As requested by a fan. I like to thank everyone for their wonderful, wonderful comments to me throughout the years. I'm so sorry with how poorly my promise of a sequel came to be. I have tried to write so much but the words don't flow out so well. Also, excuse my grammar/spelling/everything. I'm so bad at this. Hopefully I'll get my grove back with writing.

Until then, here's a drabble.

How Ko Yongha and Shindou Hikaru were matched against each other in the North Star Tournament

"She's cute," was Ko Yongha's shameless explanation about why he wanted to play second board against Japan at the second official North Star Tournament, much to the distress of his fellow teammates and coach.

Hon Su-yong couldn't help but roll his eyes at his fellow teammate's shenanigans. Last year, Yongha caused some drama when an interview he gave was misunderstood and caused many to be upset. This year, changing boards would be interpreted it as a complete snub on Japan, especially with the Akira-Yongha rematch being the talked about game of the event.

"Could you not stir up any trouble for once?" Su-yong moaned. He could already see how poorly this was going to go. Even so, he was going to have to try anyways.

"Didn't you say you wanted to play Touya Akira?" Yongha countered. There was a resolve in his voice that made everyone in the room groan.

"I want to play Hikaru as well!"

"Oh? Hikaru, huh?"

From the other side of the room, An Tenson, Korea's coach, was rubbing his temple, trying to relieve himself of the impending headache.

Touya Akira was looking like a grump; Yongha observed the Japanese pro sulking on the other side of the room. He couldn't help but be amused by the daggers the other teen was glaring at him since it had been announced that Yongha would not be playing First Board. This now pitted Touya against Su-yong and he against Hikaru.

Yongha had been looking forward to the match immensely. Though he did mention to his teammates that he wanted to play Hikaru because of her looks, he was actually intrigued by Shindou Hikaru. Two years ago, he had the honor of playing against Touya senior. The respected former professional had compared him to his son but fondly mentioned his female student as well.

Since he had played the son, it was fitting to move on to the "daughter".

"Though Akira-san really wanted a rematch," Hikaru spoke to him in passing. "I'm quite glad you're my opponent."

He took note of the way her lips quirked and her eyes burn brightly with determination.

"Your words about Shusaku last year… they made me very upset."

It had been Shindou's victory.