A Marriage Made in Heaven…or Hell. Depending on Who You Ask

Summary: The Marriage Law was passed and now Hermione finds herself trapped in a marriage with Severus. Will love blossom or will they kill each other? R/R

Disclaimer: I don't own anything you recognize. This is for fun only, please don't sue.


Roman Snape sat in his study staring into the roaring fire smoking a cigar. On his desk sat a letter from the Ministry of Magic. He let out a heavy sigh as his beloved wife, Valencia, entered the room.

"Roman, dinner's ready," she said.

"All right dear," he sighed as he put out his cigar and stood up.

He took his wife's hand and the two entered the dinning room. They had just sat down when the house elves brought out the food. Roman dug right in, but Valencia sat there and studied her husband for a moment.

"What is it Roman? What's bothering you?" Valencia inquired.

"It passed love," Roman answered sadly.

"I can't believe they passed that archaic law. What are you going to do about Severus?" she asked.

"My hands are tied. I hate this, but we have to preserve the Snape line. The Ministry sent me a list of eligible witches. Tomorrow I will look it over and pick out a bride for Severus," he replied.

"Severus will be furious about this. I mean, he's finally free to live his life and now he can't even chose his own wife. It's not fair," she said.

At Hogwarts, the wizard in question was in his private lab working on his latest potion. He had heard from Albus earlier that evening that the Marriage Law had been passed. He decided to take his anger out in a productive manner.

'Can't I have my life back? Voldemort is finally gone and I no longer owe that life debt to James freaking Potter, but I still have no say in my own life!' Severus' mind cried in misery.

"Fucking Ministry…always interfering," he grumbled.

Severus finished his potion and entered his study. If he was going to find a way out of this, he was going to need some help. That meant, going to Snape Manor and talking to his father. He let out a growl as he grabbed his cloak, some floo powder, and flooed straight to his childhood home.

"Albus, what are we going to do? I can't believe this law even passed. There must be something we can do about it," Minerva said as she and Albus took a walk near the lake.

"There's nothing we can do my dear. You can bet Lucius Malfoy had a hand in getting this law passed. I know the medi-witches and wizards at St. Mungo's were working on a solution for this problem, but the law passed before they could finish their work. Their work has been terminated," Albus answered with a sadness that Minerva had never heard from him before.

"Why would Lucius care about this law anyway? He hates Muggle borns," Minerva asked.

"He no doubt is hoping that the Death Eaters who escaped Azkaban and other Purebloods who feel the same way about half bloods and Muggle borns will kill them after the give them a child or two. That would get rid of them. Or that the Muggle borns and half bloods will leave the country to escape this law," Albus explained.

Minerva just sighed. There really was nothing that could be done. All they could do was hope that within a year, the law could be repelled and the medi-witches and wizards be allowed to continue their work and find a cure.