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Chapter Two

"Our lives improve only when we take chances... and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves."—Walter Anderson

When Jake woke up his body felt heavy and his mind was foggy. He attempted to move his limbs, but he felt something cold and hard keeping him in place. His foggy mind flash with glances of what happened, slowly reminding him what had happened. His heart raced and his breath quickened. He tried to sit up, but the force was still pulling him down.

"Calm down," a smooth voice whispered in his ear, squeezing him tighter. "There's no sense in you changing in this closed area, you will only strain yourself and make things a little less comfortable for me." The man chuckled, as hand ran a hand through his hair. The werewolf sighed and let himself sink into the vampire's arms. "How are you feeling, pup?"

"Lousy." Jake nuzzled into Edward's chest. His shirt smelled nice. "What happened?"

"I'm not quite sure. I was acting as much on instinct as you were, I suppose." Edward placed a tender kiss on Jake's shoulder. "You were hit right in the shoulder blade, so I was nervous when I saw all the blood. You have no idea how lucky you are that you are a shifter."

"Why?" It was so hard to keep his eyes open. What did they shoot him with?

"Shifter's blood doesn't taste that great." He made a face. "And it was mixed with the drug, so if I had drunk it would only make me more drunk."

"Are you okay?"

Edward smiled, "Yes. The tranquilizer was meant for you, not me. I don't think he was expecting a vampire, of all things, to intervene with his hunt."

"Are we going to die?'

"No," The vampire nuzzled himself closer into Jacob, "he has no intention of harming us. He was hired by a circus owner. Apparently your tribe has become global and he was hoping to add one of you for his collection."

If he wasn't so drowsy Jacob Black was sure he would be blushing. "You're so damn weird."

"I'm in love."

Jake smiled. "I knew you and Bell weren't going to get married."

"Nope." Edward smiled, "I'm all yours. Why do you think I happen to be in the same area as you so often?"


"Yes, I suppose at first she was the reason." The vampire sighed, "She was so forward, I was tempted to avoid her whenever I saw her coming. If it wasn't for the fact you were there, I probably would have."

"Poor Bell, we completely abandoned her at the movie theater. She's going to be so mad at me."

"I'm quite sure she'll get over her anger quickly when you, me, and the hunter go mysteriously missing. I'm just hoping our families don't kill each other before they have a chance to find us."

"Can't they read your mind to find out where we are?"

"Afraid not, pup. I'm the only one with the mind reading ability. Though Alice is able to see the future, but not when a shifter is involved. And Jasper is able to manipulate someone's emotions, though it does little for our predicament."

"Your family sucks."

Edward chuckled, "Yes, this is an inconvenience. I suppose if you were to transform then your pack would be able to track you down."

A smile crept onto Jake's face as his foggy mind register what that meant.

"Too bad that the drug they gave you is going to keep your mind foggy for a few more hours, and by then we will probably be too far for you to communicate.."

The smile disappeared as slowly as it came. "...They thought of everything, didn't they?"

"I told you we were dealing with professionals."

"This is all your fault."

"Why?" Edward asked. "I'm not the one who ran off. "

Jake didn't answer. Instead, he let his breath even and his hands twitch. A smile appeared on Edward's face as he held the sleeping wolf in his arms, not planning to let go for the world.


"Jacob..." Edward whispered into his ear, earning a moan in response. "Wake up, the car has stopped moving."

"Why?" Jake mumbled. "Are we there yet?"

"No, he's gone to get food for himself..." Edward paused, "And you. He's thinking about just getting you a cheeseburger, but he doesn't know how you like it." The vampire smiled, "Rare or well done."

"Well done. Rare sounds disgusting."

Edward chuckled, "He feels the same way."

"I feel like I'm in a nightmare."

The vampire wrapped his arms around the werewolf, bringing him closer to him. "I'm sorry. This is mostly my fault. I shouldn't have toyed with you, maybe then you wouldn't have run off. I was going to tell you about what he was planning, but you got so scared."

"I don't like him." His voice was barely above a whisper. "Every sense in my body tells me to get away. I know he's after something, but I'm not quite sure what."

An arm left Jake's side and found its way into his hair, slowly brushing him in a slow, soothing motion. A sigh escaped Edward's mouth, "He's good at hiding his thoughts, and half the time I don't know if these are his real thoughts or if he's manipulating them, but there have been quite a few times where he slipped up. Though, I have to give him credit for having a good shot. If I hadn't been so damn cocky, the bullet wouldn't have hit me."

"What are they planning to do?" His hand gripped the arm Edward wrapped around his stomach, gently squeezing it. "Why were they looking for me?"

He sighed, "I'm not quite sure. He seemed to know who to go after, which frightens me. I've looked for the answer, but he rarely thinks of his job. He does think about sex quite a lot for a grown man. "

Jake opened his mouth to ask another question, but Edward placed his hand over his mouth. He let out a quiet "shhh" before removing it. He placed his arms back around Jake's stomach, making sure his hold on the younger was tighter than before. If Jake wasn't still drugged, he would have been scared about what this meant. But it wasn't until the door to the truck opened, did Jake grasp what Edward was doing.

The light of the late afternoon sun took the werewolf by surprise, causing him to snap his eyes close and look away. He heard a quiet "sorry" come from the older vampire, as he nuzzled into Jacob's neck, yet again pulling him closer. He heard Edward growl at the man as a warning. A strange feeling welled up in his stomach, but his foggy mind couldn't deceiver what it was.

The Hunter stepped inside, earning an even louder growl from Edward. Then, everything snapped into place. The fight or flight instinct kicked in. He tried to move his arms, but Edward held him in place. He looked at Edward with shock. He didn't understand why Edward wasn't attacking, or at least fleeing. Couldn't he feel the danger? Didn't he know that man was dangerous? Why wasn't he moving? He could run away while carrying him. He wasn't that heavy. Or maybe he was waiting for a good moment to feed? Would the man make a good snack? Would Edward really attack him in front of him? Did the treaty still apply if he did?

"Oh, you're awake. Good." The man tossed the bag of food onto his lap. "The drug should wear off in a couple of hours and then you'll be back to your normal self. Don't try turning into a wolf though," he knocked on the walls, "this truck is nearly impossible to break. I forget the metal's name, but it's nearly impossible to make."

"Are the chains made from the same substance?" Edward asked.

Jake looked down on the floor, not quite sure what Edward was talking about. His eyes grew wide when he saw two silver cuffs wrapped around white, sparkling arms. He wasn't sure what he was more surprised about: that they chained Edward (and not him) or that vampires actually sparkled.

"As far as I can tell." The Hunter replied. "I didn't buy this, it was given to me."

"By your boss?"

"Temporary employer." He paused. "So vampires really do sparkle?"

Edward nodded.

The man turned around and walked to the open door. Jake wasn't sure, but he thought he heard the man mumble, "I can't believe I used to think they were cool."


The next few hours for Jacob Black were the worst hours of his life. He tried his best to hold up a conversation with Edward, often going from one topic to another to a totally different subject only to go back to the original conversation. He had no idea how Edward could be so patient with him. He was completely clueless on what he was saying half the time, and often had to think about an answer for awhile before it clicked into his head—if it clicked.

Still, Edward stayed calm and collected. He spoke in a soft calm voice, even after he repeated an answer a dozen times. His hands never left any part of Jacob's body. His fingers played with his hair, his arm holding him tightly around the waist, his head resting on his shoulder kissing his bullet wound ever so softly. If Jake was in his normal mind, he would have thought such sudden acts of affection as queer. Instead, his drug induced mind craved the touch of the cold vampire. It held the comfort and familiarity of home.

Or at least that's what Jake tried to tell himself when he finally got full access of his mind.

"Stay away, bloodsucker." Jake growled at the vampire as he lay against the door of the truck.

Edward just smiled at him, his face practically glowing in the dark box. "I liked you better when you were drugged. You were so affectionate, like a puppy. And you loved to be petted."

"I can't believe you took advantage of me. Have you no shame?"

The smile never left. "You don't have to be so far away. I can't move from this spot, so you can come closer without fear of molestation."

"You were not molesting me! That sounds sick!"

A burst of laughter came from the chained vampire. "Come now, pup. Why are you denying yourself something that both your mind and body crave?"

Jake let out a low growl. "Shut up, you stupid leech!"

"What are you afraid of?" Edward asked with a calm voice. "I'm chained to a truck, there's not much I can do. Please Jake, for your sake, come back here and rest."


"Why are you being such a hard ass?" The vampire's serenity cracked. "I know you want to, so just come over here!"


"Jacob Black, get your furry butt over here! Why are you being so difficult?"

"Because I can," The werewolf scoffed, "You're not of the boss of me."

"You're acting like a child. Give me one good reason why you shouldn't sit by me."

"It's gay."

Edward smirked. "Well so are you. Bella told me the day after you told her. You know she can't keep her mouth shut about these things."

"You smell funny."

"You like how I smell. Why else would you let me sit next to you when I'm with you and Bella?"

"You aren't wearing pants."

"I gave my pants to you while you were unconscious. If I hadn't, God only knows what I would have done to you."

"...You'll touch me."

"Yes. Yes I will."

Jake let out an exhausted sigh as he stood up, trying to keep his balance as his legs quivered. Edward smiled at him. He held out his hands, offering a support if he chose to fall into his arms. Jacob didn't. Instead he walked (as gracefully as he could) to a spot a little away from where the vampire was sitting and propped down next to him. Too far for Edward's liking, but close enough so he could touch him if he wanted too.

"We aren't supposed to be like this, you know." Jake said his head in his hands.

"I know." Edward answered, his hand grabbing Jacob's. "But you need me. Wallace—the hunter—finds our...relationship interesting. He doesn't know what to make of it."

"And neither do I," Jake sighed, running his hand through his hair with his free hand.

"I haven't read your mind since you told me not too." He squeezed Jake's hand. "I think I deserve some type of affection for being such a good boy."

Jake ignored him, "How can you be so... forward about this? I mean, we're supposed to hate each other, but you're acting as if I'm you're..."

"Soul mate? I think we both know why I act the way I do, Jacob."

Jake closed his eyes. He could feel tears well up into his eyes. "...I didn't want you to know. I didn't want anyone to know."

"Did you think I would hate you?" Edward asked, squeezing Jake's hand, "Because frankly I could care less if you were a werewolf, a vampire, a jackrabbit, or any other type of creature. I love you the way you are Jacob Black."

"I wasn't supposed to imprint on you." Jake sobbed, "It was supposed to be Bella. It would have made everything easier if it had been Bella!"

"But it wasn't." Edward kissed his hand. "It was me. You imprinted not only on a man but a vampire as well."

"You know, I always liked your scent, even before I was a werewolf. Whenever Bella 'conveniently' ran into you, I always was glad that she did it just so I could smell you. It wasn't until I actually started changing did I realize that I wanted to be around you more and more. I tried to convince myself that it was because you smelt good. It wasn't until I saw you after the transformation did I realize why I was attracted to you.

"After that I avoided you as often as I could." Jake looked at the vampire, tears still falling, "I was so scared of being kicked out of the pack that I hardly ever transformed. Sam thought it was because I was afraid. In actuality, I love being a wolf. It's when I feel most free. It's the whole mind reading that turns me off. I knew that if I transformed, they would know I imprinted on you. That's why I took so much of an offense when I found out you could read minds. I felt... violated."

"I'm sorry." Edward squeezed the werewolf's hand. "I should have confronted you sooner about this. I just wanted to do it when you were older. To tell you the truth, my age rank was anywhere between thirty to sixty years old."

"Sixty?" Jake snatched his hand away. "You were going to wait until I was sixty? Do you have a thing for wrinkled old men or something? God, that's worse than Quil imprinting on a two year old!"

"He imprinted on a two year old?" Edward raised an eyebrow.

"Don't judge, it's not as bad as it sounds. At least she can grow up, I can only grow old." Jake growled, "Really? Thirty and sixty? You look seventeen; I'll look sixteen for awhile! This is a perfect age!"

"A two year old, really?" Jake frowned. Edward smiled, "It must be hard for him. He has to wait at least fourteen years before he can date her. But then again, he can see her as often as he likes. I wasn't allowed the same privilege when I first met my soul mate."

Jake glared at him, "You went out of your way to see me when we first met."

"No, pup, I couldn't." The smile Edward wore was a sad one, his eyes glazed over as if he was thinking of something long ago. "I saw you when you were still in elementary school. You were around seven, I believe, even then your hair was long. You ran the play ground with your plastic airplane, making engine noises as you zoomed by. Occasionally you would throw it at someone, stomp your foot when no one caught it, and then run after it. Eventually you found out that if you threw the airplane at me, I'd throw it back. That soon became your favorite activity. Every few seconds, I'd find a toy airplane in my lap."

Edward chuckled, "You were so cute as a child, Jacob. Everything you did brought a smile to my face. I probably would have watched you all day if it hadn't been for Rosalie. She hated being around children for long periods of times. I wasn't very happy to leave, I wanted to watch you some more, but I knew it would look suspicious if I had. But just when we were about to reach our car, I felt something hit my back. I turned around to find a plastic toy airplane, and a little boy standing in front of me.

"I bent down to pick up the toy you had thrown, thinking that you wanted to play catch one last time. But when you said, 'Give it back when you're done playing with it.' I was surprised. I knew that it was your favorite toy; you'd made that perfectly clear when a girl offered to play with you. I smiled at you and said, 'Okay. See you later, pup.' then went into the car. I had no idea that leaving you would hurt so much. If I could have cried, I would have..."

Jake was silent for a moment. "I liked that toy airplane a lot. My grandpa gave it to me before he died. I always wondered what happened to it. I remember giving it to this really nice man who played with me. I didn't know why, but I felt like if I gave it to you it meant that I could see you again. I really did like playing with you, but I had no idea that you were my...soulmate." A blush appeared on his face as he said that word

Edward smiled. "Does that mean I get a kiss?"


"Can I at least hold you?"

Jake rolled his eyes. "Fine, but keep your hands to yourself or around the waist."

"Can I brush your hair?"

Jake thought about it for a moment, "Fine, but nothing else."

A large smile appeared on Edward's face as he Jake flopped onto his lap. He wrapped his arms around the werewolf, and placed his head on his shoulder. A kiss was placed on Jake's tender shoulder. The werewolf didn't say anything. Instead he leaned into Edward's embrace, smiling calmly to himself. A moment later he frowned.

"I have to pee."


"We've stopped moving."

"I noticed." Edward chuckled. "We've finally arrived it seems. Good, I'm ready to get out of these chains.'

Jake frowned, "Why do you have chains and I don't?"

"He thought there was only going to be one person so he brought only one set. When he got to the truck he figured I'd be the harder one to deal with since I was almost sober when we got there, so he chained me." His face grew serious. "Jacob, listen to me. When the door opens I want you to turn into a wolf and run."

"What? No! I'm not leaving you!" The werewolf screamed, clinging onto him. "Edward, you may be a vampire, but we don't know what we're dealing with! I'm not leaving you here!"

"Yes you are." Edward growled, "Jake, if you leave you can call your family and explain the situation. Then call my family because I highly doubt your family will go out of their way to confront mine."

"Edward, I'm not leaving you."

"Stop this!" The vampire sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. "Jacob, I'll be fine. There's nothing they can dish out that I can't handle. Now, please, as soon as the door opens run and call your family."

Jake growled. "No."

"Why are you being so difficult?" Edward growled.

"If I was chained, and asked you to leave me behind, would you?"

"Well you're not chained, and this may be our only chance to contact someone."

"You didn't answer my question!"

"They're here!" Edward whispered harshly. "Jake, please."

The wolf's eyes glanced at Edward, and then at the door. He heard the hatch of it being pulled and the muffled voices of his future employers. With a shaky breath, Jake crouched onto his hands and feet, waiting for the door to open fully. He glanced at Edward whose eyes were locked on the door. He could hear his heart pound into his ears as he waited for the door to open. At the first sign of light, Jake pounced off his feet and ran to the door.

A second later he hit a hard surface, stopping his escape.

He let out a whimper of pain, grabbing the top of his head as tears formed into his eyes. His animalistic instincts told him to get away from the object that caused him pain to his place of comfort, Edward. He might have done that, if something hadn't wrapped their arms around him so they could turn his bones to dust in their death grip.

"PUPPY!" a booming voice roared into the wolf's ear. He couldn't help but let out another whimper at the deafening sound.

"Etan, don't squeeze too hard. You don't want to hurt the puppy, do you?" a young woman's voice spoke, though the werewolf couldn't see her considering that his face was wedge between what felt like a rock and a hard place.


Jake let out a low growl. Puppy? Did he look like a puppy?

"Oh, and we have another guest." The female voice spoke again, but it was more distant and had an echo. "Hello, you must be the 'vampire.'" she giggled as if it were some type of joke, "Nice to meet you. I like your boxer shorts."

"Hello," Edward said with a calm, smooth voice, "Thank you, my sister Alice picked them out for me. Excuse me, but may I ask how much longer I will be in chains? I promise I will not escape, seeing as my partner is having the breath forced out of him."

"Fuck you, Edward Cullen," Jake gasped.

"I'm sorry," the woman's voice was hesitant, "We weren't exactly expecting the outcome we received. When they said giant wolf, we thought of an overly grown wolf, not a teenage boy. Really, we had no intention of this. I'm sorry."

"Don't apologize. It wasn't your fault." He could just see Edward smiling at her with his damn crooked smile. God he hated that man at times. "But I have a favor to ask, if it's not too much trouble."

"I'm sorry. I can't let you out of your chains."

"No, no, not that," Jake could picture Edward's smile growing, "I just wish that you would let my pup go. I don't think he can breathe."

"Oh... Oh! Of course!" He heard footsteps coming from behind him. A moment later he heard the female voice, "Etan! Etan, please let go of the puppy. I think you're hurting him."

"PUPPY GO AWAY IF I LET GO." Jake closed his eyes as his ears ringed, "CATHAL ANGRY IF PUPPY GOES AWAY."

"Etan, Cathal will be angrier if the puppy suffocates to death."

Jake opened his mouth to agree with her, but a new voice interrupted him. "Now, now, Amy, the puppy doesn't seem to be in much pain."

A low growl escaped the werewolf.

"Cathal, you're here!"

"Yes, and it seems that you have gotten acquainted with our new member and his pet."

"Pet?" Jake gasped.

A chuckle came from the van. He chose to ignore it.

"Amy, release the young man. I don't think he'll try anything with the puppy," the man's chuckle was nowhere near as nice as Edward's, "in Etan's grasp. Let them wash up before you lead them to Meeting Hall." Jake could hear the man's footsteps as he walked away.

They paused for a moment, "Before I forget, welcome to your new home."

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