"Hmm? Ms. von Karma? You just missed her pal! Yeah, she's gone to the airport already. I'm going to be sad to see her go! It was hard enough when Mr. Edgeworth left... but at least she'll be in good hands right? Ha-ha-ha! Plus she gave me such a huge bonus in my salary! I think Adrian might have helped out there but... I'm still grateful! Maggey burnt out the cooker recently so... it'll be nice to get that fixed. Can't eat pot noodles forever, you know! Ha-ha-ha!"

"Who's Adrian Andrews? Ms. von Karma? Oh flying you say? Ah you must be talking about the German woman! She was a fearsome one. A bit like the lesser spotted finchrel. It has a wing span of up to ten feet. Amazing! Coo-coo! While you're here, can I interest you in one of my books? It's been critically acclaimed if you must know! No.1 in the charts for bird enthusiasts! Better grab it now before the sale prices soar!"

"Pft, good riddance to that prosecutor woman. She was a frosty piece of work! Adrian was pretty cool though. It's a shame I didn't get to see her off. I'm so busy at my new job, especially seeing as Toby is starting a new school! It just opened up near the neighbourhood, it's so convienent. Plus Bruce might be let out earlier than we first thought! They've been saying something about good behaviour and well, the sooner he can get back the better. There's only so much one woman can do!"

"Yes, of course I know they're going back to Germany. I was going to return there soon myself, but you know how it is. Good prosecutors are often hard to come by these days. Unfortunately, I have been assigned a new job in a foreign country so unfortunately a visit back home will have to be postponed... I have no idea where it is though. I can't even find the country on the map..."

"Ja, Ms. Andrews is a fine fine fraulien. I cannot wait for her to continue working for the Gavin Enterprises. What? That's not what it's called? Maybe the Klavier Corporation? What do you mean nein? I'm sure that is right! Yes, we shall most definately be working closely together still. Very close. I'm sure the good Ms. von Karma won't mind. She is always free to join us, if she ever wishes, ja?"

"Awh, they were such a darn cute couple! They would be breeding faster than rabbits on a log fire, well uh, if they could. Yeah, I'm gonna miss 'em. Not that whip so much mind, hehehe! They made such great news! Who doesn't love a good love story. No one! Especially not on the Gossip Rag. Though, I'm gonna test the waters in newer pastures. Grass is always greener an' such! Maybe I should start being a political photographer. I'm sure they would earn the big bucks!"

"I uh, oh! Hello there! How did you get in my chambers? Oh well, no matter. Oh so you've heard about those two as well? I must confess, I quite enjoy spending my spare time reading the Gossip Rag. I once left a copy behind in the courtroom, and I had to pretend I had left my gavel before someone discovered my secret... Though, ahem, please don't tell Ms. von Karma this, but I might have accidentally let slip about her relationship... I told my brother, and he is such a blabbermouth! It doesn't run in the family though, let me assure you!"

"Adrian and Ms. von Karma? They're actually together now, huh? Good for them! Maybe it would make her stop whipping me so much in court... Sometimes they leave a mark, the longest one stayed there for a week..."

"Wait, what Nick? Are you saying she would whip Ms. Andrews instead?"

"W-what! No! That's not what I meant, I meant, because you know, she would uh, be happier! And not angry! With me!"

"Hey wait, why haven't I been told about this sooner anyway? What's that all about Nick!"

"Oww, don't YOU start hitting me!"

Today was a late flight.

It was only a few days before that Adrian had suggested that maybe they should actually go to Germany, instead of the two of them forever mentioning it as just an idea, and after a quick and easy transferal on Franziska's part, they had nothing to do but pack.

The only inconvienience had been the evening flight, and the fact that Franziska couldn't travel in her usual business class.


Maybe it wasn't so bad in this case.

Franziska slowly pushed herself up, resting in a more comfortable position, while trying not to stir the sleeping passenger beside her. Adrian had nodded off halfway through one of the films, her head now settled in a home on Franziska's left shoulder. Adrian must've done it accidentally, she was always fussing and worrying over her whenever she got a twinge. She did find it a bit weird looking at the bullet when I showed her...

A slight buzz of noise came from the cheap headphones curled around Adrian's neck, and Franziska went to unplug them from the chair arm. Didn't want a sudden loud fight scene on the film to wake her up.

Actually I might just turn it off...

Part of Franziska wished she could sleep, but then at the same time, this was nice. She should really be looking over a new case that she had already been assigned over there, but... it could wait.

I don't believe we're moving in together after seeing each other for... a month now?

Oh dear. Is it really only a month?

Especially when I told Gumshoe that moving in with Maggey was a little rash...

It doesn't matter. Not really.

It didn't. A lot of things didn't seem to matter much to Franziska any more. She knew that there were going to be difficulties ahead of them. Settling back into Germany wouldn't be easy, especially for Adrian. That is if she even wanted to stay. They were testing things out. Sort of like a trial run.

Though settling in Germany wasn't their only problem. There was still the whole lesbian stigma that she was preparing for when she returned to Germany, because oh yes it was going to hit the news. A prodigy that returned from America? With her lesbian girlfriend in tow? The daughter of the perfect Von Karma returning after multiple losses?

She would have to prove herself. It was going to be hard. But. Being with Adrian was not one of those difficulties. Adrian had helped her so much, there was no way she could ever consider her as one of her problems.

Do you remember Papa? The way you always got me to follow after Miles Edgeworth? How I adored you, and hung onto your every word? I'm not the same girl from back then. We might share a wounded shoulder, but that's all. Nothing else.

I'm not perfect and there is no one out there who is. There isn't anything wrong with that. I was young and foolish back then. Now though, it's not just me walking this path. I'm not alone and chasing my brother's footsteps. We're on the same path, maybe, but I've taken a different route. One where I'm not alone anymore.

She's not following me and I'm not following her. We're walking together. Taking in the good and the bad that we face along the way.

I don't want to be like you anymore. I don't know if I'm good at prosecuting, but I know I want to at least do it right.

Franziska sighed. Adrian shifted her head so it was tilted, her eyes looking up to see if she was all right. Franziska smiled, and held her hand. To say everything's fine. Go back to sleep.

Adrian rested her head back on the shoulder. Yes. Everything was fine.

No, everything was better.

Adrian woke up with a stiff neck. Franziska's chair was empty and she absent-mindedly wondered what time it was.

Tapping on the black touch screen TV in front of her, she went straight back to her paused film, right where the main character was being chased. Adrian snorted at the stupid expression on his face and clicked off to the main screen, looking at the little aeroplane that had a huge yellow arrow pushing it forward.

Looks like they were over one of the seas?

Still a while to go yet. The time read 00:34 and they still had four and a half hours left.

I'm a little hungry. I wonder what time breakfast will be on an evening flight?

They had been given dinner at around ten o'clock. It hadn't been that great. Some sort of chicken tikka like substance. Looking around to see what she had leftover, Adrian opened up a small plastic bowl of fruit and started munching.

"Oh, are you awake?" Franziska said, as she returned, sitting down, "The queue for the restroom was ridiculous."

"I just woke up." Adrian said, chewing on a crunchy piece of apple, "How long was I out for?"

"A couple of hours."

"Have you managed to get any yet?"

"No, I find it hard to sleep on a flight." Franziska said nonchalantly, "Though now you're awake, you can help me with this crossword. How do you spell arachnid?"

"Uhm... Ara... then C-H... nid?"

"Yes... that fits. OK, how about this one, another word for 'threesome' , four letters? Oh really Adrian, really, it's not that funny."

The wry, confident smirk on Franziska's face really didn't do much to help Adrian's sudden fit of giggles. She tried to stifle them as everyone else was actually sleeping Adrian, shhhhh, but even as she covered her mouth she could still feel her grin stretching her lips.

"I'm glad you're here." Franziska said suddenly, lowering her voice a little. Adrian took the hand away from her mouth, "Wait, actually that sounds pretty stupid doesn't it, well, um. I'm just... glad you wanted to come with me. Sorry for bringing that up out of nowhere - "

"No, it's OK. I know," Adrian whispered back, "Me too. I'm looking forward to it."

Which wasn't a lie. She was. Even though the two of them would be separated most of the time, Adrian had her own job working at the German part of Gavin Enterprises – whatever that's going to entail... - and Fransiska was going to continue back as a prosecutor. Though being apart wasn't an issue any more. The not knowing what Franziska was doing, or feeling panicked over not being able to call her, all those things were in the past now.

The me back then would have panicked when I woke up and saw Franziska wasn't sitting beside me... That's how bad it was...

Of course, it was never something that really went away, but it had got better. In so many ways.

"I think I'm going to try to get some sleep."

Franziska had folded the crossword puzzle back in the meshed pocket in front of her. She was now rummaging around for something else in there, and out of everything brought out a travel pillow that Adrian hadn't even seen her pack.

It's even a pale blue...

Adrian grinned despite herself. Sometimes, Franziska was pretty adorable.

"What?" Franziska said warily, "I know I said I found it difficult to sleep on a plane but - "

"No, that's not it." Adrian smiled, "If you're going to sleep, then I might as well."

"Knowing you, you'll fall asleep quicker than I will."

"Probably. Do you want to share a blanket?"

"...That sound's acceptable to me."

"Just acceptable?"

Adrian teased, unpacking the blanket from its plastic covered wrappings and throwing it over the two of them. It was warm. Actually it was making her feel rather sleepy...

"You're being very pernickety.."

"You didn't even know what pernickety meant the other day,"

"Just don't have the entire blanket like you did last night - "

"You should've told me!"

"How could I? You were fast asleep!"

The playful banter could have sounded like a quarrel from an old married couple, but they shared it all with mutual smiles and confident smirks, Adrian finishing the debate with you're so foolish! and hesitating before resting her head on her shoulder.

"It's fine," Franziska started.

"Why don't we put your pillow on my shoulder and then - "

"You slept on it earlier and I wasn't screaming in agony then," Franziska pointed out, "If you don't make such a big fuss, I won't bring up how you took the duvet anymore - "

"Fine, fine, you win!" Adrian said, gently resting her head on Franziska's shoulder. She waited, but there was no ouch or wince or any sort of discomfort. As Adrian closed her eyes, she felt Franziska rest her head on her own, the red blanket lying on top of them hiding the moment when Franziska slipped a hand into hers.

She curled her fingers around Franziska's hand and she could feel the moment when Franziska smiled.

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