The days were flying now and Hikaru still hated Eli and she still hated me.

Before I knew it we were in a limo with Hikaru sweating up a storm on the 10th day.

I was worried to.

He looked at me.

I looked at him.

"Were gonna be okay" he whispered.

We pulled into the church parking lot.

Hikaru got out right away.

Suddenly there were guards all around the limo.

They were supposed to keep me from getting in to that church.

Hikaru's POV

I stood at the end of the isle watching as that monster made her way to me in her light blue wedding dress.

I was sweating more where the hell was Kaoru.

Why wasn't he in here?

If I could just look at my lover I'd feel a little better.

I just hope he's okay.

Suddenly Eli was holding my hand which I quickly snatched away and the old priest began speaking.

It was too soon but we were at the I do's my I do's she was done already.

"I……I…..I…..I…..d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-don't wanna to this" I groaned.

My father growled.

"Hikaru" he hissed.

"Sorry I'll try that again" I said weakly.

Eli smiled softly.


Suddenly the crowd gasped as the large church doors opened.

I turned my head.

"Kaoru" Eli hissed along with dad.

My little Uke ran up the Isle with serious eyes I'd never seen on his gentle face before.

He stopped at the steps right in front of me.

His lips parted slowly and he drew a breath.


Eyes were on my brother now as he spoke.


My eyes widened now I'd never seen such confidence such fire in Kaoru.

He'd never reminded me so much of mom.

"And why is that" Eli snorted.

"BECAUSE" his voice got softer "I love Hikaru with all my heart and I'm not leaving here today without him" Kaoru smiled softly.

Kaoru held his arms out for me and I quickly ran to him.

We were in each other's arms now.

Kaoru's POV

Hikaru picked me up bridal style and fled the church he ran with me until we came to the woods.

He entered them.

We stopped deep in the woods by a beautiful meadow.

Hikaru grabbed me and kissed me.

My fingers tangled in his hair and his in mine.

Our cheeks burned hot.

I could feel his heart just going for miles and mine was no different.

That one kiss lead to a disaster then one touch brought us back together.

Now in this kiss the one we share now there is only love there is only desire.

And now we are 2 hearts filled with nothing but love for each other.

One kiss….one touch….two hearts