Something warm
Title: Something Warm
Pairing: Sanji/Usopp
Words: 296

Written: 1-8- 2004


Usopp stretched in exhaustion and rubbed his eyes. It was almost done! He looked at his watch. Shit, midnight, he had been working on his newest gizmo all day and now most of the night. Might as well pick it up tomorrow after some sleep. He stood shakily as the blood rushed back into his legs and he began to lurch over, when strong hands took hold of his shoulders firmly.

Usopp whirled around. No one should be up at this hour, what if some invader had boarded the ship?! He whirled so fast the top of his head came into something solid.

Sanji rubbed his bruised chin and glared at the ships handyman and turned to leave.

"Wait! Sanji! I..didn't think anyone would be up! I thought you were a burglar or something!"

"Why would a burglar keep you from falling?" The blond asked as he stopped and leaned on the door frame, apparently looking for a smoke.

"Well, why would you? You shouldn't be awake now."

Sanjis eyes hardened for a moment and he approached Usopp with a serious scowl.

"I wouldn't want you hurt. We've always been on good terms haven't we?"

"Well, yes."


"Of course!"

The blond cook took the shorter mans chin in his hand and smirked as a small blush graced his cheeks.

"Then of course I'd worry if you missed several of my meals. I've been keeping something warm for you...come on." Sanji explained softly in Usopps ear before turning and walking with the man into his kitchen, letting Usopp enter first.

As Usopp entered, the chef had one arm wrapped around his chest from behind and deftly unhooked the mans overall straps. Usopp whirled around again but Sanji dodged this time and countered with a long warm kiss.