Hello again, my darling, loyal readers. First and foremost, I want to thank all of you for the opinions that you have sent in after the note that I posted. It really means a lot because the feedback and insight that you have provided me have helped me decide where to bring this story. All of the opinions that I got regarding the issue of our revisions are positive; and for that, I am very glad and thankful. You guys have no idea how grateful and happy I am that you are all ready to re-read the revisions and still stick with the story even though it has been a long while. I also got alerts for new Follows and Favourites from new possible readers. The overall positive reception of my announcement has made me more inspired and driven to deliver the new and improved version of First and Last to all of you.

Now, on to some more pressing matters. As I have said, I have decided to revise this story. I am going to go through the whole story again, I am going to read it, and decide which parts of the plot to leave untouched and which parts to completely modify. Once I have decided which ones, I will be fixing up a structure of the improved plot and will be starting the revisions. Reading it all and composing that new plot will probably take me two days at most. After that, I will move straight to revising the first chapters. The uploading of the revised chapters will most likely start later this week, and the uploads will have only two/three days gap in between as opposed to the usual weekly update that I do.

If you have any other suggestions or things you think should be left alone in the plot or should be revised, feel free to let me know. I'm open for ideas and suggestions. Again, thank you very much for all the help, and I hope you guys like what the future will entail for First and Last.