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Tsunade stared down at her old sensei dumbly. He sat comfortably enough behind his desk, smoking his pipe. His decomposing arm was on the table for Tsunade to inspect. She practically cringed at it, and she could only thank her lucky stars it wasn't bleeding. Sighing to herself in resignation, blue healing chakra spread to her hands as she began to heal her old sensei.

"You will be needed to heal a victim of the Sharingan along with those more severely injured from the attack. After that you will come here to talk to me and the council about the new medic-nin program." He spoke softly but steadily. The firm look in his eyes cut off any protest.

"Che. Fine." She tore her gaze away from his.

Jiraiya sighed as he leaned on the window behind the Hokage. Naruto smiled happily; glad to be back in his village.

He had so much to do after all!


Sasuke stared numbly at Ibiki. After Sasuke's little…episode, the hokage had plainly stated his ninja status would be suspended if not revoked if he did not undergo a mental evaluation and therapy, if needed.

Ibiki had spent a good three hours with him, followed by a Yamanaka taking a casual stroll through his mind.

"You are mentally instable. Frankly, I'm surprised you haven't tried to kill your teammates yet or defect…yet" Ibiki stated bluntly.

"Let's be honest here." Ibiki leaned forward in his chair, hands clasped on the metal table top of the otherwise bare room. "If I tell the council of your condition and your full range of issues, they're going to want me to completely rebuild you. This means I break you and start from the ground up. If I go straight to the Hokage, he's going to want you to go into therapy to deal with your issues." Ibiki leaned back sighing.

"I don't care one way or another. But you are a friend of Naruto's, how is precious to Nao. And I've fucked up with Nao. So I'm going to do you a favor" his scared face stretched into a bland smile.

"I'm going to let you tell me which you want to do, and proceed down that path. So which is it kid? Reprogramming or talking about your feelings?"


"Along with this new program, I've also been asked to name an heir in case I pass away." Sarutobi addressed the assembly council and shinobi heads. There were few in number as the new heads to replace those who had been lost in the invasion had not been nominated yet.

"Despite her protests, I have named Tsunade my successor." The crowd clapped with approval.

Tsunade meanwhile sulked in the corner even as they turned their attention to her. She had been backed into a corner with no way of turning down the position. The old man had become even trickier in his old age.

"You want to what?" Naruto stared at Jiraiya, sure he had misheard.

"I want to take you on as my apprentice. Officially. We'll be going on a two year training trip at least." The white haired man stated as he stared at his pupil plainly.

"Have you even cleared this with the old man yet?" Naruto was mentally sweeting. How could he cover up a two year absence with Nao too?

Jiraiya frowned. "No, but he has no grounds to deny me my right as your Master."


"I will permit Naruto to leave with you under to condition you take another one of my shinobi with you. Not" Sarutobi held up his hand to forestall Jiraiya's protests, "not that I'm not confident in your abilities. But I feel more comfortable with backup just in case Akatsuki attempts to make a move." Sarutobi finished smoothly.

"Who?" Jiraiya gritted out.

"Naruto's pseudo-guardian Nao," Sarutobi inhaled more smoke. "You only have to teach Naruto, but keep in mind what Naruto leans, he teaches Nao and vice versa. You may leave tomorrow. I suggest you say your good-byes Naruto. And please tell Nao the news too."



"Two years?!"

"But you just got back!"

Naruto's old classmates, dubbed 'The Konoha 12' from the Chunin matches, along with Iruka, Nao, Genma, Raido, Haku and a newly healed Kakshi had crammed into Nao's apartment on both of their requests. After short introductions, Nao and his Naruto clone had broken the news to their friends.

Naruto laughed nervously as he scratched the back of his head. Nao meanwhile had just smiled his foxlike smile, his hands up in a 'what could I do' gesture.

"Yeah, I really don't have a choice and Nao is getting dragged along with."

"So…tonight is…your last night with us?" Sakura spoke out, her voice barely a broken whisper. Everyone seemed to quiet, sensing the tension in the statement. Sasuke's dull eyes finally moved at the question, piercing at Naruto through the crowd.

He was more worn down lately. Quieter. He had told his teammates he might have to be going away for a while too, but he wouldn't say why.

"…Yeah" Naruto hesitated at first, answering just a quietly.

The air was quiet and solemn for a moment. A pregnant pause filled the room.

"PARTY!" Kiba finally broke the silence with his war cry.

"K-Kiba!" Hiniata chastised at her friends brashness.

"It's alright Hyuuga-Sama. I think Inuzuka-sama has a good idea. I have some movies and popcorn. Why have a sleepover?" Nao suggested gently, already moving to grab the popcorn.

General shouts of agreement filled the room. They were determined to ignore the somber atmosphere.


When they woke in the morning, they found breakfast for all of them waiting on the table. Two spare keys had been left on the counter with the request that Iruka check in own Naruto and Nao's apartments to water the plants.

The end










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