I started rushing through my cloths and carelessly throwing them in my suit case.

I didn't even care to flip on the light.

I knew for the longest time how much I loved Hikaru.

I knew how disgusting and sick it was.

But ever since we were kids I've been in love with my twin.

It's sick I know that.

I needed him to forget me.

To do that I need to leave him.

The door burst open making a loud noise as it hit the wall.

Hikaru ran in.

I wasn't gonna let him stop me.

"So your leaving me" he whispered his voice shaken.

"I'm leaving for you" I choked out holding back tears.

"You promised, you'd never leave me…..you promised Kaoru" he yelled.

My eyes widened at the memory.


"Hikaru wake up" I whisper shaking him.

He shot up and threw his arms around my neck.

My cheeks burn hot and my stomach aches.

But I pull him close anyway.

"What was your nightmare about" I whisperer to my crying brother.

"You left me and I couldn't stop you, I don't want to lose my best friend Kaoru" he sobbed.

"Stupid" I smirk stroking his beautiful red hair.

"Huh" he sobs whipping his tears away looking in my eyes now.

"I'll never leave you, I promise how you could even begin to think I would" I smile softly.

And Hikaru goes back to sleep.

Flashback over

My hands trembled as I closed my suit case.

"I'm sorry Hikaru but…..that's one promise I won't be keeping" I whispered pulling back my tears.

I never wanna be without Hikaru but this is how it had to be.

"Why" he pleaded.

"Forget me Hikaru, forget my name" I hissed quietly.

He shook his head.

"How can I, you're my twin born together and damn it Kaoru we'll die together" he yelled.

I didn't understand his actions or his words but my sick mind made it sound like he loved me to.

I couldn't be with him any longer though; I'd hurt him or do something stupid if I didn't go.

I grabbed my suit case and started for the door.

He stopped me.

Before I knew it I was on my back.

Hikaru was straddling me now.

He pinned my wrists by my head.

"Tell me why you're leaving"

"I can't"

His lips were so close but not close enough for my own comfort.

I wanted to touch him.

It hurt not to.

It was getting hard to stand it.

I needed to touch him.