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Chapter 1

Kat sat in her bed, the covers up to her waist. She turned her head to face the window then. A thought kept crossing her mind ever since the Halloween dance. What would it have been like if Casper was human? And why would he hive that up to save her dad? ever since the dance they shared, those few moments were he was human he seemed so happy, but after he turned back to being dead he disappeared on her. When she did see him he seemed less energetic and so unlike himself. She sighed with frustration and laid down on the bed. She closed her eyes but then she felt a coldness on her cheek and a smile crossed her face. She opened her golden brown eyes to meet Casper's crystal sapphire ones.

"Good Morning Kat!" he said with his normal excitement.

She rolled onto her side letting her straight brown hair fall to one side. "Hey there. So where have you been? You left without saying anything to anyone."

" Ah sorry Kat its just I had to leave and clear my head of something's." He said with seriousness in his voice.

"Like what sort of things?" she asked

But he shook his head at the question. "I really don't want to talk about it right now."

Kat pulled herself up with her arm and sat up. "Casper is this about the fact that you want to be human?"

Casper looked down with embarrassment but did not say a word to her.

She reached up and put her hand next to his face, like she was touching it. "Casper?"

He was just about to say something when the Trio interrupted him. Casper moved to be beside Kat.

"Dun, dun, da, da!" They all three said coming up through the floor. Kat sighted them rolling her eyes.

"There you are, why aren't you down stairs cooking us breakfast?" Stretch said crossing his arms over his chest.

"Hey he is not your personnel maid. You are perfectly capable of cooking it yourselves." Kat snapped angrily.

"This doesn't involve you fleshie."

"Yes it does." She growled

"Kat it is fine." Casper replied flying through the wall.

"You're an asshole!"

"Why thank you." He replied and disappeared. Stinky and Fatso shrugged and went back down through the floor.

Kat got up then and left the room and went down the stairs and into the kitchen. Her father Dr. Harvey sat reading the paper with coffee beside him. He looked up with a smile. "Good Morning Kat."

She sat down beside him. "Morning dad." Pancakes were sat in front of her. She looked up at Casper who looked depressed. She felt awful for not realizing why sooner. She looked at the trio, who sat across from her eating their own food. Casper left the room then. Kat quickly ate her own food and got up knowing exactly where he was. She went up the stairs and into the attic were Casper sat watching his train move. She sat next to him gently.

"Kat?" he said softly not looking at her.

"Yeah, what is it Casper?"

"Do you remember the Halloween dance?"

"Everyday Casper."

"I never wanted those few moments that I was human to end. To feel the warmth from someone you care about, it felt good."

She looked up at him at him with tears in her eyes and this was a moment when she wished she could hug him.