Chapter One..

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Three weeks. It's been three weeks since Ed- HE left me in the forest. Ever since then my life has changed drastically. I didn't eat, sleep, or even communicate. I felt guilty isolating myself. When Charlie recommended a shrink, I lost it. I can't stand this place anymore ! Everything reminds me of him and his family. I felt my eyes becoming moist, and blinked a couple times to keep them from falling. I was tired of crying over him.

Alice, my best friend. I missed her craziness and her addiction to shopping. She was the sister I have always wanted. Emmett, my big teddy bear of a brother who always vowed to protect me from "slimy human men" as he put it. Rosalie. Believe it or not, I missed her. Sure she was rude at times, but underneath that bitchiness, I know she had a heart. If only they had stayed long enough for me to get closer to her. Well toss that down the drain, I thought. Jasper. His presence always calmed me even though he tried to suck me dry on my birthday. Nonetheless I loved him with all my heart like the others. Esme and Carlisle were my second parents. They treated me as their daughter and made me feel like I fit in. I couldn't resist any longer. I cried my heart out while curling up on the soft lavender comforter.

Then there was him. I thought we were soul mates. He was my other half and I, his. He said he loved me. He said he wouldn't leave me. He said he would always be there for me. He said a bunch of bullshit, but I still couldn't hate him for what he did. Of course I didn't deserve him. He was utterly gorgeous and me ? Plain Jane. Sure I thought I was somewhat pretty, but next to him I looked out of place. I still can't blame him for leaving. I remember the exact words he spoke to me in the forest.


"Bella, we're leaving.," Edward said in a firm yet soft voice. I was shocked yet overjoyed. I could finally start my life as a vampire and start my life with Edward and his family.

" Okay, but what about Charlie? What will I tell him ?" I was acting out many case scenarios in my head of what I could say to my father, but Edward's chuckle cut me off.

" No Bella. When I say we, I mean me and my family. You don't belong in my world Bella. We're not right for each other." I laughed lightly thinking what a lame joke that was. I caught the expression on his face and came to the conclusion that he wasn't joking.

" What Edward?" I spoke in a shaky voice hoping for him to say 'Gotcha' any second now. He remained silent and nodded once.

" What -Edward no ! I belong with you ! You can't just- No Edward No. I'm coming ! Don't joke around like that !" I cried ruining the soft makeup Alice ordered me to wear this morning. I began hyperventilating and started to shake. Oh god. No god please don't let him leave me. Please..

'Bella. I don't want you anymore." He spoke the words in a whisper but even I could hear them. I froze instantly.

"Y-You Don't want me?" I replied shakily afraid of the answer.

" You Don't deserve me Bella' Just like that he kissed my cheek and walked away.

As stupid as I am, I tried following a vampire. That caused to me trip and fall hitting a rock making me fall into unconsciousness.

End of flashback*

That was the day which made me question everything I believed in , and that day on I gave up on love.

I heard a soft knock on my door and saw Charlie pop his head through the open space. He flinched when he saw my crying. I had to be strong. For Charlie. I wiped my tears away with the back of my hand and sat up.

" Um Bells there's a game on tonight so I'll be over at Billy's. I left some cash for you to order take out. Don't wait up for me. I'll be back late." He looked like he wanted to say more but stopped instantly. I nodded and watched him drive away in his police cruiser from the small window in my room.

Another Friday night alone, I sighed. The same way it's been for the past month.