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Is This The End?

Above the temple, Ares and Aphrodite fought with their swords clashing and sparks flying with every hit they make against each other. They give each other death glares as they push against their weapons. Ares narrows his eyes at her in hatred while pointing his sword to her, declaring, "You can't win against war, Aphrodite. Not this time.."

She shakes her head at him. "That is where you are wrong, Ares. My daughters and I shall see to it."

The God of War throws his head back in laughter. "Psh, please. Spare me, cousin. But I find that to be quite hard to believe. There is no way for you to stop Erida and the Heartless rampage."

Aphrodite gives him a small smile and nods. "That is true…but I know of one who can."

"W-what?" He looks down to the temple with disbelief; seeing the beam of the portal gone and Erida under Zexion. "NO! This can not be! I had plans for her! DAMN YOU!" Her looks back to the Goddess of Love with narrowed eyes. "How *dare* you let that..that Nobody..interfere with my plans! You'll pay for this."

Ares twirls his sword once and charges at her quickly but stops for a moment, for feeling a bone-like scythe in his back. He slowly turns around to see Lydia with the 'Death' card facing forward, making a skeletal dragon appear behind Ares. The God of War gives her a confused look. "What the…?"

Lydia gives him a small smile. "Your evil will no longer taint the minds of the innocent . By the power of the Fates, I here by sentence you back into the realm of darkness, where you belong."


With a snap of her fingers, the 'Death' dragon flies behind Ares and drives his weapon further into his back, causing Ares to fade into a black image. Aphrodite lets out a deep sigh of relief once Ares disappears. She looks to Lydia, who gives her a slight nod.

"Come, we must be sure that Xharas and Zexion are alright."

"Of course."

Lydia and Aphrodite fly down to temple to see Zexion standing over to the side as Xharas placed the last of Erida's armor on. Xharas notices them and blushes slightly while looking over to the side shyly. Aphrodite walks over to Xharas and smiles. "Hello child. Are you well?"

Xharas rubs the back of her head nervously. "Um..I don't know, to be honest with you. Zexion thinks I am pregnant."

Zexion turns to face Xharas and nods, feeling the stare from both Lydia and Aphrodite. Lydia shuffles through her deck as she looks at Xharas. "Well..there is always the possibility. You can be pregnant..or you can not be..it all depends on what the Fates say."

She pulls out two cards and gives her a sad smile. "They say that you are with child..or shall I say, children. You are having twins." She flips the cards over to show them 'The Seven of Cups' and 'The Nine of Cups'.

Xharas sits down where she sat and stares at the floor, dazed. "I'm pregnate..I really am pregnate..Hold on, can a Nobody have children?" she asked in a confused tone.

Lydia moves closer to Xharas to kneel in front of her. "I am afraid not. Once the rest of the essence of Goddess has left you, your children will die. One who does not truly exsit can not give birth."

Xharas looks up to her with tears in her eyes. "They'll die? But I don't want to kill them..That would be just..terrible."

Zexion walks over to her and places his arms over her shoulders, to show her silent support. Lydia glances over to Aphrodite, who gives her a nod of approval. She knew that Lydia had an idea but it was up to Zexion and Xharas to go along with it.

Just as she turned to face the couple in front of her, she hears Esulea land gracefully behind her, who is also followed by Selene. Lydia closes her eyes while holding onto her deck tightly.

"There is a way…Xharas, for you to have your children but there are a few risks."

Both Xharas and Zexion look at each other and then back to Lydia.

"What are the risks?" Zexion asks , speaking the question that was on both his and Xharas' mind.

She pulls out a few cars, laying them out face down in front of Zexion and Xharas. "You will have to sacrifice yourself to give birth to your children..in order for them to live. However, they will not be left unattended." She glances over to Rasha and Selene, who give her a nod.

"The children of the light will look after your little ones. " The first card that she flips over is 'The Wheel of Fortune', the second is 'The Chariot' and the third is 'The Three of Wands'.

Lydia smiles gently before looking up at the confused couple. "I can send you back, before you became a Fallen One..and you will be given a chance to right the wrongs of your current past while your children are raised in the light. But there is a down fall to this…you will not have any memories of this life. Just mere dreams and whispers. But if you meet each other again..in the next life, you will regain all that was lost."

Xharas looks down into the floor with deep thought. "If I am to have these children…and be sent back in time before I became a Nobody..then who would watch on my children?"

Selene and Rasha step forward, making sure that Xharas knew that they were there. "We would watch on them as if they were our own, Xharas. You have my word, as a fellow sister."

Xharas looks up to Selene and gives her a nod. "Aright, I'll do it."

Zexion shakes his head at her. "Wait a minute…I just got you back and now you are willing to throw your life away to give birth to children you will never see?"

Xharas looks down again with tears in her eyes again. "I ..I just can't let the children die, just to let me live. Its not right. They have a chance to have a bright future..something I know I will never be able to give them on my own. I have to..I need to do this."

Lydia looks at them and smiles. "Once the spell is casted, everyone will be affected except those of us who are still in the light. This means that you, Zexion, will be in the same position as Xharas. Only dreams will give you memories that will lead you on the right path. "

Zexion holds onto Xharas' hand tightly and gives Lydia a nod. "Alright then..lets get this over with."

Xharas gives him a small smile and holds onto his hand tighter, acknowledging his support. "I am ready. Name my children Violet and Aiden."

Lydia nods as she flips the remaining cards over; revealing 'The High Priestess' 'The Empress' and 'The Emperor'. She closes her eyes while placing her hands over the cards.

"By the power of the Fates, I here by send back the Fallen One to a time when she was still with in the light. Allow my fallen sister to give life to her unborn children and give her a chance to right the wrongs of the past."

After Lydia is finished with the chant, Xharas and Zexion begin to fade into darkness while a glow of bright light surrounds them. Xharas' mind starts to get dizzy, with thoughts of the past and present flowing through her mind too quickly for her to understand what was going on in her head. Before she knew it, her mind was covered in faded darkness while she saw two images of bright children with sliver wings. The bright aura from the wings blinds Xharas for a few moments before she fades into darkness.

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