This story is a rewrite of my previous story, Wings on Which to Fly. You DO NOT have to read that story in order to know what's going on here.

If you want to get an idea of whats kinda going to happen, feel free to read it. I will warn you that that story, like this one, contains a lot of smut.

Standard disclaimers apply to both stories.

It is rated M for a reason, and you can figure that out yourself.

Don't come bitching to me about how I didn't warn you, as my story may or may not contain the following:

Sex, yaoi, underage sex/chan/shota, BDSM, D/s, pushy ukes, angst, confusion, no rape, no 'people I like' deaths, may not be canon, may disregard all time-lines, hard yaoi, hate/angry sex, soft sex, vanilla sex, BJ, fluff, tentacles, orgies, toys, improper use of jutsus, and anything else my deviant mind may come up with.