Moments in Ithaka

I. Romantic Interlude

When Touya Akira and Shindou Hikaru first meet, there are no sparks, fireworks, or heart racing moments where thoughts of love, marriage, and forever more plagued the mind. In reality, the meeting between the two teenagers was brief and short, uneventful if anything else. A polite introduction had been made, a slight nod was given in acknowledgement before the whirlwind that was Hikaru left the Touya residence as the 4-dan entered, returning home after a tiring four day trip to Hokkaido.

The few encounters following the first had been equally as ordinary as the last. Each meeting came as something short, rushed, and fleeting. It was not until Hikaru and Akira found them sitting across from one another, a carefully crafted spruce goban placed between them did the two go players finally look and see. Grey eyes brightly burned into the depths of blue orbs, challenging him and consuming him until he knew nothing but her.

Suddenly, it was more than go that they were playing.

Akira never felt anything like this before. He became drunk off the sight of her: dark brown hair with sunlit streaks, pouty lips with a hint of peach gloss, long lashes and rosy cheeks. Something stirred with him and then all he wanted to do was touch her, to feel how soft her unblemished skin was, to let his fingers spin circles through her silky locks and then to hold her and never let go.

Hikaru felt her body grow hot and cold the moment that Akira's hand brushed against her skin. Thinking became too hard to do. The tips of his fingers moved on her like butterfly wings, fluttering gently from her face to her neck, hair, lips, heart until she knew she had to stop him before he dominated her entirely.

She needed to consume him before he consumed her.

Hikaru took the wandering hand into her own. Her pink and white manicured nails flirted on his wrist, running circles around his lifeline and pulse. Her misty eyes were determined; her smile dazzled him completely. He was dizzy and breathless and all so very drunk on her.

She bewitched him entirely.

"I have lost."

The lull of his voice and the faintest touch of his lips to her hand made Hikaru realize that she had as well.

I've been getting a lot of questions asking about the continuation of Reaching Ithaka. I must admit that I am still horrible road blocked on it. I have started the continuation, scrapped it, and started all over again many many times and still have nothing to show for it. Thus I decided to just post some of the tidbits that I wrote for it that is in that universe, but doesn't necessarily mean that it's really what is going to happen in the next part of the story. Hopefully that'll at least encourage me to write and at least give everyone something to read for now.

Sorry for the delay. Hopefully I can get something going soon!