A Marriage Made in Heaven…or Hell. Depending on Who You Ask

Summary: The Marriage Law was passed and now Hermione finds herself trapped in a marriage with Severus. Will love blossom or will they kill each other? R/R

Disclaimer: I don't own anything you recognize. This is for fun only, please don't sue.


Severus stood in the back yard of Snape Manor. Roman and Valencia had since moved to the summer cottage and left the manor to Severus and his six-year-old son, Brandon Wyatt Snape.

"Daddy, can we go see Grandma Jennifer and Grandpa Remus this weekend?" Brandon asked, looking up at his father.

"Sure we can," Severus answered with a smile.

Brandon had his father's hair, but it was slightly curly like Hermione's. He also had Hermione's eyes, which like hers, sparkled when he was excited or reading. Severus smiled as he watched his son chase a butterfly.

"Hi mommy!" Brandon yelled as he continued chasing the butterfly.

Severus turned and watched as Hermione and their two-year-old daughter, Jessica Marie, came walking up. Everyday he thanked whatever gods existed that she had survived after the birth of Brandon.

After Jamie had told them Hermione was dieing, Severus had broke down. As Severus cried and screamed, the Medi-Wizard said he would do everything in his power to save Hermione. And save her he did. Hermione spent a month at St. Mungo's recovering, but had no lasting damage. Four years after Brandon was born, she gave birth to Jessica. Luckily, she had no complications with her second pregnancy.

"You two have fun with the girls?" Severus asked as he pulled Hermione into his arms.

"Yes. Ginny and Leslie say hello. So do Molly and Minerva," Hermione smiled.

Severus leaned down and kissed her tenderly. When they came apart, Severus gathered his beloved daughter into his arms. Jessica had Hermione's hair color, but it was straight like Severus' and she had Severus' eyes.

"I love you dada," Jessica said.

"And I love you Jessie baby," Severus replied.

Things were finally perfect for the Snape family. Severus had his wife, his two loving children, his parents, and their friends. He now had everything he could ever want in life right there at Snape Manor.