Title: The invisible man
Author: Hotaru
Fandom: Bloody Monday
Characters: J
Pairing: Hints of MichelJ?
Warnings: Spoilers for season 2, and probably the first Bloody Monday-manga/drama.
Date: 100209
A/N: I got bored when we waited for the bus, so I wrote this. I've wanted to write a J-fic for a while now.

Hey. Do you know this feeling? The emptiness of being all alone in a city full of people. To be in a room where everyone know who you are, but they don't seem to care at all. Do you know how it is to feel invisible? Do you know the feeling of being left all alone, because the only one who ever cared is since long gone? The only one you ever cared for being whisked away by destiny – or, in my case – taken by the enemy.

They call themselves justice, say that they do it to protect everyone. But aren't we 'everyone' as well? I thought we were. But still they treat us like we are nothing but the dirt under their feet which they walk upon.
The way they're looking at me, as if I'm going to kill all of them just by looking at them. I can't even ask them for help, don't even dare to do so. I don't want this, not at all. Becasue no one want to die, right? And yet, they don't do anything, just look at ne like scared rats afraid to sulk themselves by going too close.

Even though I don't like the city and their people, I think I prefered being invisible and all alone, way above seeing this happen. At least before the first stadium started, I wasn't all alone. But I wanted to change this, erase the emptiness.
That is why we listened to K and let her order us around.

Now I am all alone. So terribly alone and scared.

But soon, I'll be joining you.

In Hell, probably.

Vargars Sång
Spikar i mitt hjärta

All songs made by the swedish VikingaRock-band Hel. Go listen to them, they're awesome.