I own nothing, this is just a fun Omake.

"So, what are we doing here?" A voice was heard as a group walked into the light.

"We're having an out of canon moment." A slightly gruff female voice was heard.

"Ooooh! Goodie! I get to kiss Nove!"

"Dammit, Wendi!" Nove was heard, before lots of kissing was also heard.

Looking up as she saw her sisters enter the area, Tre raised an eyebrow. "Why'd you call for us to meet you here? And why is Nove covered in kisses?"

Nove grumbled slightly. "Wendi decided that since this is an out of canon experience she was going to kiss me."

Cinque shook her head. "It could be worse."

Wendi pouted as Nove agreed to that. "Anyway, we called you here because we have a real problem!"

"What?" Tre smirked at her. "The writers decided to write you out of the show?"

"No, worse!" Wendi was waving around some papers that apparently decided to appear in her hands. "The fans have gone stupid!"

"What else is new?" Tre asked.

"You might want to pay attention." Otto spoke up, getting a startled look from Tre. "What?"

"Where did you come from?" Tre asked, getting a shrug from Otto.

"Out of canon moment, anyone can show up."

"Even if they're dead?" Tre asked and Otto shrugged.

"Yeah, but that's why we hired the Ghostbusters to deal with that." Deed pointed behind her to some people off screen that couldn't be seen. "We don't wanna get sued, so we aren't allowing them on screen." Deed said to Tre's unasked question.

"So, why have the fans gone stupid?" Tre asked, blinking as Wendi threw down the papers to her feet.

"They're saying that the only real fans of this series care about NanoFate romance and anything else is just crap!"

Nove rolled her eyes at the ranting Wendi was giving. "Please, if that was the only thing that mattered about this series, it might as well be Kannazuki no Miko. There's a hell of a lot more in this universe, not just the NanoFate possible romance."

Cinque smirked. "I wonder how many of those so-called fans know who we are?"

"They remember Quattro... Maybe they remember you." Sein rubbed the back of her head. "If they follow ViVid, then they'd know who Nove is."

Tre rolled her eyes. "I wonder if any of them even know who Sette is."

The aforementioned Cyborg blinked at her older sister.

Wendi crossed her arms and pouted. "I bet they can't even figure out what our hair colors are... Or our ISes."

"Do they even know what an IS is?" Nove scratched the back of her head.

"I wonder how many readers we managed to piss off." Dieci asked as she put on a flame-proof suit.

Nove shrugged. "As for who we are, yeah, they remember Quattro, little bratty mind-controlling meanie, they remember Cinque... At least in Japan, the Western fans probably don't know since they only watched the anime. As for me, I asked the guys behind ViVid to let me be a main character."

"So the rumors of you sleeping with them are..." Sein trailed off as Nove blushed.

"JUST RUMORS!" Nove denied what Sein had just asked.

"YAY!" Wendi jumped up and down before tackling Nove in a hug.

Tre cleared her throat. "Yeah... So the only fans like the thought of Nanoha and Fate together and the rest of the universe can go to hell?"

"Apparently." Nove said with a roll of her eyes from under Wendi. "Wendi, get off of me!" She pushed at Wendi, her hands pushing on the other cyborg's chest to try and get her off.

Tre shrugged. "It's not like anyone really knows who Sette or I are, either. They might remember the two people that Fate beat easily with a generic shonen powerup."

"Speaking of Generic Shonen..." Sein cut in, shaking her head. "You hear about how many people seem to dislike Force just because the main character is a guy?"

Dieci shrugged. "At least he has the superior female as a love interest."

Deed smirked at her sister. "Just because Lily has nipples and no one else does?"


"What's going on here?" A new voice spoke up.

"Hey, look! It's Nanoha and Fate!" Sein pointed out as the two walked up to the large group.

"I think our ratings just went up." Nove muttered as Wendi finally got off of her.

"If anyone's even bothering to read this far." Otto shook her head.

"So, what's going on?" Fate asked, looking at the cyborgs.

"Just discussing things..." Wendi trailed off and looked at the two. "Nanoha, Fate... Are you two gay?"

Nanoha blinked and scratched her head. "Gay? Maybe... I dunno..."

"I am." Fate shrugged.

Everyone turned to her and gasped.

"They were right!" Sein and Wendi cried out at the same time, throwing their hands into the air, shaking their fists at an imaginary opponent.

"The NanoFate fans will be happy to hear that." Tre rolled her eyes.

Fate blinked at that. "I thought "gay" meant to be happy?" She shrugged. "So, by that, I am very happy."

"Oh." Everyone blinked at that.

"Wait, doesn't gay mean to like men?" Nanoha blinked a few times.

"It also means to like your own gender." Wendi spoke up helpfully.

Nanoha shrugged at that. "Well, in that case, I'm gay too."

"Happy gay, straight gay or gay gay?" Nove asked, getting a smirk from Nanoha, who winked at the shorter girl.

"Now that... Is a secret."

The Numbers in general groaned.