Sarah was an average seventeen year old girl that lived in Twilight Town. She had friends that she talked with at school and a loving family. Everything seemed fine until a rainy night during summer break…

Shadowed figures roam the streets; searching for defenceless people with strong hearts. Anyone who was unfortunate to be caught in their path is killed without a second thought. The leader of the Shadows calls the group to stop for a minute as he senses a pure heart inside a building with two lights on. They all nod in unison and head towards the house. They all take their forms into small puddles and creep under the doorway, unheard and unseen to all.

Inside the home, two adults sat on a couch speaking to each other and unaware of the coming danger. The Shadows attack them quickly, taking their hearts floating midair empowering them as they feel the source of the pure heart coming closer. They fell to the ground quickly with no way to defend themselves the attack too quick for them even to retaliate. A female voice echoed from the floor above and the Shadows froze a moment as the female called, "Mom? Dad? Are you guys still home?"

The voice coming closer, the Shadows hide in the corners of the room so that they were unnoticed as they watched a girl with green eyes, short black hair wearing army pants and a white t-shirt comes down a flight of stairs, looking for her parents. She looked around the room curiously wondering where they had gone since she was sure that they had come home just a short while ago.

"Mom? Dad?" she asked worried aloud as all she saw was a dimly lit living room.

The Shadows looked at her closely and notice that it was her that had the pure heart. They slowly creep behind her as they sensed her heart beat quickly. Now was the time to strike; when the heart is racing quickly. They pounced on her quickly and dragged her to the ground as the girl fell to the ground screaming in terror as shadows overtook her pulling her into its darkness. All she could feel was the darkness surrounding her and a part of her being ripped apart from her. Her eyes were forced to close, her mind blanked out.


She woke up with a slight headache in a white bedroom. She tried to sit up but froze for a minute as she noticed that her clothes had changed. All she was wearing was a black cloak, gloves, boots, pants, and even a black shirt. She held her head with both hands and tried to think about what happened to her. One minute she was looking for her parents the next she was here but, something was missing, something had happened after that that but all she could seem to remember was darkness. What was it?

A knock sounded at the door but she ignored it, continuing to glare at the floor and try to figure out what had happened to her. She ignored as the door opened and a cloaked figure walked into the room as it spoke in a male voice, "Well, well…looks like you're finally up, kid. How are you feeling?"

She looked up at the hooded figure in the doorway and placed her hands on her lap as she said slowly, "I feel…confused." For some reason it felt difficult to say anything at all. As if there was a weight on her chest holding her down.

The figure crossed his arms and nodded in affirmation. "I figured that you would be. Most newbie's feel confused when they first become Nobodies."

She tilted her head a little questioned, "No…bodies?"

The figure walked in front of her and took off his hood. She saw a guy with long black and white hair, an eye patch around his left eye and a scar across is right cheek. He gave her his right hand with a smile, "My name's Xigbar. Welcome to the Organization, kido!"

She shyly placed her hand in his and he shook her hand taking his other hand ruffled her hair said, "Come with me and everything will be explained, kid."

"But…w-where are my parents?"

Xigbar sighed and crossed his arms again. "Sorry to tell this to you but they aren't alive anymore. They were consumed by the darkness. You were lucky enough to have at least half of you survive."

The girl jumped off her bed and ran to the window as Xigbar watched her curiously asked, "What are you doing, kid?"

She didn't answer him. Instead, she climbed over a table and opened the window. Xigbar walked behind her shaking his head. She glanced down and saw that she was at least twelve stories high. A cool breeze passed by her as she looked down into the shadowy night. A dizzy feeling hazed over her head as she braced herself against the frame of the window was jerked from her viewing by a voice, "It's a pretty long way down there. I wouldn't advise you jumping down there unless you wanted to kill yourself."

She took one glance at him and released the frame. Closing her eyes, she walked forward into the night air, expecting for her life to end and to hit the ground hard with her lifeless body, she spread her arms out at either side of her feeling the air sweeping pass her furiously as it signalled her falling to the ground below. However, instead of a hard landing, she felt someone holding her tightly. She opened her eyes and saw a guy with deep blue eyes, blackish gray hair that hung over to the right side of his face. He gave her a small smile said, "Hello, little one. How nice of you to drop in? Normally I don't like people touching me but…there is something about you that is different than other people."

She got herself out of his arms and ran away from him into the empty streets as he tilted his head in confusion. 'What the heck is her problem?'

Xigbar appeared in front of Zexion, looking around nervously. "Hey, Zexion. Have you seen a kid around here? She has short black hair and green eyes."

He nodded replying, "In fact, I caught the girl from falling from the castle. She seems a little distracted. What is her problem?"

"Ugh, newbie. After Axel and Roxas finished their mission in Twighlight Town; they found a lot of Heartless surrounding one of the nearby homes. When they went in to investigate and took care of all the Heartless, they only found that girl."

Zexion contemplated to himself as he crossed his arms talked mostly to himself, "They must have sensed something in her for her to turn into a Nobody then."

Xigbar nodded in agreement, "Yeah…but the boss wants to meet her so I need to get her back ASAP."

Zexion nodded to him and moved to the side, pointed, "She went that way."

"Thanks, Zexion. We should be having a meeting soon so be ready."

"Understood," with that, Xigbar created a portal and left the area as Zexion also created his own portal and left as well.

She ran as fast as her feet would let her legs go, her muscles screaming in protest to the vigorous pace that she was keeping up. With her eyes shut tightly, she charged into the unknown city with visible tears in her eyes opened them for a moment to look for something. After spotting cliff, she made a jump for it but ran into a portal of darkness instead. She fell on her hands and knees in another white room but, this room was far larger than hers. When she got up, she saw other cloaked figures in tall white chairs. Some of them had their hoods down, while others were still up.

The one named Xigbar gives her a smile and shakes his head. "You should know better than to run off like that, kid. Bad things might happen to you if you don't follow the rules."

The girl looks to the ground sadly. She wanted, more than anything, to die at that moment. If her parents were gone, then what was there to return home to? Was there a home to return to? What happened to her? Why her?

All these thoughts were flowing through her mind as all the members took a look at her. A loud booming voice from the one they called "The Superior", began speaking to her.

"So child, do you remember your name?"

She looked up at the hooded figure terrified stuttered, "M-my…name?"

He nodded to her.


The Superior shakes his head disapprovingly. "That name will not suffice. You are a Nobody now," raising his arms outwardly explained, "You are part of our family now… Number XV. Xharas. I look forward into knowing how you will help our cause."

With that, he disappeared into a black portal, along with some of the other members. All left her accept Xigbar, Luxord, Axel, Roxas, Demyx and Zexion. Axel looks to Xharas with a concerned look asked, "Hey, are you ok?"

She looked to the ground sadly and shook her head. Axel rubbing the back of his head nervously continued, "Man, this girl is more of a zombie than you Roxas."

"Hey! That's not very nice! Humph." The blonde crossed his arms as he disappeared into a portal of darkness.

Axel rolled his eyes and left as well seeing that he was not going to get anywhere. Demyx gave the girl a small wave but she just gave him a blank stare, shrugged his shoulders and looked to the other two gentlemen in the room.

"Hey, it was worth a shot." He then also left the room.

Luxord teleported next to the girl and handed her a pair of black cards with a slight smile. "If you ever become bored here, you are more than welcomed to visit me in my room for a game of cards. Who knows, it might be your lucky day," giving her a wink before he disappeared into a black portal.

She looked down at the cards and saw red hearts with a black line crossed over them was drawn from her observing by a light pat on her shoulder looked to the side to see Xigbar.

"C'mon kido. I've gotta show you around now. Follow me."

She looked up and around to find the guy who caught her but found that he was gone. 'I guess he left. He probably has more important things to do anyways.' turning around she followed Xigbar into his portal.