Something I wrote when I was bored. The story was based on the Hatsune Miku song 'White Letter' (hence the title of the story.)

It's up to you to interpret it.

Enjoy! (I don't own SpongeBob, Hatsune Miku or the song 'White Letter.')

SpongeBob's White Letter

SpongeBob's POV:

It was just any ordinary Sunday morning under the sea.

I was walking out the door, with my jellyfish net in hand, going to Jellyfish Fields for... well... Jellyfishing! I couldn't call Patrick today as he was too busy sleeping and Squidward didn't want to play today. Besides, he never wants to play...

Well... this is where my story gets weird...

As I was walking down the road to the fields, the clouds broke and the underwater sun came through. It was nice and warm with a gentle breeze in the air (but how is there wind under the sea, don't ask me!) 'Perfect Sunday weather' I thought to myself.

And then, a strange little letter flew from the break in the clouds!

I managed to grab the letter before it flew away again in the wind. 'A strange wonder letter..?' I thought to myself. You don't usually find flying letters around, do you?

The letter was small and pretty, like it was for someone special. There was no address on the front, only with a red flower on. 'Should I dare open someone's private message?' I thought.

I gave in to temptation. Inside was a blank piece of paper. No words, numbers or anything. Just blank. Yet, I could understand what it was saying...

"It was written to come 'here'," I said aloud. I seemed to be alone, so thankfully, no-one didn't look at me weird. "And I have come to 'here'."

Don't ask what was going through my mind at the time. I just had a sense of it.

An invisible girl was waiting for me. I couldn't see her, but I knew it was a girl. Again, don't ask. There was something in the bottom of my heart that said 'The person who wrote this was a girl.'

The world around me was silent during the time I was deciphering the white letter. Then it hit me. The letter must have told me to go look for something. I was told by the letter to find 'that'. So I started to look for 'that'.

So, I searched during my time in Jellyfish Fields but I found nothing.

The next day, I went to work at the Krusty Krab and still nothing. During my shift, I asked Squiddy and Mr Krabs about the mystery letter, but they extremely puzzled. Even more when I said an invisible girl told me to look for something!

"SpongeBob, you're overreacting again!" Squiddy ranted.

"Boy, you have officially gone insane!" my boss moaned.

But I didn't care. The invisible girl wanted me to find something. And I would carry on for the rest of my life till I find out what.

The next day, I tried Boating School, but my teacher, Mrs. Puff thought I had gone mad as well.

But I didn't hesitate. "I'll try again tomorrow!" I said happily.

Days turned into weeks, then months... then a year came...

I searched the whole town, Goo Lagoon, the nearby town of Ukulele Bottom, GloveWorld, and the treacherous Rock Bottom. I even found a way back to Atlantis to ask Lord Royal Highness about it, but even he with his wisdom wasn't able to figure it out!

To this day, I'm still looking for 'that' now.

Today, I will go to work, karate-chop with Sandy, play with Pat and look for 'that'.

People have told me to stop looking and "Give up. You don't even know what you're looking for!"

And I tell them "I know what I'm looking for. I just haven't found it yet!"

Ever since that day when the clouds broke on that Sunday morning... my life changed...

All because of a white letter...

The End

Did you like it? Any areas I need improving on? Any interpretations you want to share? Feel free to review!