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Twenty years later...

"Absolutely no! I cannot believe that you are siding with her!" shouted Sam.

Bella frowned. "Really Sam, it's not a big deal. Martin Black is a good guy and our daughter is very responsible. It's just a date."

Sam sighed and sat on the sofa. "It always starts with a date. Then next thing we know they'll end up getting married."

Bella sat near him and laughed. "They are just sixteen and Jacob and Marie had brought him up well."

Sam growled. "If the son is anything like his father..."

Bella smiled. "If he is anything like Jake, he will love our Kate with all his heart."

Sam sighed in defeat. "But I want her back by eleven!"

A squeal was heard and Sam caught a blur in his arms. "Thanks daddy! I promise I'll be on my best behavior."

Bella was smiling and Sam grumbled. "It's not your behavior I'm worried about."

Kate held her father tightly, "Oh dad! You know Martin since he was born. The guy is a sweet teddy bear."

The door of the house opened and Jacob entered. "Are you calling my son a teddy bear?"

Kate run to him and he took her up and spin her around. "I've got my father's permission!" Kate said happily.

Jacob smiled and put her down. "Why don't you go to tell Martin? He is outside waiting in the car."

Kate was out of the door in a second.

Jake looked at Bella and Sam and smiled. "Well, who would have ever thought that we would be seeing our children together?"

Sam stood up and got closer to Jake. "I wouldn't for sure. How's Marie?"

Jake smiled happily. "She is well considering that she is eight months pregnant. I would have never imagined so many years ago that I would imprint and I would be happy about it."

Bella smiled and went to take Sam's hand. "I think nobody would have imagined that we would end up here. Best friends and our children dating. Have you noticed any change in Martin?"

Jake shook his head. "No. And let me tell you that I'm so happy that the gene will skip his generation. Embry and Leah's twins and Quill's son will be spared too. Have you heard from the leeches?"

Bella winced, still not used to the term. "I talked with Alice a week ago. She told me that the family is in Canada and that they don't plan to come back to Forks for a few centuries. She told me that Edward had finally brought home his new vampire girlfriend and that she is nice. I'm happy that we all have finally settled."

Jake and Sam looked at each other over Bella's head and she missed the silent exchange between the two of them.

Sam would never tell Bella that although Jake loved Marie, he still loved her as much. He respected Jake and his choice to move on. He would never tell Bella either that Edward had come back every few years to check if he had by any chance screwed up and he could take Bella away.

Bella would always been loved by too many.

Luckily for him, she just loved one. Her Sam.