NOTES: English isn't my mother language and this is not beta'd, so please bear with me and my mistakes. Feedback (both positive and negative, as long as it's constructive) is very much appreciated. Heavily inspired by "That's Love To Me" by Reba McEntire.
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of these characters, nor am I making money out of this. If I were, I'd be rich by now.


They never say the word, they don't need to hear it. It's an unspoken agreement between them, a habit that's way too hard to break.

Their feelings are complicated, and so are they. But their love is simple. And they show it with everything they do.

It's in the way he gently rests his hand on her lower back when he leads her out of a room.

It's in the way he surprises her with take-out after a particularly long day at work.

It's in the way she holds him at night when he wakes up after a nightmare.

It's in the way she thanks God for keeping him safe during a particularly dangerous mission.

It's in the way they make love so slowly and tenderly at night.

It's in the way they take their time to explore each other's body, and it's in the kisses they share in the after-glow.

It's in the way they don't need sweet pet-names for each other; Jenny and Jethro will do just fine.

It's in the way he just looks at her and knows exactly what she's thinking.

And it's in the way she simply smiles back at him when it happens.