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She should have saved herself.

Nails--those are sharp, you know!

She could have run away.

France isn't that big, really.

Some bookworm she is.

Do you like Marques de Sade, Belle?

She said 'no.'

You should read them!

Her eyes widened when I showed her.

You actually enjoy this, Drizella?

Oh, if only she knew…

That's really tight; I don't want the Prince to see…

Did the bastard even have a name?

I don't care if he sees it.

I really didn't.

I wanted him to be my first time--Drizella!

My fingers curled.

Untie me, please; untie me--I want to touch you…

I didn't untie her.


She was the one who wanted to read Marques de Sade.


A/N: I'm not at all sure how I feel about this. I mean, I always imagined Drizella as being just a little bit sadistic (certain sources describe her as 'abusive'). I totally saw the tendency in her during Twist in Time. Anyway, please tell me what you think!