Silver and Gold

By Lona Undorina

"Edmund, you have to come!" said Queen Lucy. Despite her age, she was Queen of Narnia. Well, in a way; she was one of four.

"Lu, I've said this seven times already!" Edmund said. He was a young, tall man. He too was a ruler of Narnia. "I'm not going to some ball again," he continued. "The last time I attended, I spilled food on some noble and almost had my head removed!"

"I doesn't matter! You have to come! It's an important event!" Lucy insisted.

Edmund sighed, he dreaded any balls or parties. It meant he would have to help entertain guests, which was something he did not do well. It usually started with some lady who was looking for a husband, flirting with him and then it ended with him unintentionally blowing them off, desperate for someplace without any obnoxious giggling and too much of the annoying eyelash batting.

He sighed and ran his hand over his face. "Fine," he said. "I'll come."

Lucy almost knocked him over when she hugged. "Oh, thank you Edmund!"

"What this one for anyways?" He asked as she let go of him.

"The end of the Kytanian war."

"What? But that was almost a year and a half ago!"

"I know, but since we couldn't have a celebration of some sort right after, we're having it now."

"That's looney."

"I know, but Susan was the one who planned it so don't tell her that."

Three weeks later, Edmund found himself in a dress tunic, silver crown on his head, and his sword on his belt in a crowded room, 'listening' to Lady Obna (she was a noble from Archenland),who had cornered him, talk about how no man seems to want to marry her. If this was all she talked about, Edmund could see why. He scanned to room, looking for a good reason to leave her. He saw many people, but there were no opportunities he could take without offending Lady Obna.

"Prince Edmund, are you listening?" Inquired a irritated Lady Obna. She was very mad that he wasn't looking at her.

"Hmm?" He said, turning his head back to her.

"Oh, never mind!" Lady Obna stormed off, anger apparent on her face.

Edmund sighed. He was relieved to be rid to Lady Obna, but her storming off didn't help his reputation.

"What was that about?" Edmund heard a voice say.

He turned to see Susan right behind him. "Nothing." He had grown taller than her but that didn't stop her from acting like his mother.

"Ah," smiled Susan. "So Lady Obna storming off is 'nothing?'"

Edmund sighed. "Yeah."

"If you aren't busy standing there, I could use some help with something," said Susan. "See that group of people on the patio?"

From where he was, Edmund could see the opening to the patio outdoors. "Yeah," he answered.

"They're the delegation from Kytani and seeing how we were just at war with them not that long ago -"

"A year," Edmund corrected.

"Whatever. The point is, if no one from Narnia makes them feel welcome it won't help our relationship with Kytani."

Edmund looked at Susan. "But why me?" he said. "You just saw me with Lady Obna. This is going to end up worse! Why can't Peter or you, or even Lucy do it?"

"We all have other guests to attend to."

Edmund sighed, he did not want to do this. But Susan needed the help. Darn it, he thought.

"Fine, I'll do it."

Susan hugged Edmund around the neck, "Oh thank you, Edmund! This really will help."

"It better," Edmund said as Susan let go.

"Now go over there and introduce yourself."

Edmund walked over to the Kytani representatives and introduced himself.

"A pleasure King Edmund," said a man with fiery red hair and brown eyes with what Edmund thought were specks of red. He was almost as tall as Edmund and looked a bit older then Edmund. The man wore an orange tunic with a sword at his side. He wore a gold amulet that Edmund recognized as an senior ambassador's amulet. "My name is Lord Rowtag. My companions are Sir Adam," he motioned to a dark man. He wore a a dark green tunic and had a sword at his side as well as a gold senior ambassador's amulet. Edmund shook his hand. "And Lady Silvia, a lady attending to Queen Gwendolyn of Kytani," he finished. He pointed to a young woman who looked a bit younger than Edmund. She had dark blue eyes and light blond hair with silver streaks in them. She wore a dark blue dress and a silver circlet on her head but unlike the others, she did not have an ambassador's amulet. She curtseyed to Edmund and he bowed to her in return.

"It's a pleasure to meet you all," Edmund said. Inside, Edmund was loathing what was to come next; all his conversations started with the same exchange then went down hill from there.

"It is an honor to be included in the festivities. I am sure Queen Gwendolyn would enjoy it were she here," said Rowtag.

"May I inquire where Her Majesty is?" Edmund asked.

Lady Silvia broke in. "She had another commitment that prevented her from attending," she quickly. "She sends her regards and apologizes for her absence." She smiled.

"Well, I hope she can join us next time," Edmund said.

Silence fell over the group. The laughter from the other guest could be heard and music was being played. Come on, Edmund thought. You just can't stand there and say nothing.

"Is that Lady Obna over there?" Sir Adam said, breaking the silence. Edmund turned to see Lady Obna talking to another man, looking overwhelmed by her talking. Edmund was sure she was gicing the man the same long complaint she gave to him. "Yes it is," he said turning back to them.

"I haven't see her for years! Excuse me." Adam walked past Edmund and went over to Lady Obna. Edmund was about to warn him about her if it wasn't for Lady Silvia. "Don't stop him," she said.

Edmund looked at her. "Why?" he asked.

Lady Silvia laughed, "Lord Adam has found that if he constantly talks to her about a subject she doesn't know about, she finds an excuse very quickly about how she must leave." Edmund couldn't help noticing how musical her voice sounded.

Edmund shook his head and chuckled, "If only I had known that earlier," he said.

Lord Rowtag (who had gone to get a drink) walked over. "Your majesty, is it true that you fought in the Battle of Beruna?"

Edmund blinked, he was not expecting a question like that at all. "Yes, I was," he replied bluntly. "Why do you ask?"

"After treaty negotiation of the Narnian and Kytanian war," Edmund was sure he could hear contempt in Rowtag's voice. "I read some history on Narnia. I was curious to know more about our former enemies."

Lady Silvia looked at Lord Rowtag, then at Edmund. A look of surprise was on her face. "But," she said. "The Battle of Beruna was almost six years ago. You couldn't have been that young."

"I was twelve then," Edmund replied. He kept his face so no one would be able to tell what he was thinking. He didn't want those memories in his head.

"And if I'm not mistaken," Rowtag said with a smirk. "You betrayed our own siblings to the White Witch, correct?"

Edmund clenched his fists. "Yes, you are," he said, his anger barely staying in check. "Anything else you want to know?"

"Oh yes," Rowtag said, grinning. He was enjoying this.

"Lord Rowtag," Lady Silvia said softly.

"Not now, Lady Silvia. My next question is: If you betrayed Narnia to the White Witch, why did you fight against her with these beasts? It makes no sense why you left."

Edmund could no longer contain himself. "I did not leave her, I was rescued. If I wasn't I would've been dead. And these 'beasts' you talk about, they are some of the noblest creatures I know and I trust them with my life! And if you knew the White Witch, you would've fought against her when you were given the chance!"

Lord Rowtag stared at Edmund while Lady Silvia was trying her best not to laugh. Edmund calmed down a bit, then said, "anything else you'd like to ask?"

Rowtag regained his composure, "No not at all. Thank you for your time." He hurried off, leaving a still angry Edmund with Lady Silvia on the patio. Edmund sighed and ran his hand over his face. He went over the the rail on the patio and leaned on it, looking out at the sea. The moon was shining and Edmund could see water nymphs playing on the rocks.

"I'm sorry for Lord Rowtag insulting you," said a voice. Edmund turned to see Lady Silvia still there. He had been expecting her to follow after Rowtag. He looked back at the sea. "It's not your fault," he said. "You shouldn't be apologizing for what he said." Silence fell over the patio. Edmund looked around and only saw three other people on the large patio.

Lady Silvia walked over and leaned on the railing as well. "Is it true as well that you destroyed the White Witch's scepter?"

Memories rushed into Edmund's head, he could see Mr. Tumnus and the fox as statues, thanks to him. He had no trouble imagining Aslan being killed. "Yes," he replied, trying to clear the memories. "My reward for that almost getting killed."

"But you destroyed her power. That is something not to go unnoticed," Lady Silvia said. There was silence once again. Edmund look over at Lady Silvia. Her hair looked almost silver in the moonlight and she had a far away look on her face as she looked at the sea. Edmund looked back at the sea, still trying to keep away the memories. Edmund could hear music being played in the ballroom. So much for an awkward conversation. Jjust awkward silence here. Even worse.

The music kept playing. Not wanting to seem like a rude host he turned to Lady Silvia. "Lady Silvia, would you like to dance?" He asked, practically having to force them out of his mouth. He instantly regretted it when he saw the look on her face.

"I don't dance," she said.

"That's fine, I just making sure -" Edmund stammered.

"I do however," Lady Silvia added, "Run into people gracefully and step on their toes masterfully. And please call me Silvia. Lady Silvia is too formal for me."

Edmund laughed. "Well then Silvia, we might have a bit of trouble," he said, taking her arm and leading her to the dance floor.

Edmund and Silvia danced for hours. "My feet are killing me," said Silvia as they walked back out to the patio.

"That's my fault," Edmund said. "My deepest apologies for stepping on your toes."

"And I am sorry for the countless times I tripped you," Silvia laughed. They walked to the edge of the patio again. Edmund leaned on the railing again, but this time he wasn't angry. For what was possibly the first time ever in the history of royal balls, Edmund was enjoying himself. Silvia was next to him, looking out at the sea again. "Queen Gwendolyn would've enjoyed this," she commented.

"Would she?" Edmund asked. "Why couldn't she come? I know I already asked this, but it sounded as if you didn't know yourself where she was."

There was a pause before Silvia answered. "The Queen," she said, "has other duties she must perform."

"Lady Silvia!" they heard a voice say. They turned to see Sir Adam walking towards them. "Lady Silvia, Lord Rowtag insists that we leave. He says that we must hurry back to Kytani."

"And just where is Lord Rowtag at the moment?" Silvia asked.

"Waiting at the gate," answered Sir Adam. "He insists that we leave, it's an urgent matter that must be attended to."

Silvia sighed. "Thank you, Sir Adam," she said quickly, "for letting me know. Please tell Lord Rowtag that I shall be ready to leave shortly." Sir Adam went off to do his bidding. Silvia turned to Edmund and curtseyed. "Thank you for your hospitality, Your Majesty." She was speaking very quickly. She looked nervous. "Hopefully we shall meet again." Edmund started to speak but she hurried off of the patio and into the crowd.

Edmund just stood there, puzzled by her quick exit. Well, he thought. I've had worse goodbyes. He walked off, tired from all the dancing and captured by Silvia.

A.N.~ Well, I hope you liked it! I know, I know, it's long. But how on earth was I going to pull it off any shorter with out scratching out some important parts?? There probably is a way, but I like it how it is right now. Please, please review! :)