To all of my readers =]

I haven't been updating as you can see and I am terribly sowwie. State finals are coming up along with cheering, my Math final, and of course Spanish final . =[ Feel free to feel bad for me.

I just wanted to let you all know, I decided to look for other sited like fan fiction and found one called fiction press. It's spooky how similar they look and all. Anyways, if you guys are interested my new story is called, " Romeo Wears Converse."

I just wanted advice from people I actually know who judge the work correctly and fairly =] So please take a few seconds to search it and read the summary and leave a short review. They make me happy =D

Well I guess that's it.. And this may seem weird. But my brother, " Christian" as you may or may not know says, " Hello fan fiction nerds". Yeah he always teases me how I use my spare time to read. Anywho, please check the story out and let me know.

Thank you and love you all ,

Lady Amore Alice =] Btw, my email and account name are the same =]