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First and Last

Chapter 1

A week had passed since the Second Wizarding War. Voldemort is dead and most of his death eaters are captured. The whole Wizarding World is already at peace and is entirely celebrating.

"Wow!" that's the only word Ron can mutter as they enter the Hog's Head.

Hermione too was so surprised to see so many people in the pub. She knows for sure that nobody ever comes to that place anymore for years. She glanced around and saw that the place was full of wizards and witches. Most of them were their friends. There were students and professors of Hogwarts, some Ministry officials and some ordinary wizards who were just strangers to them.

"I-have-never-ever seen this place SO crowded before…" Ron said slowly – trying to emphasize his utter amazement. While still looking around with wide eyes, he led the group to the bar and ordered. "Two fire whiskeys and a butter beer please Mr. Barman. And include three orders of Roast Beef in that." They made their way in a table for three and sat down to wait for their food – which arrived just moments after.

When their order came, Ron immediately immersed himself in his dinner hungrily while Hermione eyed Harry. Harry made no move to eat. He just sat and stared at the floor. And that's when Hermione knew that there was something wrong.

"Harry! Are you alright?" She asked as she turned her chair to face Harry. When Harry didn't even stir and continued staring at something invisible, she snapped her fingers in front of his blank face and tried once more. "Harry?" Still, no response. "Oh, For God's sakes, Harry! Anybody home? Can you hear me?" she pushed Harry's shoulder and he perked up suddenly.

"Uhhh. Huh? Errrm, are you talking to… me?" Harry asked incredulously. He pointed his index finger at his chest.

Hermione sighed loudly and sat properly. She held out a finger at Harry. "First, I haven't heard you mutter even a single word since this afternoon. Second…" She held out a second finger. "You are always dazed. And- don't you interrupt me, Harry James Potter!" She said loudly when Harry opened his mouth to contradict her. Harry immediately closed it again. "You are really, really insensitive. I've snapped my fingers in front of your face and you didn't even blink. Now, what-is-wrong-with you Harry? And DON'T even say that nothing's wrong, you know I'm always right and I know something's, freaking, bothering you! Now, SPEAK-UP!" Hermione ordered. And when she ordered, you are forced to obey.

Harry was raking his mind for an excuse when Ron abruptly intervened.

"Hermione, will you please calm down? Bloody Hell, a bloke's trying to eat here, excuse me! And Harry, Hermione's right. You look… ermmm…constipated. Something you ate? Heh. I was just joking. But really, what's wrong, mate?" Ron said with concern while he stabbed another large piece of his food and shoved it in his mouth.

Hermione threw Ron a disgusted look that he didn't even notice as he ate. She crossed her arms and looked at Harry again – her eyebrows raised and waiting for an answer.

Harry, realizing that he has to reply if he didn't want to be shouted at again, decided to answer. He sat properly and glued a fake smile in his face.

"Hermione, you already said that you're always right. Nothing's wrong with me. If there was, I would've told you, right away! You… being the smartest witch, should have figured that out, right?" Harry lied. He expected Hermione to just blush at his comment and buy his lie. But it's not his lucky day – and not his happy day either.

Hermione glared at him – her eyes reducing to slits. "Don't you sass me, Harry JAMES POTTER! I know there's something wrong. Just say-"

"Okay, Guys, for the sake of Moody's mad eye, stop it!" Ron cut Hermione. "Hermione, as I've said, CALM DOWN. You're attracting attention. You don't want that, do you? Just quit the fighting, would ya?" Ron scolded them – his voice as low as a whisper – while a bit of beef hanging in his chin bobbed and shook as he spoke.

"Ron, we're not fighting, mate. Okay, to settle this… Errr. I promise that if something happens, I'll tell you guys. As long as it's not too personal. Got that? I promise, Hermione, you'll be the first to know. Is that good enough? Let's just enjoy the night, shall we?" He offered as he feigned another smile. He scolded himself mentally for the two lies that he said to Hermione that night. He didn't like it. But he didn't have a choice. He has to do it, for he still isn't ready to tell her what's bothering him. Some other time will do.

"Okay. That's cool enough. But if something happens, you tell me right away and don't you even try to hide it, Harry. Okay, now eat up and quit staring around like a fool." Hermione commanded again and Harry obeyed – the burden of feelings, still lingering inside him.

They ate and chatted. They talked about everything that happened only weeks ago. They talked about how each of them fought the dark side and how each of them succeeded. They talked about how they miss their friends so much, their friends who fought alongside them and risked their own lives-the real heroes-to fight for what is right, and how Harry defeated Lord Voldemort. The hours passed on while they were having fun. But Hermione noticed that Harry was not equally cheerful the whole time and that something was pulling his mood down, and with that, she was convinced that something was entirely wrong.

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