Title: A Little Bit Of Happiness
Rating: K

Genre: Romance

Prompt: Faint
Word count: 100

Summary: A private moment while expecting their first child.

Miroku loving caressed Sango's bulging belly as he pressed an ear to her stomach.

"You won't be able to hear anything yet, it's too early." Sango said softly.

"I think I can hear a faint heartbeat." Miroku looked up at his wife, eyes sparkling.

"You're joking," Sango said incredulously.

"Maybe a little, I'm just so exited, I can't believe we've come this far." Miroku rested his head back against his wife's stomach as she stroked his hair.

"Me neither."

After all the fighting and all the loss it almost seemed surreal for her to have a little bit of happiness.