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She woke up with the usual feeling of dread, it has been three days since the awful birthday party and the Cullen's family had been away hunting. She had missed Edward dearly and she was hoping that today he would come back. Three days without him seemed an eternity.

She arrived at school but she saw no silver Volvo. She sighed, another day alone. School dragged on, and when the final bell rang, Bella was ready to go home and hopefully finding there her beloved boyfriend.

Edward's car was parked near her house and her heart skipped a beat. He had come back. She was so happy, she jumped out of her truck and she met him halfway. She threw herself into his arms. He caught her but then stepped away. She frowned. "Edward? What's going on?"

He looked at her seriously, "Let's take a walk, Bella." He took her hand and led her into the forest behind her house. They didn't walk too far though. He stopped and turned to look at her. "Bella, we are leaving."

She took a sharp breath. "So soon? Ok, let me see. I didn't expect it so early but I'm ready. I just have to say goodbye to Charlie and Renee. I can't wait to be always with you."

Edward looked pained when he said, "Just me and my family, Bella. You aren't coming with us."

She felt fear creeping in her heart."Why not? You told me that we would be together forever, you love me and I love you, so what is the problem?"

He sighed, "I... I don't want you to come with us. I thought that I loved you but I realized that ... I was wrong. I care for you though, and I want you to have a beautiful life Bella. Free from monster and the supernatural. The others have already left, I came to say goodbye. It will be like I never existed."

Bella started to cry, "You don't love me?" she asked weakly.

Edward nodded.

She felt her knees give away. "You are leaving me. Edward, how could you play with my feelings? You promised me forever and now you are breaking your promise."

Edward was shaking, but he didn't try to reach for her. "I'm sorry Bella, I never meant to harm you. I had been a fool to let you get so close to me. Now I am stepping aside, it's for your own good. Goodbye." And he disappeared.

Bella stood up. "Edward! Edward, don't leave me. I... please..." But he had already left. She looked around, and she tried to follow him. He couldn't have really left her there. She didn't believe that he didn't love her.

But the more she walked and the less sure she became. He wasn't coming back; he had left her for real. The night had arrived and she was still in the forest, nothing seemed important to her anymore. She didn't care that she was alone, in the dark. Nothing mattered anymore, he had left her, he didn't love her and she felt nothing. The place where her heart had been was just a blank hole. She could have died right there and she wouldn't have cared. Exhausted she finally sat near a tree and closed her eyes.

She didn't know how long she had been there, did she fall asleep? Was Edward leaving her just a dream? She opened her eyes and she found herself in someone's arms. He was warm, strong but soft, he definitely was not Edward. She looked up and she met two intense black eyes.

The world seemed to stop. Something inside her clicked and she felt a connection to this man. Who was he?

He smiled warmly at her, but the smile didn't reach his eyes. "Bella, I am Sam Uley, a friend of Billy Black. We have been looking for you when you didn't come back from you walk. How are you? Did he hurt you?"

Bella felt tears pouring out of her eyes. "He left me. He said... he said that he didn't lo..love me anymore. I don't know how I am going to live without him."

Sam's arms tightened around her. "Don't worry Bella, he may have broken your heart but you are strong. I can see it in your eyes, it will hurt for a long while but you will get over him."

She cried more. "You don't understand he was my soul-mate. I will never get over him... never"

Sam growled but then seeing her eyeing curiously he cleared his throat. "I'm sure he wasn't your soul-mate Bella. He would have never left you if he had been. If someone is the other half of you, you will do everything to make her happy and to protect and cherish her. He left you, broke your heart. No, he definitely wasn't yours ."

Sam's words cut deeply, she knew that he was probably right, but he had never met Edward and he didn't know the depth of their bond. But then she realized that she had been the only one to feel that much. He cared but he didn't love her. She hated herself, how could she have believed that someone like him could ever be with a plain human like her. She closed her eyes and let Sam carry her towards her house.

When they got there Charlie Swan run to Sam. "Is she hurt? Bella, can you hear me? Let's take her inside." And he let Sam take her on the sofa.

She was wrapped up in a cover and her father sat near her.

Bella sobbed. "He left me, he said he and his family were leaving and he broke up with me." After that she just cried.

Charlie thanked everyone and after the last man exited, he helped his daughter to bed. She looked broken and lost.

Bella changed into a pajama and went to bed.

That night and the ones in the following months a big black wolf sat under the window of Bella Swan's room and heard every whimper and nightmare she had. And he swore that one day the brown eyed girl would be happy again.