I was sort of drifting off (daydreaming) in school today (I'm so bad…ooh… NOT.), and this popped up. I ended up thinking of something I've been told a lot, and this just… came out.

Annabeth's POV is more like what I think, but I thought it might work. =)

Shut up if you have any rude comments about the people who tell me this.

Feel free to tell me if you disagree with my statements.


Everyone always tells me: "Never marry for love."

When I say everyone, I mean everyone. Chiron, my mother, the camp counselors… They all say that to me. It used to make me wonder why. Why could you not marry for love? What was wrong with that? What else would you marry for?

Now I get it.

When you love someone, you become blind. You begin to ignore the faults of the one you love, no matter how glaringly obvious or horrible they may be. You begin to see only the good things about them, overlooking all the faults. You think, 'He has a nice personality. That's what really matters,' despite the fact that he sells drugs to twelve-year-olds. Love like that is poisonous. The worst type of poison, because it feels and tastes so good.

I've seen so many people fall victim to this love. Could… could this truly be love? Such a poisonous, backstabbing wolf in sheep's clothing? How could that… thing be love? This love seems more like… infatuation. It's a blinding monster, leading you to your demise. Yet every time, those victims fall happily down. They accept the poison… they take it themselves. Love like that is a drug.

This love is what they were warning me about.

That love is not the love I have.

The love I have is different. It's not the love most people know. This love isn't so romantic. This love is more… acceptance. This love isn't overlooking their faults, it's accepting them. You take them in, faults and all. The fact that you see their faults, recognize them, and still love them… that's different. It's sort of like the acceptance you have for your best friend. You don't have to be happy with them all the time – in fact, you can be so angry you won't even speak to them – but you know that you still love them. You're not afraid to knock some sense into them, to yell at them, to make them see sense, but you do it because you care. No matter how many times you fight, no matter how many times something comes up, you know that you're still there for each other.

You don't have to be blind. You just have to recognize their faults as you recognize your own. You see them as a person – a person with faults, just like you, complete with the good qualities and shortcomings. They aren't some sex toy. They aren't the puppet master either, pulling your strings as you bend to their will. No. They are a part of you, and you them.

That's my love.

This love, in it's own way, is so much more… intimate. This love doesn't need big, sloppy kisses or moments like that. This love is in the slightest touch of the fingertips. The glance you share with each other. The small smile you give them that brightens up their day. Those simple moments become so intimate, so precious… Moments like that have made people look away out of respect. You don't need heavy making out to be together. You just need to be around each other.

This love… this acceptance… this is different.

Is this love wrong?

Is it wrong to marry for acceptance?


I don't know. This didn't turn out as well as I had hoped, because I was distracted. My family was watching Phineas and Ferb in the living room, and sound echoes throughout the entire house. No silence whatsoever. Oh well… Feel free to tell me what you think.

Just so you know, I will get SO mad at you if you say anything against the people who say this to me. I happen to care for them very much, and they have my best interests in mind. So please shut up. Thank you.

- Sil