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Chapter 1 – Thanks for the memories

"Rose...What are you doing?" Jake mumbled still half asleep. Rosalie continued to get dressed and didn't answer him, so he continued, "Babe it is 5.30 in the morning, come back to bed." He finished as he got out of bed and made to grab her hand.

"Jacob. Let's not make this any harder than it has to be. I'm leaving tomorrow to go back to College and you will be starting your new job..." Rosalie shrugged her shoulders and started to button up her shirt.

"So what are you saying?" he said sitting on the edge of the bed watching her dress.

"I'm saying.... God Jake we had fun, but summers over. You don't have to act like you care about me. I'm not an idiot. I know you only pretended to be interested in me to make Bella jealous. And to some degree you know I think you did, but she will never leave Edward. My brother and her..." she shrugged her shoulders not wanting to have to spell it out for him. He had been hurt by the Swan GIRL enough. But he wouldn't stop, now he was standing next to her towering over her, undoing the buttons she was doing up.

"I don't want to talk about Bella, I don't want to talk about you leaving I want..." he began kissing her neck and moved up to her ear and continued "You, one last time" He took her hand and moved it down between his legs, knowing she could not resist him. She had taught him well this summer and he now knew every single one of her weaknesses, every single one of her likes, dislikes, and deepest fantasies. Rosalie had opened his eyes to the world of sex and just how bad it had been with girls his own age. With Rose it was hot, passionate, intense, angry, and sometimes with dirty talk if that was what they were both in the mood for. He wanted or was it he needed to feel her one last time?

"Jake... I really..." He cut her off as his mouth came down to meet hers slowly, Rose hated sloppy kisses at the beginning. Fuck Jake why do you do everything right. As soon as he could feel her resistance slipping he deepened the kiss, sliding his tongue in her mouth and finished unbuttoning her shirt. He pulled her gently on top of him to the bed where they continued kissing.

This was one of the versions of Rose he loved best, the one that took total control. There were many versions of Rose some he liked, some he didn't. But even the ones he didn't like still drove him crazy. Right now she looked at him with lust filled eyes as she removed her shirt and bra, she moved herself off him and pulled down his boxer shorts and smiled, oh how she was going to miss his perfect cock. As she took him in her mouth all she could think about was how much she was going to miss him.

Oh no you are not you're just going to miss the sex. He is a kid time to go back to the real world. Besides you will always be his second choice, and you are far too beautiful to be anyone's second choice.

Rosalie Cullen may be a lot of things but she certainly did not lack self confidence. To a lot of people she came off as cold, aloof and full of her own self importance. She only let her defences down with a few people and over the past three months for some unknown reason she allowed Jacob Black to see the real Rosalie Cullen.

Jake's moans got louder, God she was good at this. He ran his fingers through her perfectly tosseled blonde hair and whispered. "Babe stop, I'm going to come and I want to be inside you for that." She stopped what she was doing and crawled up his body ever so slowly, this was something he had really come to love watching. She moved towards him like she was stalking prey.

Rose leaned in and began kissing him as his hand moved down between her legs he knew she would be wet, giving him head always turned her on, so he easily slipped two fingers inside her and moved them torturously slow. She moaned into his mouth and he smiled slightly, he loved the way she sounded. He continued to torture her slowly, as soon as her kisses became more urgent he knew exactly what she wanted he pulled his fingers out and pushed them hard back inside, pulled them out slowly and pushed them in hard again. He repeated this a few times until they both could take no more and as if on cue she moved and straddled him. He thrust hard into her and she moved with him. Within minutes both of them reached an earth shattering climax that left them breathless and panting.

They laid in silence as their breathes returned to normal.

"You know you don't play fair." Rose said.

"I don't seem to recall you complaining Rosie." He replied as they both stared up at the ceiling, their bodies gleaming in sweat.

"Mmm true. But Jake I do really have to go. I have to see my family and get organised for moving across the country."

"Tell me again why you go to college in New York and not Port Angeles or even Seattle?"

"Because it has the best Mechanical Engineering degree."

"So you really want to design cars?"

"You know I do. Now stop stalling, I have to go. Can I use your shower?"

"Why can't you stay here... in bed ... with me ...for. The. Whole. DAY" he said in between kissing down her neck towards her breast, he had just started suckling on her nipple, eliciting another moan that he loved to hear.

"Jake...God...Hun...that feels...so... oh... Fuck" She whispered huskily as he bit down a little harder on her sensitive nipple.

Just as he started moving his hands down her body, his cell phone started ringing. It was the ringtone he had set for Bella. Jacob abandoned what he was doing, leaning over a naked Rose, to answer the phone, nearly pushing her out of the bed in the process. He looks at Rose but sees straight though her. "It's Bella I hope everything is okay?" He says muttering more to himself than Rose.

Rosalie was stunned they were just about to have sex again, he had just asked her to spend the day in bed with him yet when Bella calls Jake jumps straight to attention. Rose laid there not able to move she just didn't know how to deal with this sudden change of events.

"Sure I understand, its okay I can keep you company until you have your dinner party with Edward's family tonight. Umm give me a couple of hours and I'll be over. No it's fine I had no plans today." Jake said on the phone to Bella.

That was Rose's boiling point. No plans today!. You ASS you just wanted me to spend the day fucking you. Well fuck you Jacob. She wrapped the sheet around herself, leaving him with nothing but the comforter, picked up her clothes and headed for the shower. Normally he would follow her and normally she would want him too, but not now. He could go spend the day with his precious Bella. Bella Swan always interfered and Jacob allowed it. Rose turned the water on and stepped into the shower. It was definitely time to leave and go back to New York. The summer fling was over.

Rosalie returned from the shower. "I just have one question Jake? Does Bella call you at anytime day or night? No consideration that you might actually be BUSY." Rose said in a controlled but condescending tone. This was the Rose he didn't like very much.

"Bella can call me whenever she wants for whatever reason she wants." He said defensively.

"Fine, I feel sorry for you Jacob, you are chasing a dream that is never going to happen. She gives you glimmers of hope to keep you. With the exception of how you have just treated me, which by the way made me feel like a cheap whore you are a good guy and deserve better than her."

"Oh fuck Rosie, no I'm sorry that wasn't meant..."

"Stop. First you don't get to call me Rosie anymore and second just forget it. Chase your dream. I really don't care." Rosalie said. She could feel tears stinging her eyes but there was no-way she was letting this 18 year old kid see that.

"No, she isn't using me we are just friends we are going to a movie, that's it." Jacob felt the need to defend himself and Bella.

"Oh Jake, you can't be that blind? Surely."

"Are you jealous?" He asked instantly regretting it, judging by the icy stare she gave him.

"Don't flatter yourself. You are a kid, I am a woman I am not interested in anything about you other than occasional sex. I made that quite clear from the beginning."

"So why do you care if I go out with Bella and don't tell me it's because you care so much for Edward?"

"Well as nauseating as Edward and Bella are they aren't going to break up. They just aren't, I'm sorry I know that sucks for you. Can't you see how much she uses you? You are her fall back guy. Trust me there is someone better out there for you."

"Who? You?" He said with a bitter tone. The truth always hurts.

"Sorry no I have far too much self respect to be someone's second choice."

"Rose I'm sorry I don't want you to feel like that, it's Bella she just well... she's my best friend. I want to stop being in love with her but I can't. I can't keep away from her."

"Look I don't have time for teenage drama, you do what you like. I've tried to help you for three months and obviously it hasn't worked." Rose said trying to keep the anger out of her voice. If Rose was honest with herself which of course she never would be, the thought of Jacob Black being so crazy in love with her made ROSALIE feel envious of Bella Swan.

"So what did you get out of this summer then?" Jake asked getting a little angry himself now.

"I got a summer fling with a younger man who let's just say has been a very good student of pleasing a woman. The next woman you sleep with should really send me a thankyou email." Rosalie said with her typical sarcastic tone, even if inside it was killing her to act this way.

"So you used me as a sex toy? So you really don't get to say Bella is using me when you have gone ahead and used me yourself. You used me too, so you can't judge me, just because you are too heartless to let anyone into that cold heart of yours. Don't blame me." There was no way in hell he was admitting she meant more to him then making Bella jealous, or an excellent sex teacher. Nothing was coming out right.

"Jake it's not the same. We both used each other. Bella just uses you for her convenience. You really are stupid aren't you? You asked ME to spend the day in bed with you, but Bella calls and suddenly "you have no plans." Any idea how that made me feel? I know we said we were just having fun but that wasn't fair, and I won't be made to feel like a cheap slut. If anyone is using anyone in this twisted three way it's Bella!" Rosalie almost screamed.

"Rose I'm sorry." He said as he reached for her hand.

"Save it. You aren't worth my time. Good luck. I might see you next time I'm in town."

"Rose" he called out as she picked up her things, rushed passed Billy and left the house.

Billy looked at Jakes bedroom door than the front door, hearing Rosalie's Porsche scream out of the driveway.

Jake screamed and threw the clock radio against the wall and it shattered into a hundred pieces. He sat on the bed, run his hands through his hair and screamed again. Fucking women.

"Jake what the hell is going on?" Billy asked.

Jake had gotten dressed quickly waved his hand at Billy as if to say not now. He went out into the shed, and started punching the punching bag he had set up for venting his frustrations. This wasn't how he wanted things to end with Rose.

She had been really good for him in more ways than one. She made him laugh, they fixed cars together and they fought but then they made up. She wasn't the ice queen people thought she was.

"Hey Jake was that blondie I saw speeding out of the driveway 15 minutes ago?" Quill asked.

"Her name is Rosalie." Jake said through gritted teeth.

"Well was it ROSALIE?"

"Yeah, we kinda had a fight and she leaves for New York tomorrow."

"Hey well since you guys are over can I ask, was her body just as hot naked as it is in clothes?"

Jacob raised his eyebrows. "None of your fucking business Quill. Leave me alone. I'm not in the mood."

Jake arrived at Bella's and she talked nonstop about how wonderful Edward was and that he was picking her up after the movie and they were going to the Cullen's for a family dinner before they left for college in the morning. Jake tuned out at that point. Rosalie was right. Bella was so caught up in herself.

"Are you okay Jake? You look tired?"

"I am, didn't get much sleep last night."

"Why?" Bella asked not really overly concerned or interested.

Jacob noticed that Bella didn't really care for his answer so he thought he would tell the truth. He owed her nothing. His private life was his business.

"I'm tired because I spent the whole night having sex with Rosalie. She is flying back to New York tomorrow so we wanted to make the most of it."

"Oh Jake how could you? She may be Edward's sister but she is nothing like him. Can't you see she just used you for the summer? It's disgusting. She is 20 you are 18 surely she could have found someone her own age. She is such a using slut. I'm sorry she did that to you" Bella ranted.

Slut, which was the word Rosie used. That was how she accused me of treating her. Fuck what have I done?

"Bella, I don't think you can say that. Rose and I are both adults who decided to have some fun this summer, we both made no promises to each other and we had a great time. Rose is a guarded person and trust me you and most of her family have no idea who she really is. She is kind and funny and smart"

"Kind, huh I doubt that, she is nothing but a using bitch. She tried to keep you away from me this summer and it's not like she wants you. She did it just to get to me because she is jealous of our friendship."

Jacob was in shock. Maybe this was the wakeup call he needed. Rosalie's jealous, Rosalie's selfish I think it may be the other way around Bella!

"You know what Bells, I'm gonna skip the movie."

Jacob got in his truck and drove back out to the reservation. He was silently fuming. There were so many things he could of said but didn't. He was confused about a lot of things but for the first time he realised that maybe he needed to defend Rose instead of Bella. She was the one that he spent the majority of time with this summer and she was the one who never lied about her intentions. She was the one that he actually had fun with. She was the one he treated like a whore. A woman like Rose wouldn't forget that in a hurry.

Rosalie quickly packed her things and kept busy. She didn't want to think about Jacob going out with Bella and more importantly she didn't want to acknowledge that she was feeling hurt. It bought back too many memories, memories of Royce and being his second choice. Rosalie Cullen was no-ones second choice.

She couldn't wait to get on the plane tomorrow to take her as far away as possible from Jacob. Actually fuck that, she was leaving tonight. Screw the family dinner, screw Edward and his precious girlfriend there was no way in hell she was sitting across the Cullen formal dining table with her...Jacobs first and only choice.

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