the neck opening area which had also cost the same designer any chance of children.

Several Imps gathered around the Entrance Portal and its large empty room which it had to itself. A single square of land was between the Entrance Portal's room and a large room which contained a beating Dungeon Heart sitting upon its raised platform. One of the Imps looked up at the Warlock and jumped excitedly.

"Visitor visitor!" he shouted excitedly towards the Warlock, "Imp say hi!" The female Warlock rolled her eyes and watched two other Imps talking. "Imp work work work!" one Imp said to the other, receiving the reply, "Imp work hard! Heroes come! Imp no work!" This got the Warlock's attention; she raised an eye of interest and smiled darkly at the thought of entering battle with enemies. Such usual long waits had always bored her, ironically to the point of death.

"Keeper next room!" one Imp, who had remained unspoken until now, explained to the Warlock. She glared at the Imp, looked back at the obvious beating Dungeon Heart, and turned her head back to the Imp so quickly that her hair flew over her shoulder, "Thank you oh genius Imp." Her voice, even in such sarcasm, made the chickens rise in the morning. The Warlock pulled her hair back behind her, and left the four Imps standing beside each other as they watched her walk off.

The Warlock stood at the entrance of the Dungeon Heart's large room, or Heart Chamber, and stared almost emptily at the Dungeon Heart. "I hope this one isn't as weak as some of the other Dungeon Keeper's I met…" The Warlock thought calmly before stepping forward towards the Dungeon Heart. She stopped right in front of its stairs, hesitating for the slightest moment before stepping up the Stairs in front of the Dungeon Heart.

"Hmm, and who might you be?" echoed a casually toned female voice from the Dungeon Heart. Even through the casual and gentle tone, one could sense the cold-bloodedness behind it, and it was such a death-spoken voice that made the Warlock hesitate to speak, "I-I am Exussum." Exussum tried to hide any sense in fear, even though she was unaware of it. Yet her voice, set at natural, was almost one of one evil and hatred carefully hidden behind the cloak of her beautiful "hero" appearance.

"Excellent, just want I need is more support…" the Dungeon Heart replied back, "I am Keeper Dementis, you may create your Lair and rest at the moment. But as we speak there are Heroes about. You see that Orc over there?" Exussum quickly scanned the room and found an Orc from her right guarding a single passage. Exussum looked back to the Dungeon Heart and whispered softly, "Yes…" "Beyond him is the Barracks, were my creatures currently are holding off some troublesome Heroes…" Dementis explained, her voice getting more agitated as it continued through her statement, "So I need you to hurry and train, find someone else to aid you if possible, and help with the fight against those annoying Heroes!"

"Y-Yes!" Exussum replied, hesitating to step down. She turned and began to step down the stairs of the higher platform, and on the last step she nearly tripped on her robes yet caught herself. One nearby Imps laughed at her, and Exussum glared back. She was about to hit him when the Imp felt a slap from Keeper Dementis and was knocked to a wall. "Insolent little being!" Dementis shouted at the Imp.

Exussum quickly slipped away, and looked around. There were two other passages in the Heart Chamber. One room, opposite of the Barracks, in which she heard rude shouting, spiraling chains and maces, even a bit of battle going on. It was familiar enough to her, this was the Training Room. The last passage was in Exussum's view, and it sparked with gold. There were a few greedy Demon Spawns nesting in the gold of the room which Exussum recalled was the Treasure Room.

Exussum stepped into the Treasure Room and saw a passage to her right, and another one before her. The Treasure Room was a large rectangular shaped, and the room before Exussum was obviously the Hatchery, defined by the constant clucking as well as the chickens she saw in plain sight. But to her right she heard screams of pain, mostly of women. This was no surprise to Exussum, and she figured the women as Dark Mistresses and the room was the Torture Chamber. But she also heard a deeper and squeakier voice screaming coming from the room as well.

Curious, Exussum began to investigate the other two voices. She stepped into the Torture Chamber and saw a Troll and Imp being tortured nearby. The Troll was being stabbed in the nose and Imp being attacked by his own pickaxe poking his stomach by the Torturer. Exussum leaned against the wall and laughed quietly at the pathetic duo, and then she saw a few other Dark Mistresses receiving a whip from behind. She threw their heads back and laughed with such pleasure, but one seemed troubled.

Clearly this troubled Dark Mistress was actually in pain, she was being whipped faster, and leaning on the edge of the Torture Table, grasping it with her hands as her behind lifted in the air red. Her eyes shut in pain, whispering the word "ow" through every whip throwing herself forward a bit after each touch of the whip. Exussum stepped forward and the Dark Mistress opened her eyes, barely looking up. She knew what Exussum was going to ask, and answered the question before it could be asked, "May-ow-be a-ow-sking th-ow-e Tor-ow-ture-ow-r to g-ow-o a b-ow-it fa-ow-ste-ow-r w-ow-as a BAD i-ow-dea-ow-!"

Exussum sneered, "Oh how fitting for a Dark Mistress!" Exussum jumped when she felt a tap on her butt and quickly turned, slapping the hand away. She saw a blue tinted Dark Mistress receiving a very hard beating of the whip, and she was smiling rather happily. "Do you want play with me, hmm?" she asked Exussum, smiling rather lovingly. "I regret ever coming to this place…" Exussum thought and then replied to the Dark Mistress, "Not unless I'm drunk." The Dark Mistress laughed and spanked herself, taunting the Torturer, "Oh ho, I'll buy you a drink." Exussum stepped back, "Ugh… not ever…"

Exussum began to leave, and upon her turning she hit another occupied Torture Chamber and fell on top of the Dark Mistress occupying it. Exussum was a bit surprised at first, but then proceeded to get off the Dark Mistress, who was rather disappointed, "Oh… I thought you wanted to have some fun…" Exussum glared with total disgust before receiving a whip that was due for the Dark Mistress, then she fell off the Torture Table and landed beside it. "Oww…" Exussum whispered, rubbing her butt. The Dark Mistress tried to look down but began obtaining a few whips and seemed to already forget Exussum.

Exussum got up and quickly ran out of the Torture Chamber, a bit frightened but mostly disgusted. "Oh god that was HORRIBLE!" Exussum thought as she rubbed her butt again. One Demon Spawn took his attention off the gold to stare love struck at Exussum, who glared back. She stomped over into the Hatchery, and saw a few other creatures around her. There were mostly Bile Demons which was no surprise. She heard a Workshop to the right, and saw a Lair to the left.

Tired, Exussum headed into the Lair, and saw a huge field of Lairs from a very large variety. She found a nice spot near the entrance, next to a purple Demon Spawn Lair, and created a standard green mushroom Warlock Lair. She looked at it with satisfaction, and sat on one of the many mushrooms it offered, and closed her eyes as she lay on another mushroom. Then she began thinking of what excited her the most. It was mainly the to-be fight against the Heroes, as she had a natural desire for power and pure lust for battle. She would kill all in her path if she had to. Little did she know of the long quest the Dark Gods had in store for her…